@Manchester Climate Monthly: Upcoming event: #Extinc­tionReb­ellion #Manch­ester social – Mon 22 April, 6pm

This copied from XR Manche­ster’s facebook page (with permis­sion). If you’ve got questions about Extin­ction Rebellion (what, why, how, who etc) then go along. You can buy the editor of Manch­ester Climate Monthly a pint, if you like… Come along …

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@DeSmogBlog: Gas Driller at Center of 2019 Pulitzer-​Winning Book on Fracking Still Faces Legal Battles

Read time: 7 mins

Eliza Grisw­old’s book Amity and Prospe­rity: One Family and the Fract­uring of America examines the impacts of fracking in western Pennsyl­vania, and on Monday it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in General Nonfic­tion.

Grisw­old’s book carefully refuses the birds-​eye view of frack­ing’s impacts — readers will find few state or national stati­stics — and instead presents the detailed…

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@Manchester Climate Monthly: URGENT: #climate grief support network needed in #Manch­ester

Manch­ester needs a network of support for people who are dealing with the full horror and dread of climate change. “Establ­ished” activists have mostly forgotten what it is like to be hit between the eyes by the likely impacts, the …

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@Skeptical Science: 2019 SkS Weekly Climate Change Global Warming News Roundup #16

A chronol­ogical listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week, i.e., Sun, Apr 14 through Sat, Apr 20, 2019 Editor's Pick How We Roll: Study Shows We're More Lone Wolves Than Team Players

Results may explain why colle­ctive action on climate change and health policy is so difficult

Credit: Steve Smith Getty Images

What credo would you choose: “Share…

2019-04-20 19:37

@Judith Curry: Energy Security and Grid Resilience

by Judith Curry Divers­ifying and securing energy supplies natio­nally and locally. Since we’ve moved to Nevada and have been integr­ating into the local commu­nity, the most intere­sting thing we’ve come across is the National Security Forum of Northern Nevada (NSF). …

2019-04-20 16:51

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: New Concepts in Energy Storage Could Break Barriers

Sticky social question for the trans­ition to green energy is the displac­ement, not only of workers like coal miners, but of existing genera­tors, which are often major emplo­yers, and perhaps as import­antly, big sources for local tax revenues in hard pressed communiti­es.German effort at repurp­osing coal plants as energy storage units could hold promise. Add […]

2019-04-20 16:39

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Interview with a #Manch­ester #Extin­ction Rebellion person 02

Here’s another interview with an Extin­ction Rebellion person in Manche­ster. Others to follow… (here’s a link to the first) 1. Who are you, why did you get involved, what have you done in Mcr and in London I am Paul …

2019-04-20 16:16

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Interview with a #Manch­ester #Extinc­tionReb­ellion activist 01

Yesterday a detailed and powerful account of one Manch­ester activ­ist’s time in London appeared on Medium. Today we publish the first of what is hopefully a series of inter­views with Manch­ester activists who have been in London. If you are/were …

2019-04-20 16:15

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Denier: We Need More CO2 so I can Eat my Greens

Although Climate Denial is dying along with the old white guys who are it’s principle purve­yors, we still get gems like this. I treated this one Lo so many years ago in the perfect video for 4/20. and if you need more, see below… Adverti­sements

2019-04-20 13:41

@George Monbiot: No More Excuses

No one is coming to save us. Only rebellion will prevent an environ­mental apoca­lypse By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 15th April 2019 Had we put as much effort…

2019-04-20 13:34

@DeSmogBlog: Critics Say Louisiana ‘Highj­acked’ Climate Resett­lement Plan for Isle de Jean Charles Tribe

Read time: 11 mins

Albert Naquin, Chief of the Isle de Jean Charles Biloxi-​Chiti­macha-​Choctaw Tribe (IDJC), often loses sleep over his tribe’s fate as its historic island homeland continues to lose land at an alarming rate. His dream to relocate the tribe from Isle de Jean Charles with a federal grant has turned into a nightmare.

After helping the Louisiana Office of Community Develo­pment…

2019-04-20 11:04

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The Weekend Wonk: Attenb­orough in BBC’s “Climate Change – The Facts”


2019-04-19 23:59

@DeSmogBlog: Movement to Build National Support for Green New Deal Starts in Boston, ‘City of Revolu­tions’

Read time: 6 mins

The past two years, 2017 and 2018, brought the U.S. two major youth-​led movem­ents. The first was borne out of the March for Our Lives, which saw hundreds of thousands rallying for gun violence preve­ntion in D.C. and across the country. The second was the Sunrise Movement.

Tags: Sunrise Movement Alexa­ndria Ocasio-​Cortez Ed Markey boston nancy pelosi Varshini Prakash

2019-04-19 21:40

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Beyond Putin: Trump Administ­ration’s Secret Nuclear Sellout

Nuclear weapons capacity for the Saudis. What could go wrong? House Oversight Commi­ttee: Washin­gton, D.C. (Feb. 19, 2019)—­Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, issued an interim staff report after multiple whistle­blowers came forward to warn about efforts inside the White House to rush the transfer of highly sensitive U.S. […]

2019-04-19 20:33

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Mueller Report: Russian Trolls Stoked Divisions on Energy, Climate, Coal

In advoc­ating for your preferred energy future, bear in mind that we are all being targeted by a sophist­icated campaign aimed at enflaming divisions among all sectors of America­ns.That is all. Grist: The U.S. is divided over coal: Coal plants and mines have been shutte­ring, with miners held up as the casua­lties of environ­mental regula­tion, despite […]

2019-04-19 14:31

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Offshore Wind’s Time has Come

