@Climate Depot: Morano on Steve Bannon out at WH: ‘This is bad news for climate skeptics’

Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and former Senior Staff, U.S. Senate Enviro­nment Public Works Commi­ttee: “Steve Bannon was a key climate skeptic in the Adminis­tration pushing President Trump to keep his pledge to withdraw from the UN Paris climate pact. Bannon’s voice overruled other members of the Adminis­tration like Rex Tille­rson, Gary Cohen

2017-08-18 20:44

@Watts Up With That?: Reporter Confronts Al Gore On Sea Level Rise Claims, Gets Called A ‘Denier’

Energy Michael Bastasch 3:19 PM 08/17­/2017 Former Vice President Al Gore labeled a British reporter a “denier” after he pressed the former vice president about scien­tific claims made in his recently-​released global warming film. “Are you a denier?” Gore asked The Specta­tor’s Ross Clark after a private screening of “An Inconv­enient Sequel.” When Clark tried…

2017-08-19 05:00

@No Tricks Zone: German Handel­sblatt Reports On Electric Batte­ries: “Unreli­able”, “Fire-​Hazard”, “Imprac­tical”

Germany’s top business daily Handel­sblatt here reports that although lithium-​ion batteries promise to become efficient someday, they continue to be plagued by technical problems, calling them “unrel­iable and a fire hazard“. Video: Electric cars continue to be plagued by safety and technical issues (not featured in Handel­sblatt story, for illust­ration only). The Handel­sblatt cites expert…

2017-08-19 14:41

@Jo Nova: One day when Al Gore gets some evidence he won’t need to call everyone names

Al Gore creates more skeptics everyday

Ross Clark, journa­list, met Al Gore to interview him about his favourite topic. But Ross broke the rules; he did some research. Clark even talked to a professor about the scenes of Florida being flooded. The prof explained that it’s not so much that the seas were rising fast, but that the land under Miami is sinking — and by an amazing 16-​24cm in the last…

2017-08-19 18:35

@Climatism: TIM FLANNERY – Climate Expert

Today: 08:03

@No Tricks Zone: 2017 First Half Global Natural Catast­rophe Damage Drops More Than 63%!

Munich Re stumped: wonders why damages from natural catast­rophes have fallen dramat­ically By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahren­holt) (translat­ed/edited by P Gosselin) One of the most often named conseq­uences of climate change is the prognos­ticated increase in extreme weather damage. At the forefront stood the insurance companies which loudly warned and thus steal­thily

2017-08-18 14:40

@Paul Homewood: The Little Ice Age And Medieval Warming In South Africa

By Paul Homewood     http://ru­by.fgcu.e­du/course­s/twimber­ley/envir­ophilo/ty­son.pdf     While resear­ching the last article on monsoons, I came across this paper about the Little Ice Age in South Africa. Below is the Abstract:     The climate industry likes to pretend that the Little Ice Age was just a local event in Europe, but studies like

2017-08-19 16:11

@Climate Depot: Peter Foster: Climate crusaders have got lost in space – Hawking DeGrasse Tyson hit by ‘climate derang­ement’

Climate derang­ement has claimed another celebrity astrophy­sicist. Last month, Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History of Time, declared that Donald Trump’s withd­rawal from the Paris agreement meant that earth could become like Venus, where it rains sulphuric acid and temper­atures reach 250 C. Now Neil DeGrasse Tyson, “science communi­cator” and host of the 2014 TV

2017-08-19 14:39

@Climate Depot: It’s the deadline for a big Fed climate report. Agencies are mum

Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter Publi­shed: Friday, August 18, 2017 Thirteen federal agencies are supposed to submit comments today on a draft climate asses­sment of warming impacts on the United States. Arctic ice is pictured here in 1984 and 2012.­ NASA Scien­tific Visuali­zation Studio Today is the deadline for 13 federal agencies to respond to a

2017-08-19 14:33

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Faith Goldy – I Love You…

Speaking truth, conseq­uences be damned. I love that. (That it's a cute blond woman doesn't hurt ;-​)

2017-08-18 19:32

@Climate Lab Book - Ed Hawkins: Linking global temper­ature and Arctic sea ice changes

As the annual September sea ice minimum in the Arctic approa­ches, the usual questions arise about whether this year will set a new record for the extent or volume of ice left at the end of the summer. Although there was a new winter record low in 2017 it is looking unlikely that the summer …

2017-08-18 14:01

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Tired of Joyless, Crabby, Bitch-​Slapping, Cranky, PissWater Leftists? Then Dance!

Are you tired of the joyless emotion draining ennui of The Socialist Left? Do you need some honest joy in your life? Are you tired of being berated for actually apprec­iating sexuality and differ­ences? Fear Not, brothers and sisters, Just DANCE!

2017-08-18 04:47

@Warren Meyer: Is This The Hill You Want to Die On?

My managers often get frust­rated with the gover­nment entities for whom we operate facili­ties.  They frequ­ently try to escalate trivial issues.  I then attem­pt to explain to them that they only have a limited number of "points" they can spend in trying to get action in confl­icts, and that spending these points on trivial problems is

2017-08-17 20:32

@Climate Depot: Scien­tific American: Fmr. UN Climate Chief Chris­tiana Figueres ‘Saved the Planet by harne­ssing ‘female energy”

2017-08-17 13:55

@Climatism: 2016 Record Warm Surface Tempera­tures: The Party’s Over!

Origi­nally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT : By Paul Homewood ? ? Pat Michaels writes: ? ? As expected, and thanks to the big 2015-​6 El Niño, the National Oceanic and Atmosp­heric Adminis­tration (NOAA) has announced that 2016 is the warmest year in their 150-​year long global surface temper­ature record. They didn’t…

2017-08-17 13:56

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: An Inconv­enient Decep­tion: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy – Roy Spencer, PhD

Target sighted..­load…take aim…fire! Al Gore has provided a target-​rich enviro­nment of decep­tions in his new movie, says Roy Spencer. After viewing Gore’s most recent movie, An Inconv­enient Sequel: Truth to Power, and after reading the book version of the movie, I was more than a little astou­nded. The new movie and book are chock-​full of

2017-08-19 19:22

@Real Science: Fake Greenland News From Fake Newspaper About A Fake Skeptic

Last year, the fake news Washi­ngton Post reported that skeptic Andreas Munchow became convinced of global warming by studying the behavior of Greenl­and’s Petermann Glacier since 2012. In Green­land, a once doubtful scientist witnesses climate change’s troubling toll | The …

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