@Junkscience: The Never-​ending Case of Michael Mann v. Free Speech: Good News, Bad News

A new ruling from the DC Court of Appeals in today. What you need to know. To cut to the chase, two points the Court decided: The bogus Climat­egate investi­gations by Penn State et al. are enough to get Mann to a jury trial on whether he was defamed by National Review et al. Mann …

2018-12-13 21:08

@Watts Up With That?: Another Mannt­astic law footnote: the process is the punishment

Mark Steyn recently wrote: In a couple of months, Michael E Mann’s defam­ation suit against me will enter its sixth year in the consti­pated bowels of DC justice. Given the procedu­ralist swamp in which the case is now mired, it is not unreas­onable to assume that its ultimate dispos­ition will consume most of my remaining time on…

2018-12-13 21:49

@Watts Up With That?: China Demands USA Give Money to China Because Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall China is demanding that the USA and other developed countries give China large sums of cash, because the USA owes China and other devel­oping countries for histo­rical US green­house gas contrib­utions. China is also demanding lenient “devel­oping country” accou­nting oversight over how those climate cash transfers from the USA to…

2018-12-14 18:00

@Climate Depot: UN Bans Journ­alist From Climate Summit at Request of Canada’s Trudeau Regime

KATOWI­CE–The United Nations banned journ­alist Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel Media from the UN COP24 “Climate Change” Confe­rence in response to a request from the gover­nment of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In this interview with The New American magazine from outside the UN confab, the journ­alist gives us the backg­round on how it

2018-12-15 15:19

@Scottish Sceptic: Please sign petition: Leave the EU without a deal in March 2019.

The latest ploy of the anti-​democracy politi­cians EU is simple: to insist we must have a deal and then reject any deal. Thus claiming that leaving is imposs­ible. They are scum. Please sign the petition: Leave the EU without …

2018-12-15 22:49

@Watts Up With That?: Cosmic Airburst May have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East, 3700 Years Ago

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Archaeo­logists have advanced a theory that towns and people in a region just north of the Dead Sea may have been oblite­rated by a Tunguska style airburst, 3,700 years ago. Cosmic Airburst May Have Wiped Out Part of the Middle East 3,700 Years Ago By Owen Jarus, Live Science Contri­butor…

2018-12-10 10:00

@Paul Homewood: Writing About Climate Change Makes Journa­lists Tired And Stupid

By Paul Homewood There was a time when the Mail published serious articles on climate change by the likes of David Rose. Now we get idiotic pieces like this one from Sophie Law: Surging levels of green­house gases could make people tired, forgetful and stupid, scien­tists claim. Afternoon fatigue, the slump that office […]

2018-12-10 10:52

@Climate Depot: UN colludes with climate prote­sters to disrupt shut down Trump admin. pro-​energy event at UN summit

Climate Depot Exclusive KATOWICE — The United Nations gave its blessing to a massive climate protest during the Trump administ­ration’s pro-​energy event today at the climate summit (COP24) in Poland, according to the U.S. delega­tion. The UN pre-​autho­rized and pre-​planned the wide-​scale interr­uption that shut down the Trump White House’s pro-​fossil fuel event. Officials from the

2018-12-10 21:38

@James Annan: The failure of brexit

This post is long overdue, I thought I should at least write it down before the vote on Tuesday. And now this post has been overtaken by events during its gesta­tion, and it looks like we won't even have that vote. No matter. This isn't really going to be about the failure of the brexit process, that would be too easy. OK, just a few words about that first. It failed because the 52% who voted…

2018-12-10 20:21

@Watts Up With That?: The sky is falling?!?

Ridic­ulous report claims humans have killed more than half the world’s wildlife in past 48 years Greg Walcher A recent World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report claims humans have killed more than half of all the wildlife in the world since 1970. Alex Horton­Email Bio Follow The report attracted media mass atten­tion, even though the actual…

2018-12-11 10:00

@Real Science: Past The Tipping Point

Climate experts said 350 PPM CO2 is the tipping point, beyond which we were doomed. That was passed in 1988 Then they said 400 PPM was the tipping point, beyond which we were doomed. We passed that a couple of …

2018-12-11 13:09

@Real Science: New Video : Fraud In The National Climate Asses­sment (Part 1)

