@Watts Up With That?: #Exxo­nKnew and Schnei­derman get hoisted by their own petard

Schnei­derman Continues Media Strategy in Court Hearing with Meanin­gless “Bombs­hell” Claim by Katie Brown, PhD New York Attorney General Eric Schneid­erman’s office attempted once again to manufa­cture an email contro­versy, procla­iming in a letter that Exxon had refused “to comply in good faith with OAG’s investi­gative subpoena dated November 4, 2015,” and charact­erizing it as…

2017-03-22 19:05

@Climate Depot: ‘Days of trust-​me science are over’ — GOP House Science Chair Lamar Smith warns warmists

2017-03-24 17:47

@American Elephants: Meet Professor Jordan Peterson: The Remedy For All of It

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a psych­ology professor at the Unive­rsity of Toronto. He is cranky, disagre­eable, and pokes holes in all the silliness we are being deluged with on a daily basis. He is straight­forward, clear, and compl­etely deligh­tful. Enjoy.

2017-03-27 04:38

@Master Resource: Mitig­ation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so)

“[T]here is growing evidence of much smaller climate sensit­ivity to CO2; and even if these drastic emissions reduc­tions occurr­ed, we see little impact on the climate in the 21st century (even if you believe the climate models).”

“It seems rather futile to make token emissions reduc­tions at substa­ntial cost. Deciding that all this is imprac­tical or infea­sible seems like a rational response to…

2017-03-27 07:00

@Scottish Sceptic: Predi­cting the surface temper­ature on other planets

After trying failing to reproduce the results in the paper “New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmosp­heric Green­house Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temper­ature Model” by Ned Nikolov Karl Zeller in which they argue that …

2017-03-27 13:44

@Scottish Sceptic: When theory hits the buffer – maybe CO2 does not have an effect?

I’ve come across evidence that could be interp­reted as showing that there is some kind of mechanism in the atmos­phere that compen­sates for changes in green­house gas compos­ition so that changes in CO2 levels would be insigni­ficant. This is in …

2017-03-22 11:00

@No Tricks Zone: German Physicist On Electric Cars: “Slaying Of Beautiful Hypot­hesis By An Ugly Fact”

Though Vince Ebert makes his living as a prominent cabaret artist in Germany, he is in fact a trained physicist who has a good underst­anding of science and is thus quite able to see it when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Prominent cabaret artist, physicist Vince Ebert says electric cars nowhere

2017-03-22 19:52

@Real Science: Coral Davenport And The New York Times Continue Ramping Up Their Climate Fraud

Last week Coral Davenport and the fake news New York Times wrote a hit piece attacking Scott Pruitt and myself, where she got almost every piece of inform­ation wrong about me. This week she is back with some more specta­cular …

2017-03-23 02:13

@Paul Homewood: When will the Science Minister ask some hard questions about the global warming cabal that’s got him in their pocket?

By Paul Homewood   https://tw­itter.com/­theboltrep­ort/status­/844471001­714974720   Another hard hitting piece from the Bolt Report!

2017-03-23 11:22

@Real Science: The Arctic Is Screaming At Mark Serreze – To Shut Up

Fake Boulder scientist Mark Serreze­, lying again to the fake news New York Times. Arctic’s Winter Sea Ice Drops to Its Lowest Recorded Level – The New York Times Serreze’ own data shows that there was less ice at the 2006 …

2017-03-23 12:56

@Paul Homewood: Ex-​climate minister on board of THREE oil firms (and he’s also got an energy guzzling Scottish castle with 16 bathrooms)

By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward     http://ww­w.dailyma­il.co.uk/­money/new­s/article-​43397­46/Ex-​climate-​minister-​board-​3-​oil-​firms­.html   Snouts and troughs! From the Mail:     A former climate minister who has plugged green schemes and owns a Scottish castle has three jobs with oil compa­nies. Ex-​Tory MP Charles Hendry has joined the boards of Indepe­ndent Oil and Gas and its major…

2017-03-23 10:57

@Watts Up With That?: State of the Climate 2016 – based exclus­ively on observ­ations

A report on the State of the Climate in 2016 which is based exclus­ively on observ­ations rather than climate models was published yesterday by the Global Warming Policy Found­ation (GWPF). Video and full report follows. Compiled by Dr Ole Humlum, Professor of Physical Geography at the Unive­rsity Centre in Svalbard (Norway), the new climate survey…

2017-03-23 15:37

@Jo Nova: Climate caused Brexit sayth the Gore

Righto. It’s time to blame climate change for causing British voters to vote against German rule of Britain.

Back when the climate was ideal, the Brits would have been happy to leave decisions about immigr­ation, fishing and light bulbs to their friends in Europe.

Instead, even though the world hasn’t warmed since the formation of the EU, it’s breaking up because of climate change.


2017-03-23 18:23

@Paul Homewood: Fake News BBC Claim Record Temper­atures

By Paul Homewood   h/t Dave Ward   http://ww­w.bbc.co.­uk/news/s­cience-​enviro­nment-​39329304     According to the fake news BBC, large parts of the world had record warmth last year. (Note, although the BBC caption reads “in January this year”, fake news corresp­ondent Matt McGrath has not realised that this is NOAA’s map for the whole of 2015

2017-03-23 22:41

@Climate Depot: DC Science March Organ­izers Racked By Infig­hting Over ‘Diver­sity’

The “March for Science” is being ripped apart by organ­izers who want to make gender and racial diversity the center of a march initially formed to push back against the Trump administ­ration’s allegedly “anti-​science” stance. Tensions over the march’s stance on diversity has caused some organ­izers to quit and many scien­tists to pledge not to attend

2017-03-23 22:35

@Watts Up With That?: The Anthrop­ocene: Scien­tists respond to criti­cisms of a new geolo­gical epoch

‘Irreve­rsible’ changes to the Earth provide striking evidence of new epoch, Unive­rsity of Leicester experts suggest A team of academics led by the Unive­rsity of Leicester has responded to criti­cisms of the proposal to formalise a new geolo­gical epoch – the Anthrop­ocene. Geolo­gical critics of a forma­lised Anthro­pocene have alleged that the idea did not…

2017-03-24 10:00

@Climate Scepticism: Earth Hour: why not use it to reach out and help a victim of the CO2 Alarm?

