@Master Resource: Paris Climate Accord Death Spiral Underway (FT article begins the autopsy)

“It has become increa­singly clear that Donald Trump’s presi­dency hasn’t just led to the withd­rawal of the United States from the landmark agree­ment. It has also halted the rest of the world’s efforts…. Call it the ‘Trump’ effect.”

– Joseph Curtin, “ Trump Has Offic­ially Ruined Climate Change Diplomacy for Everyone .” FT, December 12, 2018.

Another reali­stic, “defea­tist” article about the futile…

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@Paul Homewood: Greenp­eace’s Business Model

By Paul Homewood A new study by Willie Soon, Patrick Moore, Michael, Ronan and Imelda Connolly goes to the heart of how Green­peace operate: https://ww­w.heartlan­d.org/publ­ications-​resource­s/public­ations/a­nalysis-​of-​green­peace-​business-​model Although Green­peace relies heavily on marke­ting, advert­ising, and free market princi­ples, they promote socialist and anti-​capit­alist ideals in their…

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@American Elephants: The United States Was the Sole ‘No’ Vote!

“The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migra­tion” was approved when represen­tatives from 180 UN member states met in Morocco, a Muslim majority country in North Africa on December 10, just a week ago. The United States was not a partic­ipant. President Donald Trump wisely pulled the United States out of this “global compact.” […]

2018-12-17 06:46

@Climate Depot: Hell Freezes Over at Global Climate Crisis Confab

https://ww­w.newsmax.­com/larryb­ell/cop-​fossil-​katowice-​poland/201­8/12/17/id­/894736/ By Larry Bell The planet can finally draw a fresh breath of relief now that the fossil-​fueled contrails waft away from hundreds of jumbo jets that transp­orted some 30,000 climate alarm pontiffs and green energy panhan­dlers to and from their December 2-​16 Katowice, Poland COP24 jamboree. As sub-​freezing…

2018-12-17 18:09

@Real Science: Rise Of The Police State

General Flynn is the quintes­sential example of why the innocent plead guilty. General Flynn knew the FBI had a complete recording of the conver­sation about which they came to question him. Comey delibe­rately and oh-​so-​cleverly dispa­tched the agents in an ambush …

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@Climate Depot: COP 24: Packed house at CFACT’s Poland climate forum

COP 24: Packed house at CFACT’s Poland climate forum By Craig Rucker|D­ecember 15th, 2018| Emotions have run high in Poland since the United Nations climate confe­rence came to town. CFACT co-​sponsored a climate forum at the John Paul II Center in Gliwice, with Poland’s Globali­zation Institute Founda­tion, led by Dr. Tomasz Teluk. A venue named for

2018-12-16 13:50

@No Tricks Zone: Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Accused Of Issuing Fake Weather News, Alarmism

German climate skeptic Snowfan here reports that Germany’s DWD National Weather Service has been caught delibe­rately spreading climate alarmism ahead of the COP24 using “fake news” in its press release of December 3, 2018, where it annou­nced: 2018 could be the warmest and driest year since 1881.“ Snowfan replied on December 9th that 2018could not […]

2018-12-16 14:44

@Watts Up With That?: Wasting days and wasting nights

I wonder what the actual energy and resource cost is to put this recycled plastic solar powered exped­ition together? Thank goodness they are saving the planet. The hobbies of rich people­.~ctm Here is their exped­ition website. Let’s not wish any misfo­rtune upon them. HT/RoyMC

2018-12-16 22:00

@Watts Up With That?: Josh says COP24 is a “huge success”

As many of you know, the past two weeks have seen the 24th “Confe­rence of Parties” aka COP24 where a bunch of folks get together to “save” the climate of planet Earth. Appare­ntly, they have some sort of agreement as outlined in the press release here, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out…

2018-12-16 23:57

@Watts Up With That?: Stop the Personal Attacks and Answer the Climate Questions

Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball When you realize you are losing an argument, it is common to abandon the argument and attack the person. It is one of many forms of arguments called ad hominem, or to the person. A disagr­eement between two people makes an ad hominem argument easy to notice. The loser and…

2018-12-15 18:59

@Climate Scepticism: “You’re Commi­tting a Crime”

Late in the evening, after a long day at work, I settled down in front of the computer and went on the internet to see if I could find the source of a quote by Chris­tiana Figueres, the ex-​head of the UNFCCC. Bjørn Lomborg had written that she said she wanted to see people who …

2018-12-15 14:44

@American Elephants: Did You Know That the U.S. Is the World’s Largest Oil Producer?