Wired: ON JUNE 1, the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massach­usetts will shut down, a victim of rising costs and a techn­ology that is strug­gling to remain econom­ically viable in the United States. But the electr­icity generated by the aging nuclear station soon will be replaced by another carbon-​free source: a fleet of 84 offshore wind turbines rising nearly 650 feet […]

2019-04-19 14:01

@Tamino's Open Mind: Climate Change: David Attenb­orough on the BBC

David Attenb­orough has graced us with an outsta­nding docume­ntary about climate change, and about the modern political struggle around it. Start with James Hansen … end with Greta Thunberg. Thank you, David, and thank you, BBC. This video may not …

2019-04-19 13:30

@Yale Climate Media Forum: U.S. cities pledge to switch to renewables

People across the country – from coast to coast, and from small towns to big cities – are urging their commun­ities to switch to one hundred percent renewable energy. Rohrbach: “Citizens are speaking up and asking for it, and there […]

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2019-04-19 12:00

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Detailed report on Extin­ction Rebellion in London by #Manch­ester activist. #climate #climateb­reakdown @Extin­ctionR

This below is from Claire Stocks, and is well worth your time. London Climate Change Protests: what I learnt from four days blocking city streets and why I did it I’m one of 10,000 people who joined protests across …

2019-04-19 10:18

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Job Alert: Env Sustain­ability Data Analyst, Unive­rsity of #Manch­ester

from here. Environ­mental Sustain­ability Data Analyst and Project Co-​ordinator (Part time) Job Reference : PSX-​13753 Location : Oxford Road, Manch­ester Closing Date : 24/04­/2019 Salary : Starting at £27,025 per annum (pro rata) Emplo­yment Type : Fixed Term Faculty / Organis­ational Unit : Profes­sional Services Division …

2019-04-19 10:04

@And then there's physics: Climate Change – The Facts

I watched BBC One’s Climate Change – The Facts, narrated by David Attenbo­rough. A pity about the title, as it’s the same as a book with authors that include Anthony Watts, Nigel Lawson and James Deling­pole, but I thought it …

2019-04-19 09:53

@DeSmogBlog: Comment: Judge in Peter Ridd Case Says Trial Was Not About Climate Science or Freedom of Speech

Read time: 5 mins

Sacked Austr­alian scientist and hero of climate science deniers everywhere — Dr. Peter Ridd — has won his case against former employer James Cook Unive­rsity (JCU).

Judge Salvatore Vasta, in Austra­lia’s circuit court, said actions the unive­rsity took to censure and ultim­ately fire Ridd were all “unlaw­ful.”

In a long statement , JCU said it was “consi­dering its options” and said…

2019-04-19 06:00

@NOAA: Video: What is the carbon cycle?

2019-04-19 05:00

@DeSmogBlog: Exclu­sive: Air Permit OK’d After New Evidence of Carcin­ogens at Enbri­dge’s Planned Gas Facility in Massach­usetts Left out

Read time: 6 mins

In the Greater Boston area, Enbridge is planning to build a controv­ersial natural gas facility at a densely populated site which already has elevated levels of previ­ously unrep­orted carcin­ogens, documents obtained by DeSmog suggest.

Despite receiving new inform­ation indic­ating the current presence of these pollu­tants in the air around Enbri­dge’s proposed gas compre­ssor…

2019-04-19 00:23

@DeSmogBlog: Chevron and Exxon Say They Can Turn Around the Failed Finances of Fracking Industry

Read time: 9 mins

After a decade of the American fracking industry burning through hundreds of billions of dollars more than it earned, this industry previ­ously dominated by shale drilling specia­lists is entering a new phase. The oil majors — a group of multina­tional companies that typically have divisions throu­ghout the oil supply chain — now are investing heavily in fracked oil and gas…

2019-04-18 23:17

@The Blackboard: The Wholly Falla­cious FISA/C­arter Page Applic­ation That Was Based on the Steele Dossier

SUPER SHORT SUMMARY The FISA/C­arter Page Applic­ation based on the Steele Dossier was correctly charact­erized by Carter Page, as “complete garbage.” None of the allega­tions perta­ining to Carter Page (who was the legal target of the Applic­ation) was even close to being correct. For those inter­ested in the details, I have written the follo­wing. INTROD­UCTION […]

2019-04-18 18:08

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: A Market-​Driven Green New Deal?

The kind of discu­ssion we ought to be having sounds more like this. A “market driven” Green New Deal, at least in Amory Lovins telling below, need not include the progre­ssive wish list like job guara­ntees and medicare for all. It does include a Carbon Tax, which is its own political issue. Above, Rob Meyer’s […]

2019-04-18 17:05

@Manchester Climate Monthly: FoIA abt #Manch­ester City Council and #climate change policy

This below was sent to informatio­ncomplianc­e@manchest­er.gov.uk yeste­rday… Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to request inform­ation about the City Council’s climate change policy. I used to live in Moss Side. I now live in “Whalley Range”, at least according to the …

2019-04-18 15:53

@Yale Climate Media Forum: High-​school students prepare for wind jobs

Just off the coast of Rhode Island, the nation’s first comme­rcial offshore wind farm began operating three years ago. That has many in the region excited about the offshore wind industry. Morse: “Having this opport­unity for careers coming our way […]

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2019-04-18 12:00

@James Annan: For posterity

Should have been quicker off the mark with the screen­shot, cycling legend Gethin Butler pipped me last weekend at Brighton. This is the runbritai­nrankings list of UK marathon perfor­mances this year so far, in the male V50 catego­ry.Of course the top guys tend to run London which is at the end of the month, so I'll be bumped a fair way down the order shortly. Not to mention the other various…

2019-04-18 11:34