@Real Science: Disting­uishing Between Climate And Weather

Climato­logists maintain a highly rigorous distin­ction between weather and climate, shown in the map below. 10-​Day Temper­ature Outlook for the Conter­minous U.S.

2017-06-22 10:02

@Watts Up With That?: EPA’s suspect science

Its practices have defiled scien­tific integ­rity, but proposed correc­tions bring shock and defiance. Guest essay by John Rafuse President Trump’s budget guidance sought to cut $1.6 billion from the Environ­mental Prote­ction Agency’s $8.1 billion expect­ation. Shrieks of looming Armag­eddon prompted Congress to fund EPA in full until September 2017, when the battle will be joined…

2017-06-21 20:14

@Climate Depot: Open-​minded students and educators challenge warmists

Must students truly be taught the hectoring pronoun­cements of climate alarmists as incontro­vertible truth, but be denied knowledge of the facts that expose their dogma? Source: Open-​minded students and educators challenge warmists

2017-06-21 15:55

@Climate Depot: Black Monday For Climat­istas: Warmists ‘dealt a double-​whammy of what Al Gore would call inconv­enient news’

Most climat­istas are going to call today “Black Monday,” because today has dealt a double-​whammy of what Al Gore would call inconv­enient news. First, an article out today in Nature Geosc­ience ponders the problem of why observed temper­atures in the tropos­phere are not matching up with what the climate models have predi­cted. Source: Black Monday

2017-06-21 14:32

@Climate Depot: Tesla car battery produ­ction releases as much CO2 as 8 years of gasoline driving

Ooops, looks like those “saving the planet” Tesla snobs just got their eco-​ride de-​pimped From NyTeknik: h/t to Don Shaw (trans­lated) Huge hopes have been tied to electric cars as the solution to autom­otive CO2 climate problem. But it turns out the the electric car batteries are eco-​villains in the produ­ction process of creating them.

2017-06-21 13:40

@Real Science: Climate Resear­chers Likely To Ramp Up Their Fraud As Funding Gets Cut Off

The fake news New York Times is quite predic­tably blaming hot weather in Phoenix on “global climate changes.” Their focus today is days over 118F. Too Hot to Fly? Climate Change May Take a Toll on Air Travel  If we …

2017-06-21 13:39

@Climate Depot: Deling­pole: The Pause in Global Warming Is Real, Admits Climat­egate Scientist

http://www­.breitbart­.com/big-​governme­nt/2017/­06/20/de­lingpole-​the-​pause-​in-​global-​warming-​is-​real-​admits-​climat­egate-​scien­tist/ by JAMES DELING­POLE20 Jun 20171,132 The ‘Pause’ in global warming is real and the computer models predi­cting dramat­ically increased temper­atures have failed. This is the shocking admission of a paper p­ublished this week in Nature Geoscien­ce. It’s shocking…

2017-06-21 11:20

@Paul Homewood: AEP’s Weekly Electric Car Rant

By Paul Homewood   AEP is on his regular electric car rant today. Morgan Stanley is betting that electric cars will corner 70pc of the European vehicle market by the middle of century, leading to a drastic upheaval for the power sector and scramble for dominance of lucrative new technol­ogies. Global banks in London and

2017-06-21 18:03

@Jo Nova: Shocking electr­icity price rises coming in Austr­alia: Not a failure of energy policy but a complete “success”

The numbers are breatht­aking. On the east coast of Australia (which means most house­holds in the nation) they are looking at 15 – 20% increases next month on electr­icity bills which are already at bleeding point.

Get a grip on these numbers:

Charis Chang, News.com –

POWER prices are set to rocket after three major retailers announced increases of up to 20 per cent and $600 a year for the…

2017-06-22 07:37

@Master Resource: AWEA Transm­ission Study: The Rest of the Story

The many touted benefits of wind come with a fatal caveat: indus­trial wind turbines–­suffering from intermi­ttency, low average usage factors, remote siting, r­elatively high (and all-​up-​front) costs–are unecon­omic. So the fact that the Wind industry creates jobs and can piggyback on consumer-​chosen, taxpayer neutral, baseload power is no consol­ation.

