@Climate Progress : Trump’s chief of staff says we don’t respect women anymore, forgets he still works for Trump

During a White House press briefing on Thursday, chief of staff John Kelly claimed he was shocked that Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-​FL) had listened in on President Trump’s phone call to My­eshia Johnson. Johnson is the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of four U.S. servi­cemen killed in Niger earlier in October. Wilson previ­ously claimed that

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@DeSmogBlog: FERC Approved NEXUS Pipeline After Companies Behind Project Lobbied for New Commiss­ioners

In one of their first major decisions on the Federal Energy Regul­atory Commi­ssion (FERC), President Trump’s newly appointed commiss­ioners Neil Chatt­erjee and Rob Powelson approved the controv­ersial NEXUS natural gas pip­eline.

Yet DeSmog has found that in the months leading up to the appoin­tment of the new commiss­ioners, the companies behind the pipeline engaged in a lobbying blitz to…

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@Climate Progress : Yeste­rday, Trump said it was fake news. His chief of staff just confirmed it was true.

On Wedne­sday, Trump claimed that a congress­woman’s account of his phone call to My­eshia Johnson, a military widow, was fake news. He said that he had proof she was lying. Democrat Congres­swoman totally fabri­cated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action (and I have proof). Sad! — Donald J. Trump

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@Google: When it comes to climate change, politics overrides religious views Lancaste­rOnline

Lancaste­rOnline When it comes to climate change, politics overrides religious views Lancaste­rOnline For years, the increa­singly prominent Texas Tech Unive­rsity climate scientist has occupied a unique position, building bridges between the scien­tific commu­nity, which overwhe­lmingly affirms that human-​caused climate change is a threat to the planet ... and more »

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@Climate Progress : Questions grow over myste­rious ambush in Niger

With the White House under fire over its handling of the deaths of four U.S. soldiers in Niger, questions are rising about the deadly ambush. Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-​AZ) was among a growing chorus of voices demanding answers on Wedne­sday. After respo­nding “No” when asked if the White House was being

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@Climate Progress : Trump gives himself perfect grade for Puerto Rico response as residents use water from toxic wells

Speaking to reporters alongsid­e Puerto Rican Governor­ Ricardo Rosselló at the White House on Thursday, President Trump gave the White House the highest possible marks for its response to Hurricane Maria. Asked by a reporter “between one and 10, how would you grade the White House respo­nse,” Trump replied, “I say it was a 10.” Trump’s rationale

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@Climate Progress : Turned away from Richard Spencer speech, white suprem­acists target Jewish, black hubs

In prepar­ation of being turned away or kicked out of the Unive­rsity of Florida audit­orium where white nation­alist Richard Spencer will speak on Thursday, neo-​Nazis are planning to target the univer­sity’s Jewish and black student centers with “flash demos.” According to a post on the neo-​Nazi Daily Stormer website, site founder­ Andrew Anglin is encour­aging  white nation­alists to…

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@Google: How To Keep Fighting Trump's War On Climate Science Refinery29

Refinery29 How To Keep Fighting Trump's War On Climate Science Refinery29 Moments after Donald Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate accord — President Obama's landmark legisl­ation aimed at reducing global pollution — Bill Peduto, Pitts­burgh's mayor, shot back a defiant Tweet. Al Gore says progress on climate change is happening despite President Trump PGH…

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@Climate Progress : Cruz claims repealing the estate tax would benefit farmers and small busine­sses. That’s not true.

