@Climate Depot: No Joke! Sailing trek to North Pole to ‘high­light effects of climate change’ — CANCELLED due to ‘solid pack ice’

Via: https­://www.the­times.co.u­k/article/­sailing-​to-​north-​pole-​will-​have-​to-​wait-​dkm95rtrd Sailing to North Pole will have to wait Jonathan Leake, Science Editor August 13 2017, 12:01a­m, The Sunday Times Hadow’s yacht Snowd­ragon II undergoes a test sail from Nome, Alaska­CONOR MCDONNELL Pen Hadow, the British explorer, is today due to start a sailing exped­ition across the Arctic Ocean to…

2017-08-14 22:45

@Real Science: What Kind Of Moron Listens To Gover­nment Propag­anda?

You really can’t make up the level of stupid at NPR. Sailing To The North Pole, Thanks To Global Warming : NPR https://g­o.nasa.go­v/2x0nXfC

2017-08-15 14:25

@Climate Depot: Celebr­ities can’t rescue Gore’s sequel ‘from dive at box office’ – ‘Earns less in 2nd weekend despite adding 376 theaters’

Celebr­ities can’t rescue Al Gore’s ‘Inconv­enient Sequel’ from dive at box office Climate-​change film earns less in second weekend of wide release despite adding 376 theaters By Va­lerie Richar­dson – The Washi­ngton Times – Monday, August 14, 2017 Not even a bevy of Hollywood stars could save Al Gore’s “An Inconv­enient Sequel” from a box-​office dive as

2017-08-14 23:10

@Climate Depot: Deling­pole: No One Likes Al Gore’s New Movie

It has been mocked for its exagger­ations by the BBC’s Justin Webb: Webb hit back and suggested the former vice presid­ent’s second film on tackling climate change, An Inconv­enient Sequel, exagge­rated facts. He said: “But that’s the problem isn’t it, you make the case that they’re climate related. “If I said to you, it’s a cold

2017-08-14 23:13

@Climate Scepticism: BBC on Freedom of Speech

Paul Matthe­ws,who is on holiday, draws our attention to this article on the BBC site. I could have added a link under my last article, but it seems important enough to quote in full, and to give it the maximum publi­city. Comme­nters please note, there are now two different though overla­pping subjects under discus­sion: the …

2017-08-14 23:12

@No Tricks Zone: WUWT “One Of The Most Radical Climate-​Denier Blogs” …Their Purpose: “Perma­nently Produce Fake News”

Here’s a good example of how climate alarmists and leftis­ts in Germany react when confr­onted with different opinions and the truth. Last week on August 8 Germany’s top cl­imate alarmism propa­ganda site Klimar­etter (Climate Rescuers) here reported on the “explo­sive” US gover­nment climate report that was “leaked” to the New York Times. Suppo­sedly the Trump Adminis­tration was…

2017-08-15 13:08

@Real Science: Long Term Effects Of The Eruption Of Mt. Pinatubo

My new algor­ithm, which weights all stations equally every month regar­dless of the number of days recorded that month, has exposed an important climate fact. Since the eruption of Pinatubo in 1991, summer maximum temper­atures dropped off sharply and never …

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Buildings to generate their own power with innov­ative glass blocks

Leaving aside questions like cost, effecti­veness and ease of replac­ement, the idea is that ‘the electr­icity generated will then be available to power the building, be stored or used to charge electric vehic­les’. Buildings could soon be able to convert the sun’s energy into electr­icity without the need for solar panels, thanks to innov­ative new

Today: 13:38

@No Tricks Zone: Unantic­ipated Stabi­lity: Latest Polar Condi­tions Show No Signs Of Global Warming Melting

Weather and climate analyst Schneefan here writes of “early frost” in the Arctic and how Greenland snow and ice have grown after being hit by a “snow bomb”. This contra­dicts the expect­ations of global warming alarm­ists. The polar summer this year appears to have ended premat­urely. The mean temper­ature of the central Arctic above 80°N

Today: 13:33

@Paul Homewood: Pen Hadow Sets Off

By Paul Homewood     Pen Hadow is now finally on his way to the North Pole:     Pen Hadow sets sail for North Pole as Arctic ice melts British explorer Pen Hadow and his crew have set sail from Alaska, in an attempt to become the first people ever to sail to the

