@Paul Homewood: India’s Electr­icity Transfo­rmation

By Paul Homewood Renewable propo­nents are getting excited about the latest news from India: The Indian energy market transfo­rmation is accele­rating under Energy Minister Piyush Goyal’s leader­ship. The most recent and most persu­asive evidence is the colla­psing cost of solar electri­city—a collapse that has gone beyond anyone’s expecta­tions, and the results are in: solar has

2017-06-25 13:12

@Paul Homewood: Green­peace Beclown Themselves

By Paul Homewood h/t Joe Public Green­peace and the Scien­tists agree: https://tw­itter.com/­greenpeace­/status/87­8628872769­732609     One slight problem though! The “scien­tists” were really from the Onion, a satirical website: http://ww­w.theonio­n.com/art­icle/scie­ntists-​politely-​remind-​world-​that-​clean-​energy-​36086   Perhaps Green­peace might like to consult some real scien­tists next…

2017-06-24 22:55

@Judith Curry: Consensus enforcers versus the Trump adminis­tration

by Judith Curry Tough days on The Hill for the enforcers of the climate conse­nsus. While EPA Adminis­trator Scott Pruitt has been taking most of the ‘heat’ for the Trump administ­rations climate policy, this past week Energy Secretary Rick Perry …

2017-06-24 19:12

@Real Science: Global Warming Causing Long, Cold Winters

“Doubl­ethink means the power of holding two contrad­ictory beliefs in one’s mind simultan­eously, and accepting both of them.” George Orwell Global warming is ruining skiing, by causing long cold winters with record skiing. Global warming blamed as summer skiing on …

2017-06-24 19:09

@Paul Homewood: Dale Vince Increases His Prices

By Paul Homewood   h/t Bloke down the Pub Not content with receiving huge subsidies from the taxpayer, electric car drivers are now moaning about paying a proper cost for their electr­icity:   Reckoned to be Britain’s wealt­hiest hippy, Dale Vince can be pretty pleased with his £100m fortune. Some of his customers appear less

2017-06-25 10:53

@No Tricks Zone: Antarctic Climate Alarm Silenced: Ice Mass Stable, Recently Published Studies Show

The Good News: East Antarctic Ice Is And Remains Stable By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahre­nholt (German text transl­ated, edited by P Gosselin) In March, 2015 there was a climate alarm at German online news weekly Focus: Climate warming Gigantic Antarctic glacier is melting – Holland in an emerg­ency: sea level rise threatens

2017-06-25 17:23

@Google: Trump's agenda faces climate deep state Washi­ngton Examiner

Washi­ngton Examiner Trump's agenda faces climate deep state Washi­ngton Examiner The Trump adminis­tration plans to repeal, reject and otherwise root out climate change policies that the president sees as underm­ining his pro-​growth, America First agenda. But a detailed look at climate offices embedded in agencies across the federal ... Most people don't see how climate change is affecting their…

2017-06-25 19:02

@Real Science: The Emperor’s New Climate

In the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” clothing experts lied about making the Emperor new clothes. Nobody could see his clothing, but they were afraid and embarr­assed to question autho­rity. Even the Emperor was afraid to question “the experts.” …

Today: 06:51

@Science of Doom: The Confir­mation Bias – a Feature not a Bug

A long time ago I wrote The Confir­mation Bias – Or Why None of Us are Really Skeptics, with a small insight from Nassim Taleb. Right now I’m rereading The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt. This is truly a great book if you want to under­stand more

2017-06-25 23:32

@Google: Americans Doubt 'Global Warming' But Accept 'Climate Change,' Study Says The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel Americans Doubt'G­lobal Warming' But Accept' Climate Change,' Study Says The Weather Channel In fact, the study found that 74.4 percent of respon­dents who ident­ified as Republ­icans said they believed that climate change is really happe­ning. In contrast, only 65.5 percent said they believed in global warming. Democ­rats, on the other hand, feel ... and more »

2017-06-25 01:56

@No Tricks Zone: German Green Minister President Blasts Own Party’s E-​Car Target As “Nonse­nse”… “You Don’t Have a Clue!”

The following German Green Party national conve­ntion video is very amusing. It shows a highly a­gitated Minister President of the state Baden Württe­mberg, Winfried Kretschma­nn, very angrily blasting the Green Party’s “radical” call to eliminate fossil fuel cars in Germany by 2030 at a recent Green Party conven­tion. Kretsc­hmann is clearly fed up with his party’s radical,

2017-06-24 14:28

@Friends of Science Calgary: Grid-​Level Electr­icity Storage – NOAA’s Critique of the WWS Vision

Contri­buted by Robert Lyman © 2017 A new paper prepared by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmosp­heric Administ­ration’s (NOAA) Earth System Labor­atory and published in the Procee­dings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) is drawing attention in policy circles in the U.S. The paper critiques the claims of a study by Mark Jacobson et. al. …

2017-06-25 00:48

@Google: OPINION: Focus on private sector to combat climate change Daily Record

Radio New Zealand OPINION: Focus on private sector to combat climate change Daily Record The withd­rawal of the United States from the Paris climate accord is one of President Trump's most irrespo­nsible moves yet. But let's not kid ourse­lves, it was not reaso­nable to expect Trump to keep us in the Paris accords — or to meet our obliga­tions ... Column: A climate solution for the enviro­nment and…

2017-06-25 05:08

@Watts Up With That?: Aussie Gover­nment Broadc­aster Gives Climate Skeptics Airtime

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Judith Curry (one of the guests): The ABC, Austra­lia’s gover­nment owned media outlet, has dedicated an entire Science Show program, including a star cast of climate skeptics, to exploring why some politi­cians and academics dispute the alleged climate conse­nsus. Has ‘denying’ won? Saturday 24 June 2017 12:05PM (view full…

