@Real Science: State Of The Arctic Report

Arctic sea ice extent is normal, and is much higher than one year ago, five years ago, and ten years ago. Charctic Intera­ctive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis Greenl­and’s surface has gained more than 100 …

2017-10-21 16:47

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Climate excuses add up as climate theory fails 

Finding a measure of climate that can be succes­sfully used to stir up public anxiety and fear is getting tougher for climate alarm­ists, as rowing back on earlier claims and scenarios – or at least postp­oning the supposed days of reckoning – becomes the order of the day. Tony Abbott may have annoyed the climate

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@No Tricks Zone: European Commi­ssion Refle­ction Paper Puts “Climate Change” Near Bottom Of List Of Concerns!

If one were to rate the inves­tment made by gove­rnments globally aimed at creating concern for a potential problem, then the huge inves­tment in climate change fear by now would defin­itely have to be rated as “junk” quality. never has so much seen so little return. Hundreds of billions have been invested so far with the

2017-10-21 14:25

@Paul Homewood: Energy Bills Rising As They Fall (Or Something Like That!)

By Paul Homewood     https://w­ww.thesun­.co.uk/ne­ws/351289­5/theresa-​may-​energy-​cap-​promise/ For the past year, Theresa May has been very vocal about rising energy bills, which she blames on the wicked energy compa­nies. She could not have been more explicit in an comment piece she wrote for the Sun in May: Like millions of working families, I am fed up

Today: 11:47

@Google: Climate change agreement signed between Calif­ornia and Armenia Los Angeles Times

Climate change agreement signed between Calif­ornia and Armenia Los Angeles Times This week, Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Vache Gabri­elyan signed the Under 2 Environ­mental and Green Energy Climate Accord between Armenia and Califo­rnia, joining a coalition of two dozen other govern­ments around the world that work to reduce ...

2017-10-20 22:36

@Climate Progress : Female homicide rate dropped after Craig­slist launched its erotic services platform

In 2014, Monroe was a traffi­cking victim in Califo­rnia. She found her clients by advert­ising on SFRed­book, the free online erotic services website. One day, she logged into the site and disco­vered that federal author­ities had taken it down. Law enforc­ement hoped that closing the site would reduce traffi­cking, but it didn’t help Monroe. When

2017-10-20 18:19

@Real Science: EPA 1983 : 10.3 Inches Of Sea Level Rise By 2025

In 1983, the EPA’s most moderate forecast for sea level rise was 262 mm by the year 2025. http://www­.epa.gov/c­limatechan­ge/effects­/downloads­/Challenge­_chapter3.­pdf There has been no change in sea level at Los Angeles since the day the EPA forecast was made. Sea Level …

2017-10-21 15:11

@And then there's physics: Infrared absor­ption of atmosp­heric carbon dioxide

Geoff Price made me aware of a paper, by an appar­ently highly published physi­cist, that considers the infrared absor­ption of atmosp­heric carbon. It concludes that CO2 is a very weak green­house gas and cannot be accepted as the main driver …

2017-10-21 19:32

@Watts Up With That?: Ten Psychol­ogical Tactics for Avoiding Climate Science Account­ability

  Guest Post by: Duncan Smith Doing research into a compl­etely unrelated matter to address conflict resol­ution I stumbled across CHSAll­iance, an organi­zation whose mission is “To promote respect for the rights and dignity of people and commun­ities vulne­rable to risk and affected by disaster, conflict or poverty and enhance the effecti­veness and impact of…

2017-10-21 20:00

@Google: The creeping effect of climate change on Bush life Fairbanks Daily News-​Miner

Fairbanks Daily News-​Miner The creeping effect of climate change on Bush life Fairbanks Daily News-​Miner Since roughly the turn of the millen­nium, the seasonal progre­ssion has usually stalled out during the fall — the “extended shoulder season” predicted by climate scient­ists. We once preferred waiting to pick cranbe­rries until the first frost sweetened ...

Today: 08:43

@Master Resource: Al Gore: Will A Hypocrite Fool Rice Unive­rsity Tonight?

Al Gore is speaking tonight at Rice Unive­rsity with a lot of institu­tional support from a cabal of unive­rsity profe­ssors wed to the tiring notion of climate alarmism­–really, at this point, climate hysteria. Think of Neil Lane,

Gore will not take questions from the audience. He could embarrass himself on the scien­ce–or with his personal life.

“What is your personal carbon footpr­int,” would be…

Today: 07:00

@Judith Curry: Campus insanity versus freedom of speech

by Judith Curry The aim of education is to make people think, not spare them from discom­fort. – Robert Zimmer Campus craziness In case you haven’t been following this issue, there have been some distu­rbing events and trends in the …

Today: 00:55

@Google: Letter: Pilot misguided on climate change Virginian-​Pilot

Letter: Pilot misguided on climate change Virginian-​Pilot The Pilot's Sunday sermons on some aspect of climate change invar­iably display little more than a kinder­garten-​level underst­anding of environ­mental and energy matters. The Oct. 15 column by Harry Lester,"We can all take steps to address climate change ...

Today: 05:26

@Watts Up With That?: New Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

Guest essay by Eric Worrall A Scottish wind farm composed of novel design floating offshore wind turbines has offic­ially started gener­ating power. Propo­nents claim the floating megastr­uctures are cheaper than tradit­ional turbines, and will open offshore sites too deep for tradit­ional fixed pylon designs. The Hywind project: the world’s first floating wind farm By SOPHIE…

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@Real Science: Spotless Sun

Best pictures taken yesterday

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@No Tricks Zone: Germany Will Miss Its Own 2020 Green­house Gas Emissions Reduction Targets By A Long Shot

Michael Limburg of the European Institute for Climate and Energy here reports that Germany will miss its 2020 Green­house Gas (GHG) emissions reduction targets by a long shot ,despite the “huge costs” in the form of mandatory feed-​in tariffs paid by consu­mers. The country’s 2050 target of an 80% reduction is looking more like pie

Today: 16:41

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: All electric vehicle chargers sold in the UK to be ‘smart’ under gover­nment plans 

One day the loss of fuel taxes will have to be addressed if electric cars are to become compu­lsory (after 2032 in Scotland, 2040 in England). Automatic pay-​per-​mile road tolls could be an option, probably still a long way off. All electric vehicle (EV) charge points sold in the UK will have to be ‘smart’

Today: 15:59

@Google: EPA Cancels Talk on Climate Change by Agency Scien­tists New York Times

New York Times EPA Cancels Talk on Climate Change by Agency Scientists New York Times WASHI­NGTON — The Environ­mental Prote­ction Agency has canceled the speaking appea­rance of three agency scien­tists who were scheduled to discuss climate change at a confe­rence on Monday in Rhode Island, according to the agency and several ...

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