Do most people recognize that the United States has recently become the world’s largest oil producer? We have passed both Saudi Arabia and Russia as U.S. crude produ­ction has surged 20% in a year – and nearly tripled in the past decade. For nearly sixty years, OPEC has dominated the world’s oil markets by setting […]

2018-12-16 20:35

@Climate Depot: UN CLIMATE SUMMIT IS OVER. New ‘rule book’ establ­ished – Warmists unhappy with sluggish summit

https://d­ailycalle­r.com/201­8/12/16/g­lobal-​climate-​summit-​results/ By Jason Hopkins The annual global climate summit came to end over the weekend, with partici­pating nations agreeing to several new condi­tions in their bid to curb green­house gas emiss­ions. The 24th confe­rence of the parties — otherwise known as COP24 — concluded after two weeks of negoti­ation in Katowice, Poland. Around 25,000…

2018-12-17 15:04

@Climate Depot: UN Chief: ‘Climate Action’ is a ‘compe­lling path to transform our world’ – ‘We need a complete transfo­rmation of our global energy economy’

Via: https://ww­w.thenewam­erican.com­/tech/envi­ronment/it­em/30931-​un-​boss-​use-​climate-​action-​to-​transform-​world UN Boss: Use “Climate Action” to “Tran­sform World” Written by Alex Newman KATOWICE, Poland — As the most important United Nations “global warming” summit since the 2015 confab in Paris kicked off in Katowice last week, UN Secretary-​General Antonio Guterres (shown) declared that…

2018-12-17 16:05

@No Tricks Zone: Termites Emit 2Xs More CO2 Than Humans. Soil Emits 9Xs More. Termite Numbers, Soil Area Are Growing.

• CO2 emissions from termites are more than double human emissions from fossil fuels. Image sources: New York Times, 1982, Zimmerman et al., 1982 • Termite popula­tions have been observed expanding rapidly in recent decades. Image Source: Grace, 2006 Image Source: Buczk­owski and Bertels­meier, 2017 • CO2 emissions from soil is 9 times greater than human CO2 […]

2018-12-17 15:19

@Climate Depot: BBC admits ‘error’ for report linking penguin decline to climate change – ‘The report was mater­ially mislea­ding’

https://n­otalotofp­eopleknow­that.word­press.com­/2018/12/­15/bbcs-​fake-​african-​penguin-​claim-​complaint-​upheld/ By Paul Homewood https://no­talotofpeo­pleknowtha­t.wordpres­s.com/2018­/10/16/afr­ican-​penguin-​decline-​bbc-​fake-​news/ You may recall the BBC’s news story a couple of months ago, claiming that African penguin popula­tions were declining because of climate change. I covered the report here. This…

2018-12-17 14:52

@Real Science: Calif­ornia Is Taking Charge Of Their Climate Change Problems

Steve Goddard on Twitter:

2018-12-17 20:38

@Jo Nova: What the hell was he thinking?

Looking for a great Christmas present idea? I’ve been enjoying the new glorious full-​colour book covering the work and “why’s” of a great Austr­alian cartoo­nist. There is still time to buy it for a friend, or put it on your list. Cartoo­nists have leeway to say what no one else will, and of cartoo­nists, there are few like John Spooner.

John Spooner’s Guide to the 21st Century: What The Hell…

2018-12-17 20:39

@Climate Depot: Media burnout: Warmist reporter laments UN climate ‘bubble’, cites France – ‘It is going to be very diffic­ult…to make energy costs more expensive­…another confe­rence won’t achieve…

Axios reporter Amy Harder on CBS News on December 17, 2018: Harder excerpts from inter­view: I think it is going to be difficult to acknow­ledge, In order to address climate change, you need to make fossil fuels more expensive and there appears to be this disco­nnect between that reality and what countries are willing to

2018-12-17 18:44

@Climate Scepticism: Grayling Brain Dead as a Dodo

Letters to the Guardian telling us we’re doomed are a dime a dozen, but this one is signed by some big names like Noam Chomsky, Rowan Williams, and Professor Grayling, Master of the New College of the Humani­ties, London. OK, it’s also signed by Caroline Lucas, Naomi Klein, Jonathon Porritt, and Dr Rupert Read, the …

2018-12-17 21:00

@Watts Up With That?: Inside The Accele­ration Factory

Guest Post by Willis Esche­nbach Nerem and Fasullo have a new paper called OBSERV­ATIONS OF THE RATE AND ACCELE­RATION OF GLOBAL MEAN SEA LEVEL CHANGE, available here. In it, we find the following state­ment: Both tide gauge sea level reconstr­uctions and satellite altimetry show that the current rate of global mean sea level change is…

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@No Tricks Zone: Hamburg Meteoro­logists Find New Method For Better European Winter Forecas­ts…80% Certainty

People familiar with the chaos that is weather will agree that seasonal forecasts based merely on computer simula­tions are highly specul­ative and involve much guess­work. The quality of their output leaves little to be desired. As much as some of these forecasts may be presented with authori­tative tones, in the end they all come with a […]

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@Paul Homewood: Did Katowice Actually Achieve Anything?

By Paul Homewood Matt McGrath waxes lyrical about the “success” of COP24, but what diffe­rence will it actually make? Negoti­ators in Poland have finally secured agreement on a range of measures that will make the Paris climate pact operat­ional in 2020. Last-​minute rows over carbon markets threa­tened to derail the two-​week summit […]

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@Climatism: DRACONIAN UN CLIMATE AGENDA EXPOSED : ‘Global Warming Fears Are A Tool For Political and Economic Change…It Has Nothing To Do With The Actual Climate’

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intenti­onally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic develo­pment model that has been reigning for at least 150 years since the Indus­trial Revolu­tion.” – Chris­tiana Figueres (UN Climate Chief Says Communism Is Best To […]

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