Tomorrow, 25th March, sees the annual abomin­ation of Earth Hour, during which we are being cajoled to compete with North Korea in terms of just how dark, dismal, ill-​informed, manipu­lated, obedient and coerced we can manage to be for a whole hour. My favourite text for the occasion is this classic piece from Ross McKit­rick: …

2017-03-24 14:14

@Climate Depot: Watch Videos of Heartland DC Climate Skeptic Summit

2017-03-24 17:43

@American Elephants: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Do a Better Job Next Time!

The Repub­lican bill to take a tiny poke at fixing ObamaCare went nowhere. They didn’t have the votes—l­argely because the bill didn’t do much of anything. Every­thing you need to know about ObamaCare can be summed up in one quotation from Thomas Sowell. It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay

2017-03-25 02:54

@The Next Grand Minimum:  Cosmic Rays Increase Cloud Cover, Earth’s Surface Cools

  A new scien­tific paper authored by seven scien­tists affil­iated with the Russian Academy of Sciences was just published in the scien­tific journal Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics. The scien­tists dismiss both “green­house gases” and varia­tions in …

2017-03-25 05:02

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Sting operation reveals science’s insane fake news problem 

H/T Sott.net If someone applied to a top position at a company, you’d hope a hiring manager would at least Google the applicant to ensure they’re quali­fied. A group of resear­chers sent phony resumes to 360 scien­tific journals for an applicant whose Polish name trans­lated to “Dr. Fraud.” And 48 journals happily appointed the fake

2017-03-26 10:50

@American Elephants: Assigned Reading: Sunday, March 26, 2017

I hardly know where to start. Let’s begin with “Left 3.0″ by Tod Lindberg at the Hoover Instit­ution ( Feb.1, 2013). The Left’s passion for equality begins with the pursuit of greater economic equality, but it doesn’t end there. The Left has also long been in pursuit of equality in the matter of identity. “Iden­tity”

2017-03-27 02:02

@Jo Nova: Watching Debbie — Cat 4 hits the coast

From the BOM animated satellite viewer. (Click to enlarge, or  click here for the animation — if you have the bandwi­dth).

This image was taken a few hours ago as darkness started to sweep across the nation. (It is all dark now).

Tropical Cyclone Debbie: Queensl­anders preparing for worst cyclone since Yasi 256km Radar at Mackay (for a cat-​4 the rain is very underwh­elming) The fantastic…

2017-03-27 12:03

@Real Science: Seattle – A City Of Frauds

I testified at the Washi­ngton State Senate last month during one of their largest snows­torms on record, and environme­ntalists showed up to try to shout me down. Democ­ratic senators tried to silence me, in the name of democ­racy. All of …

2017-03-27 13:04

@Watts Up With That?: Another Mannt­astic claim: Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream

From Penn State, and the “close but no cigar” depar­tment (see bold in text) comes this modelsp­alooza masque­rading as science: Unprece­dented summer warmth and flooding, forest fires, drought and torre­ntial rain — extreme weather events are occurring more and more often, but now an interna­tional team of climate scien­tists has found a conne­ction between many…

2017-03-27 15:31

@Watts Up With That?: Mitig­ation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so)

Guest essay by Robert Bradley Jr. — March 27, 2017 “[T]here is growing evidence of much smaller climate sensit­ivity to CO2; and even if these drastic emissions reduc­tions occurr­ed, we see little impact on the climate in the 21st century (even if you believe the climate models).” “It seems rather futile to make token emissions reduct­ions…

2017-03-27 21:53

@Real Science: Global Warming Inverts The Climate

2017-03-28 12:42

@Watts Up With That?: Trump to sign “energy indepen­dence” executive order today, killing Obama climate regs

President Donald Trump will issue a sweeping “energy indepen­dence” executive order today to dismantle signature global warming policies put in place by the Obama administ­ration. Environ­mental Prote­ction Agency (EPA) Adminis­trator Scott Pruitt told ABC News Trump would issue the order tomorrow to make “sure that we have a pro-​growth and pro-​enviro­nment approach to how we…

2017-03-28 15:31

@Real Science: Celebr­ating Six Years Of Fake Berkeley Earth Temper­atures

By Richard Muller on Dec­ember 17, 2003 Let me be clear. My own reading of the liter­ature and study of paleoc­limate suggests strongly that c­arbon dioxid­e from burning of fossil fuels­ will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely …

2017-03-28 12:12

@Watts Up With That?: Recent Sea-​Level Change at Major Cities

Guest essay by Rich Taylor Abstract Human popul­ation is becoming increa­singly urban, and most of the world’s largest and fastest-​growing cities border tidew­ater. This note presents charts of annual-​value (AV) tide-​gauge records in or near major coastal cities to illus­trate the sea-​level change these cities have observed recently, and fits linear trends to the records.…

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