2017-06-25 12:24

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Electric planes have gone from April Fools joke to reality in two years

No details of costs in this IB Times report, but Eviation claims that its electric aircraft is made possible by a new aluminum air battery. As electric cars slowly become common­place in towns and cities, electric planes are slowly edging their way out of science fiction and into the real world. At the Interna­tional Paris

2017-06-25 09:26

@Google: Iceland's volcano eruption could reveal aerosols' climate change effect thejour­nal.ie

thejour­nal.ie Iceland's volcano eruption could reveal aerosols' climate change effect thejour­nal.ie An interna­tional team of climate scient­ists, led by the Unive­rsity of Exeter, have meticu­lously studied the effects that the 2014-​15 eruption at Holuh­raun, in Iceland had on cloud forma­tions in the surrou­nding region. They found that the 2014 Holuhraun ... and more »

2017-06-25 17:00

@No Tricks Zone: Since 2005, Arctic Sea Ice Has Pivoted To A Slightly Incre­asing Trend, With No Detec­table Arctic Warming

Arctic: 12 Years Of Sea Ice And Temp­erature Stability In the last 144 months, or since 2005, there has been no decre­asing trend in Arctic sea ice.  In fact, there has been a slight incre­asing trend.   NSIDC Data – Graph Source: ­woodfort­rees.org­ (2005.3-​2017.3) o­r woodfor­trees.org­ (Last 144 Months) Since the 21st century began, nearly all of the increase in Arctic-​wide temper­atures

Today: 10:04

@Google: New Zealand law student launches climate change court case ABC News

ABC News New Zealand law student launches climate change court case ABC News Law student Sarah Thomson, 26, poses for a photo­graph outside the High Court on Monday, June 26, 2017, in Wellin­gton, New Zealand. Thomson is taking the gover­nment to court in hopes of forcing it to set more ambitious climate change targets. Waikato law student Sarah Thomson takes Gover­nment to court over climate

Today: 07:49

@Google: Pension funds pressed to protect portf­olios from climate change Financial Times

Financial Times Pension funds pressed to protect portf­olios from climate change Financial Times Only one in 20 pension schemes in Europe has taken steps to combat the risks of climate change, in spite of mounting warnings that global warming poses a serious threat to their inves­tment returns. Pressure has increased on institu­tional investors to ...

Today: 05:02

@Climatism: 10 REASONS Not To Believe The Climate Hype

Paul Homewood of NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT re­cently posted a blog listing ten reasons count­ering climate “scien­tist” Katharine Hayhoe’s assertion that some of us don’t believe in global warming because we don’t care! I don’t know a single person who doesn’t “care” about the planet or their enviro­nment. So, it would appear Katharine is

Today: 06:20

@Google: A layman's look at the Paris Climate Accord Farmi­ngton Daily Times

Farmi­ngton Daily Times A layman's look at the Paris Climate Accord Farmi­ngton Daily Times President Trump surprised few but enraged many when he withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord. Love him or hate him, you have to give him credit for following through on his campaign promises with unprece­dented consis­tency, his lack of ... and more »

2017-06-25 23:31

@Climate Progress : Kellyanne Conway says people who lose Medicaid should just find better jobs

Today: 16:20

@Real Science: Hurricane Audrey

The US hasn’t had a June Hurricane in over 30 years, and hasn’t had a major hurricane in June for 60 years – when Hurricane Audrey made landfall on the border of Texas and Louis­iana. Hurricane Audrey was a category …

Today: 13:07

@Google: The strategy that makes Al Franken a nightmare for climate deniers' nonsense ThinkPr­ogress

ThinkPr­ogress The strategy that makes Al Franken a nightmare for climate deniers' nonsense ThinkPr­ogress Sen. Al Franken (D-​MN) has emerged as one of Congress' most devast­ating questi­oners of the myriad climate science deniers who fill President Donald Trump's cabinet. And it's largely because the comedian turned Senator combines two abilities rarely seen ... and more »

Today: 16:25

@Climate Progress : How to make sense of the confusing Supreme Court opinion on the Muslim ban

Today: 15:54

@Real Science: Capital Weather Gang : Taking Climate Stupid To Entirely New Levels

This is what they call “shrin­king.” S_06_exten­t_anomaly_­plot_hires­_v2.1.png (1260×720)

Today: 17:53

@Google: Here's the real problem with trying to tax our way out of the climate crisis CNBC

CNBC Here's the real problem with trying to tax our way out of the climate crisis CNBC A recent proposal to tax carbon emissions may be a fresh way to tackle climate change but it's potent­ially dange­rous. Taxes can be elimi­nated with the stroke of a pen. We have run out of time for experi­ments to begin lowering carbon pollu­tion. The ... and more »

Today: 17:43

@American Elephants: This Is What Passes for News These Days

There are small mentions of what would seem to be unimpo­rtant news items, but if you follow up and see what the Leftists with bylines do with it, it gets pretty funny. Here’s what happened. President Trump declined to hold a “Iftar Dinner” at the White House to celebrate Ramadan. (Transl­ation, nothing happened because there

Today: 14:33

@Watts Up With That?: Another ridic­ulous scare tactic: 2 billion climate change refugees by 2100

From the “it didn’t work out with 50 million, so let’s go for 2 billion and date further our that can’t be verifed in our lifetime” depart­ment. Remember the “50 million climate refugees by 2010” scare, that worked out so badly that the U.N. had to “disa­ppear it” from their website? Well, like zombies that…

Today: 17:32