@NOAA: To protect marine life, NOAA monit­oring seasonal and yearly changes in surface water pH in Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico

In addition to carbon dioxide emiss­ions, seasonal changes can alter ocean acidity. Higher ocean acidity can impact people's food, income, and industry.

Today: 17:12

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Wild Fire Fact Check

Misinfo­rmation from deniers spreads, well, worse than wildfire. Carbon Brief has a much needed correc­tive, from the always on-​point Zeke Hausfa­ther, to some nonsense denial memes that have been making the rounds, in this season of off the hook wildf­ires. Carbon Brief: Recently, some commen­tators have tried to dismiss recent increases in the areas burnt […]

Today: 12:54

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Fires Spike Pollution Across Northwest

Air quality warnings posted in Seattle. In 2017, the United States suffered a severe fire season that included one the largest wildfire smoke events ever observed. Current observ­ations of wildfire smoke suggest that 2018 is on track to be even worse. pic.twitt­er.com/vy­ogvlZsY8 — Robert Rohde (@rar­ohde) August 20, 2018 Seattle from the air today, photo […]

Today: 12:35

@Yale Climate Media Forum: The conne­ction between A/C and snow

On hot days in Califo­rnia, people turn on their air conditi­oners, and demand for electr­icity spikes. Winter is a distant memory, but the snow that fell then helps the state meet its energy needs now. That’s because in Califo­rnia, much […]

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Today: 12:00

@Skeptical Science: Sunshine Blogger Award

Checking our Twitter stream on July 26, we were pleas­antly surprised to notice that Jonathan Dean Coey had nominated Skeptical Science for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The award is driven entirely by the commu­nity, passed from blogger to blogger in recogn­ition of their inspi­ring, creative and motiva­tional blogs. Each nominee passes it on to 11 of their…

Today: 09:42

@DeSmogBlog: A Koch-​Fueled Attack on Electric Buses Picks up Speed

Read time: 9 mins

Electric buses are replacing existing diesel-​fueled fleets at an accele­rating rate, and the trans­ition to battery-​powered buses is outpacing even the most optim­istic projec­tions . In this light, it should come as little surprise that commen­tators and organiz­ations with ties to the Koch network and the oil industry are attacking a transpo­rtation option that yields fewer fossil…

Today: 02:48

@DeSmogBlog: Exclu­sive: Shell Took 16 Years To Warn Shareh­olders of Climate Risks, Despite Knowing in Private All Along

Read time: 14 mins

It took oil company Shell more than 16 years to directly warn its shareh­olders that climate policy posed a financial risk to the company's business model despite knowing — in private and for decades — about the relati­onship between its products and climate change.

Shell started commiss­ioning confid­ential work about the impact of burning fossil fuels on the global climate as…

Today: 01:29

@Judith Curry: Uncert­ainty in climate projec­tions

by Judith Curry My article Climate Uncert­ainty and Risk has now been published in the Summer 2018 edition of CLIVAR Variat­ions. About the U.S. CLIVAR program: US Climate Variab­ility and Predict­ability (CLIVAR) is a national research program with a mission …

2018-08-20 20:40

@The Carbon Brief: Summer rainfall declines ‘primary driver’ of surge in US wildfires

Sharp declines in summer rainfall could be a “primary driver” of the record-​breaking wildfires ripping...

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2018-08-20 20:00

@Yale Climate Media Forum: A pre-​Civil War mansion is going solar

A stately brick mansion built before the Civil War is getting a 21st century update: solar panels. Last year, the City of Roswell, Georgia purchased Mimosa Hall, a six-​thousand-​square foot Greek-​revival home built in 1841. Gibson: “We came up with […]

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2018-08-20 12:00

@NOAA: July 2018 was 4th warmest July on record for the globe

2018-08-20 05:00

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Europe’s Weather Freaking. Climate the Culprit

It strikes me that Politico is not the normal venue one might find a well-​known climate expert expla­ining jet stream dynamics. Indicator that this freaky summer is getting some atten­tion? Stefan Rahmstorf in Politico: We’ve all become increa­singly used to reports of extreme weather over the past few years. But this summer’s raft of dramatic […]

2018-08-19 15:20

@John Fleck: For not fighting over

Wolf and his colle­agues combed through thousands of newspaper clippings and histo­rical accounts of anything having to do with water at interna­tional borders. He ranked every event on a scale of-​7 to +7, with numbers below zero indic­ating worsening degrees of conflict, and numbers above zero pointing to incre­asing degrees of collabo­ration. “It turns ...

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2018-08-19 02:52

@Skeptical Science: 2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change Global Warming News Roundup #33

A chronol­ogical listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook Page during the past week. Editor's Pick Research Highl­ight: Climate Model Predicts Faster Warming for the North Atlantic Ocean

As aerosol emissions decline, heat uptake in the North Atlantic could increase dramat­ically

The Gulf Stream, part of the larger Atlantic Merid­ional Overtu­rning Circul­ation system.…

2018-08-18 15:52

@Bill Hooke: The struggle to realize societal benefit from S&T.