During a CNN Town Hall debate on Wednesday evening, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) squared off on one espec­ially pertinent topic: tax reform. Throu­ghout the night — though the discu­ssion shifted and, at times, felt more like a presid­ential debate — Cruz repea­tedly invoked the idea that repealing the

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@Climate Progress : Trump changes his mind about bipar­tisan health care deal for the fourth time in three days

President Donald Trump flip-​flopped on a flip-​flop Thursday after­noon, telling reporters he’s “open to” a bipar­tisan health care deal Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-​TN) and Patty Murray (D-​WA) struck earlier this week. During a press confe­rence with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Tuesday, Trump said that he wouldn’t sign the bill, and then said 11

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@Climate Progress : Stepping right over the U.S., world powers reaffirm commi­tment to Iran deal

Since President Donald Trump declined to receritfy the Iranian nuclear deal, every other party to the agreement has come out in support. In what is no doubt a humili­ating moment for the presi­dent, European Union leaders are set to reaffirm their “full commi­tment to the Iran nuclear deal” on Thursday after meeting in Brussels, regar­dless

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@Google: Climate change at work? Weather Service calls for third straight mild winter. Washi­ngton Post

Washi­ngton Post Climate change at work? Weather Service calls for third straight mild winter. Washi­ngton Post If you're itching for outbreaks of the polar vortex and waist-​deep snow, the upcoming winter may not be your cup of tea. And, thanks to climate change, the odds of brutally cold winters are decaying. For the third time in as many years, the nation ... and more »

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@Google: Native American Leaders Seek Federal Climate Change Action U.S. News World Report

Native American Leaders Seek Federal Climate Change Action U.S. News World Report Native American Leaders Seek Federal Climate Change Action. Native American leaders gathering for a Milwaukee conve­ntion are asking the Trump adminis­tration to do more to combat climate change. Oct. 19, 2017, at 1:01 p.m.. Native American Leaders ... and more »

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@Climate Progress : Federal lawsuit against new Title IX guidance claims it is ‘offen­sive’ and ‘discrim­inatory’

The new Education Depar­tment guidance document on how univer­sities should handle sexual haras­sment compl­aints under Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prevents sex and gender discrim­ination in educa­tion, has been challe­nged. On Tuesday, Equal Means Equal, an organi­zation focused on gender discrimi­nation, and three women who say they have experi­enced sex-​based discrim­ination under Title

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@Climate Progress : Democ­ratic congres­swoman says women bear some respons­ibility for preve­nting assault

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-​TX) said Wednesday that women bear as much respons­ibility as men for preve­nting sexual assault and harass­ment. “I grew up in a time when it was as much the woman’s respons­ibility as it was a man’s — how you were dressed, what your behavior was,” Johnson told local media. “I’m from

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The “Red Team” on Climate Change. We’ve Been here Before.

When you don’t like the facts, ignore them, or introduce your own “alter­native facts”. This is not new to the Trump adminis­tration – we’ve seen it before, and we know how it plays out. Prior to and during the Reagan administ­ration, hawkish conser­vative intelle­ctuals were dissat­isfied with what they viewed as the U.S.’s insuffi­ciently bellicose

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@Climate Progress : Appeals court tempor­arily blocks undocu­mented teen immigrant from getting abortion

A federal appeals court has tempor­arily stayed a judge’s ruling to allow an undocu­mented teenage immigrant held in a federally-​funded facility to receive an abortion. The case stems from a teenager who is 15 weeks pregnant and was detained after crossing the southern U.S. border in Texas. Ident­ified as Jane Doe in court procee­dings, the

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@Google: Study to look at climate change percep­tions in north Tbnewswa­tch.com

Tbnewswa­tch.com Study to look at climate change percep­tions in north Tbnewswa­tch.com THUNDER BAY Mitig­ating the effects of climate change involves more than simply reducing our carbon footp­rint. For many, it still comes down to changing beliefs, attit­udes, and percep­tions of what climate change is and how to effect­ively commun­icate ...

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@Google: Traces of old hurri­canes show how hard climate science is The Economist

The Economist Traces of old hurri­canes show how hard climate science is The Economist THAT hurri­canes are likely to become more powerful as the climate warms is not a matter much debated among resear­chers. A warmer climate will increase sea-​surface temper­atures relative to those of the adjacent atmos­phere in some regions, leading to ...

