@James Annan: Credit where it's due

The GMD t-​shirts continue to be good value. Jules and I usually try to wear ours at any scien­tific meetings to spread the word and it often sparks off some intera­ction. Recently someone prominent came up to me at the workshop dinner and congrat­ulated me on my achiev­ements in respect of GMD. He was partic­ularly impressed with the CMIP6 special issue which is turning out to be very useful. I…

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Brain Eater Update 2018

As always, I remain your source for Brain eating amoeba news. I, for one, welcome our new brain eating Overlo­rds…. Popular Science: Nothing strikes fear and paranoia into the public’s heart like the phrase “brain-​eating amoeba.” Those ominous words dominated headlines this weekend as news spread ofa 29-​year-​old man who contr­acted the disease and died […]

2018-10-19 22:04

@DeSmogBlog: The Trump Administ­ration’s 'Disho­nest' Attack on Fuel-​economy Standards

Read time: 7 mins

By John R. Platt , The Revel­ator. Origi­nally posted on The Revelator .

A former EPA engineer calls it “the most specta­cular regul­atory flip-​flop in history.” Other experts say the resulting emissions increase would bode ill for the planet.

The Trump administ­ration’s plan to freeze fuel-​economy standards is “the most specta­cular regul­atory flip-​flop in history,” says a retired…

2018-10-19 21:04

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Resili­ence: Renewable Brewers Will Adapt/M­itigate Climate Change

The inters­ection of Climate and Beer. Key Takea­ways: We have to mitigate climate warming as much as we can, but we must be ready to adapt to the changes that are already baked in. Above, Budweiser commits to 100 percent renewable brewing. Fast Company: Last March, AB InBev announced every single bottle of beer it […]

2018-10-19 16:13

@It's Getting Hot In Here : A Look at Today’s Most Complex Buildings Worldwide

With ongoing innov­ation in computer-​aided design, archite­cture, and constr­uction techno­logy, archi­tects and builders today have the capacity to make their struc­tures more complex than...

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2018-10-19 14:47

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Checking a Hurricane Predic­tion: How Did He Do?

I interv­iewed atmosp­heric scientist Peter Jacobs, from George Mason Univer­sity, last spring, and asked him for a preview of the (then) coming storm season. Now that we can review most of it (reme­mber, Sandy made landfall at end of Octob­er..) – How did he do? I think pretty well. Scien­tists don’t know everyt­hing, but that […]

2018-10-19 13:39

@Skeptical Science: New research, October 8-​14, 2018

2018-10-19 12:18

@Yale Climate Media Forum: ‘Dire’c­limate report ignites media coverage

News of the short-​term climate catast­rophe scien­tists say the world now faces first came over the weekend of October 6-​7. That’s just as many across the U.S. were already consumed by “breaking news” of an entirely different sort – the […]

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2018-10-19 12:10

@Yale Climate Media Forum: Personal steps to help reduce global warming

Unless your head has been in the sand this month, you know about the new IPCC report focused on what it will take to stop warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius. And, import­antly, on how much it will matter to stop […]

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2018-10-19 12:05

@Yale Climate Media Forum: Want to reach young people? Make them laugh

From floods to wildf­ires, the impacts of climate change are no laughing matter. But humor can be an effective way to motivate young people to get engaged. Skurka: “Young adults by and large believe that climate change is happe­ning, they […]

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2018-10-19 12:00

@George Monbiot: Rebelling Against Extinction

When govern­ments abandon us, we must step up By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 17th October 2018 It is hard to believe today, but the preva­iling ethos among…

2018-10-19 11:35

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Abigail Spanbe­rger’s Fiery Closing Starts with Climate Change

Dayum!…is all I could say, after watching House candidate Abigail Spanb­erger close out a debate – starting with a fiery defense of Climate science, the Paris Accord, and environ­mental protec­tions. More evidence that talking about climate is not just safe, it’s a rafter-​rattling crowd pleaser. Adverti­sements

2018-10-19 03:27

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Colbert on Trump’s Instinct for Science


2018-10-18 22:10

@DeSmogBlog: Congre­ssman Asks Gas Industry to Join Him as ‘3 Percen­ters,’ Fails to Mention Movem­ent's Ties to White Suprem­acists

Read time: 9 mins

Congre­ssman Clay Higgins of Louisiana arrived at this year's Expanding Global Gas Infrast­ructure seminar with a message.

“Welcome to the war for the future of our planet,” Higgins said to the gathered officials from liquefied natural gas (LNG) firms and other fossil fuel companies.