Today: 12:07

@Climate Depot: Leading Heat Transfer Physici­sts/Geo­logists Assert Impact Of CO2 Emissions On Climate Is ‘Negli­gible’

By Ke­nneth Richard­ on 10. August 2017 Textbook Details Robust Planetary Theory Expla­ining Climate Change Wi­thout CO2 Wiley Textbook Image ­Source The increa­singly corrob­orated atmosp­heric mass pressure (gravity) explan­ation for variances in planetary temper­atures – which precludes a signif­icant role for CO2 concent­ration changes – has now advanced from peer-​reviewed scient­ific…

2017-08-14 20:31

@Climatism: GREEN ENERGY FAIL – World Coal Power Develo­pment Up 43%

  UNREL­IABLE energy (wind/­solar) propo­nents parrot the same mindless, group­think propa­ganda about the so-​called “green energy revolu­tion” (which provides under 2% of the world’s power after trillions of dollars spent), demanding that we must “trans­ition now!” so as to not be “left behind by the rest of the world!”. MEMO to the misinf­ormed … From…

2017-08-14 06:31

@Real Science: Extortion

I just moved the UNHIDING link over to Google Drive.

2017-08-14 20:05

@Climate Depot: Analysis: ‘Climate activists need a new strategy’ – ‘Done an abysmal job’ – ‘Chosen to bully or insult people’

Robert E. Meyer, The Post-​Crescent, 13 August 2017 Regar­dless of your position on the issue of human induced­ global warming, one thing remains undeni­able: Those who are apolo­gists for the “save the planet” approach have done an abysmal job of graci­ously persu­ading the public to partic­ipate in the cause.   If I were on that side

2017-08-14 14:52

@Climate Depot: Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV: Gore’s sequel ‘has a happy ending’ – Trump cancels UN climate pact ‘tosses it into the dustbin of history’

2017-08-14 21:44

@Real Science: Current Ice-​Free Arctic Forecast

If current trends continue, the Arctic will be ice-​free at 12;39 PM on December 14 – with temper­atures of-​30C. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteoro­logiske Institut Remember last week, when Arctic experts were certain that winter-​like storms would …

2017-08-15 09:45

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: South Austra­lia’s Renewable Energy Fiasco: Wind ‘Powered’ State to Run On Diesel-​Fuelled Jet Engines

Origi­nally posted on STOP THESE THINGS : Diesel-​fuelled jet engines: what promises to power SA this summer and next summer and .. ? If South Australia were a novel, it would find itself a place amongst the classic tragic comedies. For a while the bromance between its vapid Premier, Jay Weath­erill and Califo­rnian carpetb­agger, Elon Musk…

2017-08-15 09:44

@Paul Homewood: Claims Of 40000 Deaths From Air Pollution Debunked By Death Statistics

By Paul Homewood     http://w­ww.bbc.c­o.uk/new­s/health-​35629034     We are familiar with claims that air pollution (cue pictures of diesel cars!) is killing thousands of people every year in the UK. I have been trying to get hold of the actual mortality statis­tics, but fortun­ately came across a study carried out by the British Lung

2017-08-15 11:46

@Climate Depot: Excuses pile up for Gore box office bomb: ‘Rough season for sequels’ – ‘Never expected sales to top’ 1st film – Gore not ‘hot-​button person he once was’

Via: http­://www.hu­ffingtonp­ost.com/e­ntry/inco­nvenient-​sequel-​box-​office_us­_5992ec27­e4b09071f­69c80f7 Al Gore’s Critics Attack Box Office Sales As Climate Change Becomes Harder To Deny “An Inconv­enient Sequel” entered a much different movie market than “An Inconv­enient Truth,”    

2017-08-15 20:35

@Google: Florida's Sea Level Rose 6x Faster Than Average It's NOT Due To Climate Change Forbes

Forbes Florida's Sea Level Rose 6x Faster Than Average It's NOT Due To Climate Change Forbes A new study, published in Geophy­sical Research Letters and under­taken by the Unive­rsity of Florida analyzed tidal and climate data for the southe­astern seaboard of the United States. They found that between the years 2011 and 2015 sea level rose more ...