The starting point of eco­nomics is that…

2017-06-22 07:00

@Paul Homewood: Gas Power To Diminish As It Increases!

By Paul Homewood     Those contra­sting headlines again! All from PEI:   http://www­.powerengi­neeringint­.com/artic­les/2017/0­6/starace-​says-​storage-​advances-​will-​make-​gas-​power-​bridging-​role-​brief­.html http://www­.powerengi­neeringint­.com/artic­les/2017/0­6/ansaldo-​opens-​genoa-​gas-​turbine-​plant-​and-​signs-​key-​china-​deals­.html  …

2017-06-22 10:42

@No Tricks Zone: 2 New Papers Expose The Environ­mental Nightmare Of Wind Turbine Blade Disposal

Unsusta­inable: 43 Million Tonnes Of Wind Turbine Blade Waste By 2050 Image Source “If the industry cannot come up with more sustai­nable manufac­turing and disposal proce­sses, public accep­tance of wind energy would decline if the public becomes aware of these issues” – Ramirez-​Tejeda et al., 2017 Despite an explosion in installed wind capacity since 1990,

2017-06-22 10:01

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: MET Office ‘adjusts’ the data to bring us the hottest day since 1976

The BBC breath­lessly reports a MET-​office reported temper­ature of 34.5C at Heathrow yeste­rday, but what does the actual data say? The old mystery of Heathrow strikes again. SYNOP says 33.9C Met Office says 34.5C. The usual 1800 max is missing @RogTal­lbloke pic.twitt­er.com/xL­Q5rTzgPq — Wanstead weather (@wanstea­d_meteo) June 22, 2017 We await enlight­enment from the Met

2017-06-22 09:13

@Watts Up With That?: “The Answer to What’s Actually Killing Coal” Is “Not Even Wrong”

Guest post by David Middleton From Inverse via Real Clear Energy: The Answer to What’s Actually Killing Coal is Hopeful and Depre­ssing The real cause of the decline of coal is the free market. By Dyani Sabin on June 20, 2017 Filed Under Answers, Donald Trump, Jobs, R&B Solar Energy As has been reported…

2017-06-22 14:26

@Watts Up With That?: Richard Branson “Baffled” By President Trump’s Paris Decision

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Richard Branson is so shocked by President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris, he’s putting his own money into renew­ables R&D. My question – isn’t this how Capit­alism is supposed to work? Richard Branson: Business leaders are ‘baffled’ by Trump on climate change ritish billio­naire Richard Branson said business leaders…

2017-06-22 16:27

@Watts Up With That?: What happened to the tradit­ional role of skept­icism in climate science?

Guest essay by Forrest M. Mims III Tradit­ional science required a skeptical view of one’s own findings until they could be replic­ated, espec­ially by others. Unfortu­nately, skept­icism has been deleted from the latest edition of “On Being a Scient­ist,” a widely-​read booklet published by the National Academies of Science. When I asked the NAS about…

2017-06-22 21:00

@Jo Nova: If only Yes Minister had done the global warming thing (oh look…!)

Excellent comedy, if you haven’t already seen this. (Adapted from the Stage Play “Yes Prime Minister”)

Yes Prime Minister Global Warming etc Part 1 from Aris Motas on Vimeo.

Part II

Yes Prime Minister Global Warming etc Part 2 from Aris Motas on Vimeo.

Written by Antony Jay and Johnathan Lynn. BBC. h/t Waxing Gibberish and Friends of Science on Facebook.

Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)Ra­ting:…

2017-06-22 16:43

@Paul Homewood: Hottest Day? At Heathrow, Maybe–But Not In The Rest Of The Country

By Paul Homewood http://www­.bbc.co.uk­/news/uk-​40353118   It has certainly been uncom­monly hot these past few days. Many outlets have talked about a “record breaking” heatwave, such as this report in the Teleg­raph. This is a grossly misle­ading claim, because it relates to a record temper­ature for a single day, in this case June 21st. There are,

2017-06-22 15:53

@Climate Depot: The American Meteoro­logical Society falls into the consensus trap in a letter to Rick Perry

2017-06-22 23:37

@Climate Depot: Climato­logist defends Sec. Perry: AMS ‘being paid by the gover­nment to agree with the consensus through billions of dollars in grants’

By Dr. Roy Spencer Yeste­rday, the American Meteoro­logical Society (AMS) sent a lett­er to DOE Secretary Rick Perry, scolding him for the following opinion he uttered in a CNBC interview on June 19. Quoting from a Wash­ington Post article: Asked in an interview on CNBCs “Squawk Box” whether he believed that carbon dioxide was “the primary control knob

2017-06-22 23:48

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Brexit Costs: EU Commis­sioner Proposes EU-​Wide Climate Tax 

Taxing the weather – EU member states may have to cough up climate dues as part of the cost of suppo­rting the seemingly insat­iable Brussels bureau­cratic machine. Due to Brexit and other new commit­ments, the EU will soon be short of € 25 billion, reports The GWPF. EU Budget Commis­sioner Günther Oetti­nger, there­fore, wants to

2017-06-22 23:02

@Real Science: Popular Science : Fossil Fuels Cause Global Cooling And Global Warming

Popular Science reports that humans are overhe­ating the planet, and have raised Earth’s temper­ature to almost 59F. Don’t believe our planet is warming up? Look at this. | Popular Science The say fossil fuels cause both global warming and global …

Today: 10:19

@Real Science: A Simple Solution To Contro­lling Global Warming

New Scientist asks “can we limit global warming to 2°C?” Living with climate change: Can we limit global warming to 2°C? | New Scientist The answer is yes, and the cost is zero. Most global warming is due to Gavin …

Today: 16:41

@Watts Up With That?: AGU: Extraor­dinary storms caused massive Antarctic sea ice loss in 2016

From the “well, if hadn’t been that it would have been global warming for sure” depart­ment: By Lauren Lipuma, AGU A series of unprece­dented storms over the Southern Ocean likely caused the most dramatic decline in Antarctic sea ice seen to date, a new study finds. Antarctic sea ice – frozen ocean water that rings…

Today: 15:47

@No Tricks Zone: Arctic Warming Reverse! New Study Finds Winter Arctic Sea Ice “To Increase Towards 2020”

It is not uncommon to hear from Europe’s media that climate change is to blame whenever a weather anomaly occurs on the old conti­nent. The reason for the climate change of course gets attri­buted to man and fossil fuel emiss­ions. Ocean drives There­fore, it is all the more intere­sting that a new paper has just

Today: 14:34

@Paul Homewood: Tornado Stats For 2016–A­nother Quiet Year

By Paul Homewood   NOAA have been very slow in releasing the final tornado data for 2016, but it is finally out now. As the provis­ional indicated at the time, last year was another very quiet year for torna­does, and continued the pattern of a lower level compared to the 1970s.      http://ww­w.spc.noa­a.gov/wcm­/#data Perhaps

Today: 14:27

@Climate Depot: Sign a petition for Australia to pull out of the Paris Agreement

Sign a petition for Australia to pull out of the Paris Agreement http://joa­nnenova.co­m.au/2017/­06/sign-​a-​petition-​for-​australia-​to-​pull-​out-​of-​the-​paris-​agree­ment/ Let’s get Australia out of the pointless Paris Agreement which will cost trill­ions, hurt the poor, kill birds, bats, whales, and not change global temper­atures by any measu­rable amount. This is a very well reasoned petition…

Today: 17:27

@Paul Homewood: Ten Reasons Why We Don’t Believe You, Katharine

By Paul Homewood       https://­uk.news.­yahoo.co­m/people-​dont-​believe-​global-​warming-​not-​theyre-​stupid-​162546273­.html?soc­_src=mail&soc_­trk=ma       Katharine Hayhoe thinks she knows why some of us don’t believe in global warming – appar­ently we don’t care! Well Katha­rine, here are another ten reasons you forgot:     1) We don’t trust climate scient­ists. The Climat­egate emails…

Today: 19:21