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@Climate Progress : Unive­rsity of Florida allows white nation­alist to control which journa­lists cover his event

In an ironic twist, Neo-​Nazi and “free speech advocate” Richard Spencer has been given complete control over which journa­lists get to cover his speech at the Unive­rsity of Florida on Thursday. Reporters who had signed up to cover Spencer’s event received an email on Wednesday from the Unive­rsity telling them that “all media credent­ialing decisions

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@Google: Ice stream retreats under a cold climate Science Daily

Science Daily Ice stream retreats under a cold climate Science Daily Such sediment cores are windows to the past climate . According to the study, the warmer sea surface temper­atures and less-​extensive sea ice cover during the Younger Dryas were caused by an enhanc­ement of warmer Atlantic-​sourced water inflow to Baffin ... and more »

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@Google: Children to sue European countries over climate change CNN

CNN Children to sue European countries over climate change CNN "W­hether we like it or not we (children and adoles­cents) are going to be the main ones affected by the conseq­uences that climate change entails." Martim, 14, says he has become increa­singly worried by recent heatwaves and fires in Portugal and elsewhere.

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@Climate Progress : How Russian opera­tives recruited and manipu­lated American civil rights activists

Among the highl­ights of the recent revela­tions from the Russian outlet RBC’s findings on the fake social media accounts run out of Russia was the fact that approxi­mately 100 Americans were unwitt­ingly roped into Russian operat­ions. From armed rallies in Houston to pro-​Donald Trump flash mobs across Florida, some 40 events were planned and plotted

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@Climate Progress : Trump’s tax bill is a swamp monster

Big business spend tens of millions of dollars every quarter in Washi­ngton trying to influence the legisl­ative process to ensure the law passed is to their advan­tage. It’s usually a law to help them profit, or avoid restri­ctive regula­tion, or gain some advantage over the compet­ition. But there’s a specific currency lobbyists can sell to

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@Climate Progress : Spain announces takeover of Catalonia auton­omous govern­ment, shatt­ering 40 years of democracy

Catalo­nia’s regional gover­nment will be disbanded and its functions taken over by central Spanish gover­nment staff, minis­ters, and police under Article 155 of the national constit­ution, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy declared Thursday after his deadline for Catalan leader Carles Puigd­emont to bend the knee to Madrid passed without action. While Rajoy’s gover­nment must still hold

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@Google: Kumail Nanjiani teaches a buffoon about climate change in this cut SNL sketch AV Club

AV Club Kumail Nanjiani teaches a buffoon about climate change in this cut SNL sketch AV Club The premise of this Saturday Night Live sketch that was cut for time isn't so much that lead actors of supern­atural dramas on the CW are oblivious and self centere­d—well, it's not just that. It's also serves as an important reminder that weather and ... and more »

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@Climate Progress : GOP senator: Trump’s lack of policy grasp doesn’t matter because FDR didn’t know about paper money

In a bizarre defense of President Donald Trump’s lack of grasp of public policy, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-​LA) suggested on Thursday that it does not matter if the president of the United States has any underst­anding at all of major legisl­ation. His reaso­ning: a biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt that he is reading currently noted

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@NOAA: The Climate Predi­ction Center's Mike Halpert explains NOAA's 2017-​18 winter outlook

Forecasts say a La Niña c­limate event is likely to occur in the tropical Pacific during winter 2017-​18. How will this "upst­ream" event affect U.S. temper­ature, precipi­tation, and drought? 

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@Climate Progress : These wealthy instit­utions are quietly financing white nation­alism

The conne­ction between Breit­bart, a far-​right website, and the white nation­alist movement was hardly a secret. Steve Bannon, who served as Executive Chairman of the public­ation before and after serving as Trump’s chief strate­gist, called Breitbart “the platform for the alt-​right,” a euphemism for white nation­alists and their sympath­izers. These extreme, bigoted viewp­oints are frequ­ently

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@Climate Progress : A new gener­ation of candi­dates makes clean energy a campaign center­piece

According to po­lling and public opinion analysis, support for strong action on climate change and clean energy is an across-​the-​board winning political issue. Yet progre­ssive candi­dates for high office have histor­ically downp­layed those issues, as has the Democ­ratic party — both in the 2016 national election and even in the wake of the recent unprece­dented string

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