2018-12-11 15:47

@Judith Curry: Climate sensit­ivity to cumul­ative carbon emissions

By Nic Lewis An observa­tional estimate of transient (multid­ecadal) warming relative to cumul­ative CO2 emissions is little over half that per IPCC AR5 projec­tions. AR5 claims that CO2-​caused warming would be undimi­nished for 1000 years after emissions cease, but observ­ations …

2018-12-11 16:04

@Watts Up With That?: Renewable energy reduces power prices by more than cost of subsi­dies, study finds

From The ABC Renewable energy reduces power prices by more than cost of subsi­dies, study finds By Liz Hobday Posted Thu at 3:06pmThu 6 Dec 2018, 3:06pm Photo: Solar and wind power reduced wholesale prices by about 30 per cent, the study found. (Supp­lied: Tadgh Cullen (DP Energy)) Related Story: Renew­ables ‘heading for 80 per…

2018-12-12 10:00

@No Tricks Zone: Late Summer Arctic Ice Volume Has Been Growing Since 2007…Con­tradicts Earlier Climate Predic­tions

By Kirye The media, alarmist scien­tists and many leading policy­makers often tell the public “the Arctic is rapidly melting”. And if a poll were done today, a vast majority of the people in Japan and elsewhere would say this is true. Unfortu­nately they have become the victims of “fake news”. Luckily we have some hard […]

2018-12-12 12:23

@Jo Nova: Winning: Huge UN Climate junket only attracts four leaders

2018, Poland: When it comes to national leaders, nobody turned up

The second week of the UNFCCC confer­ences was always the one where the politi­cians swarm. But this time the only leaders are the ones from tiny pacific atolls who come in hope of incre­asing their GDP, one grant at a time.

Ministers – but few leaders – arrive for crucial part of climate talks Nina Chestney, Agnieszka…

2018-12-12 18:34

@The Next Grand Minimum: The Latest on the Double-​Dynamo Solar Model, and Dr. Zhark­ova’s Predic­tions of a Grand Minimum

By Stephanie Osborn The Osborn post is a lengthy explan­ation of Dr. Zhark­ova’s model, model updates and predic­tions, with some addit­ional example of how the ‘baryc­entric wobble’ influ­ences the earth’s temper­ature. For readers who found Dr. Zhark­ova’s GWPF Presen­tation confus­ing,…

2018-12-12 23:46

@Jo Nova: Far Southern Ocean cools. Kiss Goodbye to polar amplic­ation around Antarctica

A map of the sea surface zone that has cooled since 1979 — from 56S – 72S . It’s a pretty big area. Click to enlarge.

For years the IPCC have said that warming would be amplified at the poles. They warned us things would heat up twice as fast, which would melt sea ice. The oceans surface in turn would switch from being refle­ctive white to a dark absorbing deep blue. Enormous amounts of energy…

2018-12-13 05:46

@Paul Homewood: Climate Change Is Shrinking BBC’s Credib­ility

By Paul Homewood More uncri­tical reporting by the BBC of the latest climate nonsense: Snowy mountain winters are being "sque­ezed" by climate change, according to scien­tists in Califo­rnia. Resear­chers who studied the winter snowfall in the mountains there revealed that rising temper­atures are reducing the period during which snow is on the ground […]

2018-12-13 15:23

@Climate Depot: ‘Santa Morano’ delivers lumps of coal to ‘naughty’ Green­peace activists in Poland

https://­www.ther­ebel.med­ia/santa-​morano-​delivers-​lumps-​of-​coal-​to-​naughty-​green­peace-​activists-​in-​poland By SHEILA GUNN REID REBEL HOST | THE GUNN SHOW we’ve met the real deal: Santa Claus. To be more precise; we came across Marc Morano from Climate Depot dressed as Santa. Morano and a couple of helper elves made a surprise visit to all the naughty little boys and girls at the Greenp­eace…

2018-12-14 00:40

@Real Science: America’s Leading Political Experts Speak Out

2018-12-14 05:00

@Climate Depot: Special Report: Scien­tists Expose The Truth Behind the Plastic ‘Crisis’ – Green­peace Co-​Founder: The ‘sea of plastic is a fiction. The ultimate in Fake News’

Climate Depot Exclusive Full PDF Report: The Truth Behind the Plastic ‘Crisis’ – Excerpted from “Analysis of Greenp­eace’s business model philos­ophy” “One Word: Plast­ics.” Yes, just 51 years after the 1967 film “The Gradu­ate”, “plas­tics” just may be the future of environ­mental scares, eclipsing the man-​made climate scare. But this “plastics crisis” attempts to make

2018-12-14 11:20

@Jo Nova: Climate change causes time travel? Humans turning clock back 50 million years

The Pliocene is coming to get you.

