@Paul Homewood: Phew, Wot A Scorcher, April!

By Paul Homewood     https://tw­itter.com/­metoffice?­ref_src=tw­src%5Etfw&ref_url=h­ttps%3A%2­F%2Fwww.t­elegraph.­co.uk%2Fn­ews%2F201­8%2F04%2F­20%2Fuk-​weather-​britain-​set-​sizzle-​hottest-​april-​day-​70-​years%2F Excruci­atingly close, say the Met Office! Well, maybe for then, as they would love to be able to declare another record high. But the real story is not the one they would like to portray. The…

2018-04-20 11:33

@Real Science: The Ozone Hole Scam

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgob­lins, all of them imagi­nary. H. L. Mencken The claim was that …

2018-04-19 09:44

@Watts Up With That?: Study: Republ­icans more persu­asive than scien­tists on ‘climate change’

From the UNI­VERSITY OF CONNEC­TICUT and the “that’s going to leave a mark” depar­tment comes this bit of news that’s sure to cause some heads to explode. Regar­dless of political affili­ation, people are more likely to believe facts about climate change when they come from Republ­icans speaking against what has become a partisan interest in this…

2018-04-19 11:00

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Thus Trump.

What happens when a people sees the Hegelian Dialectic game being played one to many one too often? They stop it by whatever means neces­sary. Thus Trump.

2018-04-20 03:11

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Calif­ornia is investi­gating Tesla for workplace safety

More negative publicity for the electric car maker. The report includes a response from Tesla, in which it says: ‘The injury rate at our Fremont factory is half what it was in the final years of the UAW plant operated by GM/Toyota immedi­ately before us, and we care deeply about the safety and well-​being of

2018-04-20 09:23

@Master Resource: Exchange with a Climate Alarmist at R Street: Part II

“Models, models. Experts, experts. At every step of each Malth­usian episode, the latest science is cited as proof of the alarmist position. The Club of Rome studies in the 1970s to Peak Oil studies of recent decades. And the latest climate-​model averaging today.”

Why engage with an anonymous (and possibly fraudu­lent) climate alarmist (see the exchange yester­day)?


2018-04-19 07:00

@Paul Homewood: Iran–A Case Study

By Paul Homewood       According to the US EIA, Iran holds the world’s fourth-​largest proved crude oil reserves and the world’s second-​largest natural gas reserves. Not only is it a major producer of oil and gas, it is also a major consumer. According to BP, primary energy consum­ption was 270 Mtoe in 2016,

2018-04-19 18:39

@Watts Up With That?: Arctic ice like you’ve not seen it before

This came to me via a tip, but to me honest I get so many daily emails and comments I’ve lost the original source of the tip. This is via the Canadian Ice Service, and it’s a view I have not seen before. I shows a polar view looking down at the North pole which…

2018-04-19 22:38

@Watts Up With That?: Green Shock: Entire Forests Being Murdered to Produce Wood Pellet Biomass

Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Breitbart / James Delin­gpole – Greens have disco­vered to their horror that producing renewable wood pellet biomass requires a large supply of dead trees. Hardwood forests cut down to feed Drax Power plant, Channel 4 Dispa­tches claims Brendan Montague | 16th April 2018 A Dispa­tches investi­gation has uncovered evidence…

2018-04-19 07:18

@Judith Curry: Four questions on climate change

by Garth Paltridge An essay on the state of climate change science. (1) Is the science of climate change ‘sett­led’? The scien­tific uncerta­inties assoc­iated with climate predi­ction are the basis of most of the arguments about the signif­icance of climate …

2018-04-19 02:00

@Watts Up With That?: Reconst­ructing a Temper­ature History Using Complete and Partial Data

Guest analysis by Mark Fife In today’s post I am going to go over how I went about creating a reconst­ruction of the history of temper­ature from the GHCN data sets using a variable number of stations reporting each year for the years of 1900 to 2011. Before I go into the details of that…

2018-04-20 01:30

@Watts Up With That?: Japan’s Mount Io erupts for the first time in 250 years

From wire reports: A volcano in southern Japan, Mount Io, erupted for the first time since 1768 on Thursday, spewing steam and ash 400 meters (1,300 feet) into the air. Video follows. Author­ities warned locals not to approach the mounta­in. A warning area has been issued within 3km of the volcano due to large flying volcanic…

2018-04-19 20:58

@Real Science: Cricket At The North Pole

NavyLo­okout on Twitter: “Subma­riners from HMS Trenchant enjoy a spot of cricket at the North Pole during time off from the recent ICEX… “

2018-04-19 18:56

@American Elephants: Meet Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Airlines Heroine

You may have heard the tragic news of the death of a passenger on Southwest Airlines when an engine caught fire and disinte­grated at more than 30,000 feet spraying shrapnel through the fuselage. Metal pieces ruptured a window behind a wing, fatally injuring a passenger in the first airline fatality since 2009, and the first

2018-04-20 07:31

@Real Science: Third Coldest Start To April In The Past 110 Years

The first half of April was third coldest in the past 110 years in the US, and the coldest since 1975.  The three warmest first fifteen days of April occurred in 1910, 1930 and 1925, when about 80% of days …

2018-04-20 06:40

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Looks Like The Canadian Free Trade Union Just Died

The Canadian Supreme Court has voted to have the Provinces leave the Free Trade Union between them... Go figure... And I thought the USA Supremes were a bit daft.

2018-04-20 02:22

@Watts Up With That?: Where, Exactly, Is The Man-​made Climate Problem?

Guest Post by Willis Esche­nbach Posted without comment, except a hat tip to Dave Burton and Willie Soon … There is no statis­tical diffe­rence between the two trends. Well, I guess that qualifies as a comment … Best to everyone on a day full of sunshine, w. My Usual Request: Quote the exact words that…

2018-04-20 16:36


Guest analysis by JAMAL MUNSHI (h/t to  Adam Wilda­vsky) ABSTRACT: Homicides in England and Wales 1898-​2003 are studied against the atmosp­heric carbon dioxide data for the same period. The Charney Equili­brium Sensit­ivity of homicides is found to be λ=1.7 thousands of addit­ional annual homicides for each doubling of atmosp­heric CO2. The sensit­ivity estimate is supported by…

2018-04-20 19:00


http://ww­w.powerli­neblog.co­m/archive­s/2018/04­/putin-​funds-​americas-​environ­mental-​moveme­nt.php BY JOHN HINDE­RAKER With all the attention being paid to Russian “collu­sion” these days, it is remar­kable that there has been so much focus on Facebook ads while far more serious meddling by Vladimir Putin goes mostly unrema­rked. In partic­ular, Russia’s subsid­izing of U.S. environ­mental groups,…

2018-04-20 22:26

@Climate Depot: EPA Chief’s Pruitt’s climate debate just got more likely – Morano: ‘Pruitt has the president backing him’

2018-04-20 21:30