“The American Meteoro­logical Society advances the atmosp­heric and related sciences, technol­ogies, applica­tions, and services for the benefit of society.” – the AMS Mission (emphasis added) At one time or another, just about every member of the American Meteoro­logical Society comes across …

2018-08-18 14:08

@And then there's physics: You only need about 60 surface stations

Since surface temper­ature changes are corre­lated over distances of about 1000 km (it does depend somewhat on the latitude of the stati­ons), it turns that you only need about 60 stations to produce a reaso­nable surface temper­ature dataset. I realise …

2018-08-18 12:46

@Tamino's Open Mind: Don’t Settle for Easy Answers about Global Warming

You are not a dummy. But climate deniers treat you that way. That’s because they know that easy answers, the simple­ton’s way of dealing with things, is so easy to digest and intern­alize that even you, and other smart people …

2018-08-18 01:33

@Tamino's Open Mind: New Predi­ction Paper

Some of my long-​time readers have expressed an interest in a recent paper which attempts to predict how global temper­ature will change over the next few years, A novel probabi­listic forecast system predi­cting anomal­ously warm 2018-​2022 reinfo­rcing the long-​term global …

2018-08-18 01:33

@John Fleck: Albuqu­erque, y’all

Sunrise over the Sandias, Albuqu­erque, New Mexico, Aug. 17, 2018

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2018-08-17 21:34

@DeSmogBlog: Sizing Up Trump’s Dirty Replac­ement for the Clean Power Plan

Read time: 3 mins

This is a guest post by Climate­DenierR­oundup .

Thirteen months ago, we made some guesses about what a replac­ement for the Clean Power Plan might look like. We specu­lated the new rule would be the sort of “inside the fence­line” policy preferred by the indust­ry–one where coal plants are only required to make marginal improve­ments, basically just upgrading existing plants to run…

2018-08-17 18:55

@Tamino's Open Mind: God Bless the Queen

May she rest in peace. Adverti­sements

2018-08-17 13:06

@Yale Climate Media Forum: A weather disaster inspired this poignant song

“Halfway to Jesus” lyric: “Float your boat down Main Street, your dinghy or canoe, save your neighbor and his dog, stranded on a roof.” In 2015, catast­rophic storms flooded parts of South Carolina. It’s singer-​songw­riter Dulcie Taylor’s home state. She […]

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2018-08-17 12:00

@Skeptical Science: New research, August 5-​12, 2018

2018-08-17 08:59

@George Monbiot: Obesop­hobia

In 1976, we ate more than we do today. So why are we fatter? By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 15th August 2018 When I saw the photo, I…

2018-08-17 07:27

@NOAA: Want to use NOAA data in your class­room? Start here

Did you know that NOAA collects terabytes of data every day from weather stations, radar, satell­ites, ships, buoys, and sensors?

2018-08-17 05:00

@DeSmogBlog: Judge Orders Full Environ­mental Review of Keystone XL in Nebraska

Read time: 3 mins

By Lorraine Chow , EcoWatch. Reposted with permi­ssion from EcoWatch .

TransC­anada 's long-​gestating Keystone XL (KXL) tar sands pipeline was dealt another setback after a federal judge in Montana ruled Wednesday that the Trump State Depar­tment must conduct a robust environ­mental review of the altern­ative pipeline route through Nebraska.

U.S. District Court Judge Brian Morris…

2018-08-17 00:32

@DeSmogBlog: Superc­harged by Pollu­tion, Florida’s Toxic Algae Crisis Continues Unabated

Read time: 8 mins

“Covering stuff up doesn’t make it go away,” said Lilly Womble, an 18-​year-​old on vacation on Florida’s Sanibel Island. The island is world renowned for its sea shells but that day we were watching employees from the Sanibel Moorings Resort pull a sheet over a dead logge­rhead sea turtle on the beach behind the hotel. One of the men covering the turtle said that people had…

2018-08-16 23:57

@Bill Hooke: No science, no sustaina­bility… the implica­tions.

If vigorous advance of science and techn­ology is a necessary condition for sustaina­bility, then getting the social contract between science and society right is vital to human­ity’s prosp­ects. What features of that social contract matter? Today’s post considers one that’s …

2018-08-16 17:25

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Not Just the N Word. Puerto Rico Response More Than Incomp­etence

328 Days later, electr­icity restored in Puerto Rico. Vox: The gover­nment of Puerto Rico says it has restored power to the last neighb­orhood that lost electr­icity after Hurricane Maria — 328 days after the Category 4 storm hit the island. On Tuesday, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) announced that it had finally reconn­ected […]

2018-08-16 15:51

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Only 1 in 7 of top #Manch­ester Council bosses is ‘carbon literate’ #climate farce

Back in 2013 Richard Leese got himself some feel-​good greenie points (and made certain supine types roll over and coo) by launching the world’s first ‘Carbon Literacy’ program, in the Arndale Centre. It then took our Glorious Leader four years …

2018-08-16 14:43