The shocking news is that the world cooled for 50 million years, then, just like that, two hundred years ago, humans stopped the cooling, and turned the global clock, or thermo­meter, whatevery­oucallit, around. Now, unleash the disaster — by 2030 Earth is going to resemble the mid-​Pliocene. So in just 11 years time, it will be like 3 million years ago.…

2018-12-14 19:32

@Watts Up With That?: Let’s help Cliff Mass

Opinion by Anthony Watts and Charles Rotter If you haven’t read Dr. Curry’s post about Cliff Mass, please do so before procee­ding. It is our viewpoint that Cliff Mass is an honest scien­tist. Some here may disagree with him as he believes AGW is a serious issue. But unlike advocate scient­ists, and their media enablers,…

2018-12-14 22:00

@Watts Up With That?: “…it is the change in temper­ature compared to what we’ve been used to that matters.” – Part 2

In this post, we’re going to present graphs that show the annual lowest TMIN and highest TMAX Near-​Land Surface Air Temper­atures (not in anomaly form) for ten (10) Countries in an effort to add some perspe­ctive to global warming. The list of count­ries, which follows, includes the countries with the highest popula­tions. And, as always…

2018-12-15 10:00

@Paul Homewood: BBC’s Fake African Penguin Claim–Co­mplaint Upheld

By Paul Homewood https://no­talotofpeo­pleknowtha­t.wordpres­s.com/2018­/10/16/afr­ican-​penguin-​decline-​bbc-​fake-​news/ You may recall the BBC’s news story a couple of months ago, claiming that African penguin popula­tions were declining because of climate change. I covered the report here. This was the exact wording used by the BBC prese­nter: The next report is about the African penguin popula­tion…

2018-12-15 17:27

@Climate Scepticism: “You’re Commi­tting a Crime”

Late in the evening, after a long day at work, I settled down in front of the computer and went on the internet to see if I could find the source of a quote by Chris­tiana Figueres, the ex-​head of the UNFCCC. Bjørn Lomborg had written that she said she wanted to see people who …

2018-12-15 14:44

@Climate Depot: Environ­mental groups criticise ‘morally unaccep­table’ climate deal at Poland summit

https://ww­w.independ­ent.co.uk/­environmen­t/cop24-​climate-​change-​deal-​poland-​emissions-​global-​warming-​katowice-​paris-​agreement-​a868541­1.html Excerpt: Diplomats from around the world have agreed a major climate deal after two weeks of UN talks in Poland. But climate campai­gners warned the deal – effect­ively a set of rules for how to govern the 2015 Paris climate accord – agreed between almost…

2018-12-15 22:04

@Climate Depot: Cheers! The smell of failure permeates the UN climate talks! Negoti­ators strike a deal at global climate talks, but ‘agre­ement fell well short of the breakth­rough’ needed

https://ww­w.washingt­onpost.com­/energy-​environme­nt/2018/1­2/15/nego­tiators-​strike-​deal-​global-​climate-​talks-​questions-​linger-​over-​whether-​it-​measures-​up/?nored­irect=on&utm_term­=.43e350­cd5951 By Brady Dennis , Griff Witte and Chris Mooney December 15 at 4:38 PM KATOWICE, Poland — Weary climate negoti­ators limped across the finish line Saturday night after days of round-​the-​clock talks, striking…

2018-12-15 22:01

@No Tricks Zone: Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Accused Of Issuing Fake Weather News, Alarmism

German climate skeptic Snowfan here reports that Germany’s DWD National Weather Service has been caught delibe­rately spreading climate alarmism ahead of the COP24 using “fake news” in its press release of December 3, 2018, where it annou­nced: 2018 could be the warmest and driest year since 1881.“ Snowfan replied on December 9th that 2018could not […]

2018-12-16 14:44