“My role as your represe­ntative is to be not just your ally,” Higgins added, “but your warrior.…

2018-10-18 21:54

@Judith Curry: Remar­kable changes to carbon emission budgets in the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C

by Nic Lewis A close reading of Chapters 1 and 2 of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (SR15) reveals some intere­sting changes from the IPCC 5th Asses­sment Report (AR5), and other science-​relevant statem­ents. This article highl­ights …

2018-10-18 21:11

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Beto O’Rourke Shows How to Talk About Climate in Red America

New Republic: Global warming is an existe­ntial threat to human life, but most candi­dates aren’t talking about it. One of the few excep­tions has been O’Rourke, the Democ­ratic congre­ssman from El Paso, who’s running a heavily covered campaign against incumbent Repub­lican Senator Ted Cruz. In the past, O’Rourke has focused on the potential for economic […]

2018-10-18 19:07

@Bill Hooke: “Human flight” on the 21st-​century Real World? 2. Think like the Wright brothers, not like Samuel Langley.

Wilbur and Orville Wright lived at a time in history when inventors of every stripe were fever­ishly building flying machines. Americans were partic­ularly focused on the efforts of Samuel Langley, then Secretary of the Smiths­onian Instit­ution. It was widely assumed …

2018-10-18 15:12

@NOAA: NOAA's Mike Halpert explains the 2018-​19 U.S. winter outlook

Climate Predi­ction Center meteoro­logist Mike Halpert explains the outlook for temper­ature, precipi­tation, and drought in the United States for December 2018-​February 2019.

2018-10-18 13:22

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: NO the “Ozone Hole” is Not the Cause of Global Warming

Incre­dibly pervasive myth – global warming is due to the “ozone hole”. Not surpri­sing, I guess, in the age when flat-​earthism is again, a thing. Adverti­sements

2018-10-18 12:44

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: By Slowing Small Solar, Utilities May Miss Technol­ogical Wave

The overwh­elming momentum of solar techn­ology is lower prices, better perfor­mance, and, combined with plumm­eting costs for batteries – it seems inevi­table that some utility custo­mers, if not given the option of insta­lling solar on homes or busine­sses, may event­ually decide to drop off the grid, if they are able to self generate suffi­cient power. […]

2018-10-18 12:43

@Yale Climate Media Forum: Climate change impacts in Calif­ornia by 2100

Califo­rnia’s fourth, and most recent, climate asses­sment report reflects years of increa­singly frequent and threat­ening natural disasters that have plagued the nation’s most populous state. In coming decades, they’re expected to become even more severe. The state in its 2007 […]

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2018-10-18 12:05

@Yale Climate Media Forum: How tourism harms the climate

When you return home from a vacation, you arrive with treasured memories and souve­nirs. But you leave a trail of carbon pollution behind. Arunima Malik of the Unive­rsity of Sydney says tourism and business travel account for eight percent of […]

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2018-10-18 12:00

@Manchester Climate Monthly: Bristol is less rubbish than #Manch­ester at activism? Discuss…

Below find an intere­sting interview with a Bristol activist, origi­nally published here, by an academic who has interv­iewed a whole bunch of activists (incl­uding me) about activism in Bristol and in Manche­ster. Fwiw, Manch­ester never really recovered from the loss …

2018-10-18 10:04

@NOAA: NOAA detects navig­ation hazards following Hurricane Michael

2018-10-18 05:00

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: More OMG: Oceans Melting Greenland from Vice News

Extraor­dinary reporting by Vice News – includes Eric Rignot and Josh Willis of NASA. Adverti­sements

2018-10-18 02:33

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Climate Amped Michael Hit Military Readiness at Air Force Base

The Hill: The Air Force has yet to assign a dollar amount to repair F-​22 Raptor fighter jets damaged during Hurricane Michael, in part, because the fifth-​gener­ation fighter jets are stuck in damaged hangars and awaiting assess­ment. The service is assessing the damage at Florida’s Tyndall Air Force Base, which was hammered last week by […]

2018-10-18 02:18

@Tamino's Open Mind: Heavy Rain and Climate Change

Rain comes, rain goes, but lately, when it rains it doesn’t just pour — it pours like never before. The reason? Man-​made climate change. It’s a fact that the atmos­phere is warmer so it can hold more water vapor. That …

2018-10-18 00:37

@DeSmogBlog: Oil-​by-​Rail Rises Once Again as Safety Rules Disappear

Read time: 6 mins

While a second oil-​by-​rail boom is well underway in North America, both the U.S. and Canada are taking steps that ignore or undermine the lessons and regul­atory measures to improve safety since the oil train explo­sions and spills of years past.

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2018-10-17 22:33

@James Annan: [jules' pics] snow!

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2018-10-17 20:21

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Under Climate Change – Tornadoes Take Aim at Populated Areas

Resear­cher: “This is super consi­stent with climate change.” Spatial Trends in United State Tornado Frequ­ency: We show that national annual freque­ncies of tornado reports have remained relat­ively constant, but can’t spatially-​varying temporal trends in tornado frequency have occurred since 1979. Negative tende­ncies of tornado occur­rence have been noted in portions of the central and southern…

2018-10-17 20:19