2017-08-15 20:30

@Climate Depot: Skeptical film ‘Climate Hustle’ Now Available on  iTunes,­ Vimeo, ­Amazon, ­Google Play, Y­ouTube More!

Via: htt­p://mail­chi.mp/c­fact/the-​antidote-​to-​al-​gore?e=a5­04314008 The antidote to Al Gore Friend, Al Gore’s propa­ganda-​laden Inc­onvenient Sequel is now playing in theaters coast to coast. It’s bombing – namely because Gore provided a miserable movie exper­ience whether you’re left, right, or center. But this is no implau­sible science-​fiction film that will just fade away into obscur­ity. …

2017-08-15 19:39

@Climate Progress : Trump cites ‘another side’ for violence at white suprem­acist rally — ‘you can call them the left’

During an impromptu news confe­rence on Tuesday, President Trump said he has no regrets about the widely-​decried statement he initially made blaming “many sides” for the white suprem­acist and neo-​Nazi rally that took place in Charlott­esville, Virginia over the weekend and resulted in the death of an innocent 32-​year-​old woman named Heather Heyer. Shortly after

2017-08-15 21:52

@Climate Depot: Watch: Kids used to promote Gore’s sequel: 11-​year old: ‘People are releasing toxic gases that are ruining the world’

A new video featuring children “brought to you by ‘An Inconv­enient Sequel'” has been released to shore up support for former Vice President Al Gore’s sequel. In the video, eleme­ntary school kids ages 7 through 13, watch ­Prince EA, aka: Richard Williams, a rapper and climate activist, explain the dangers of global warming. The Hunti­ngton Post

2017-08-15 21:28

@Real Science: Science Says : Seth Is An Idiot

Seth Boren­stein says  -​20C is hot, and the ice is melting fast at that temper­ature. Science Says: Fast-​melting Arctic sign of bad global warming – ABC News This is surpri­sing, because he also believes the Arctic has been ice-​free for …

Today: 10:47

@Climate Depot: Climato­logist Dr. Pat Michaels: The ‘pause’ lives – ‘Global temps ‘are headed back to pre-​El Niño values’

Here’s the satellite data from the Unive­rsity of Alabama-​Hunts­ville through last month: Temper­atures have fallen to within approxi­mately 0.15⁰C of the average since the end of the last (1998) big El Niño and the beginning of the recent one. These are “bulk” data for the lower atmosp­here. You can see similar behavior in the surface

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GLOBAL OCEAN COOLING CONTINUES Date: 15/08/17 Ron Clutz, Science Matters July Sea Surface Temper­atures (SSTs) are now avail­able, and we can see further ocean cooling led by plumm­eting temps in the  Tropics and the Southern Hemisp­here, conti­nuing the downward traje­ctory from the previous 12 months. HadSST is generally regarded as the best of the global

Today: 17:19

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: David Milib­and’s Silly Dream of a Second EU Referendum

Origi­nally posted on Ben Somervell's Brexit Blog : Here is the hyperlink to an article entitled “Milib­and’s second refer­endum idea’s bananas” which I have just written for the “Comment Central” website. I have repro­duced below the text of the article: Former Foreign Secretary and former Labour leade­rship candi­date, David Miliband­, stated this week that he supports…

Today: 16:41

@Paul Homewood: John Constable Savages Tulloch Op-​Ed

By Paul Homewood A good follow up from John Constable on that fatuous article by Maurice Tulloch in the Telegraph the other day: The Daily Telegraph recently published a claim by Aviva that subsidies to fossil fuels in the United Kingdom amounted to $6.5 billion dollars a year. Examin­ation of the source behind this claim,

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@Watts Up With That?: Climate Science Double-​Speak

A Quick Note from Kip Hansen   A quick note for the amusement of the bored but curious. While in search of something else, I ran across this enligh­tening page from the folks at UCAR/NCAR [The Unive­rsity Corpor­ation for Atmosp­heric Resear­ch/The National Center for Atmosp­heric Research — see pdf here for more informa­tion]: “What is…

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