@Scottish Sceptic: Predi­cting the surface temper­ature on other planets

After trying failing to reproduce the results in the paper “New Insights on the Physical Nature of the Atmosp­heric Green­house Effect Deduced from an Empirical Planetary Temper­ature Model” by Ned Nikolov Karl Zeller in which they argue that …

2017-03-27 13:44

@Real Science: Seattle – A City Of Frauds

I testified at the Washi­ngton State Senate last month during one of their largest snows­torms on record, and environme­ntalists showed up to try to shout me down. Democ­ratic senators tried to silence me, in the name of democ­racy. All of …

2017-03-27 13:04

@Watts Up With That?: Another Mannt­astic claim: Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream

From Penn State, and the “close but no cigar” depar­tment (see bold in text) comes this modelsp­alooza masque­rading as science: Unprece­dented summer warmth and flooding, forest fires, drought and torre­ntial rain — extreme weather events are occurring more and more often, but now an interna­tional team of climate scien­tists has found a conne­ction between many…

2017-03-27 15:31

@Watts Up With That?: Mitig­ation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so)

Guest essay by Robert Bradley Jr. — March 27, 2017 “[T]here is growing evidence of much smaller climate sensit­ivity to CO2; and even if these drastic emissions reduc­tions occurr­ed, we see little impact on the climate in the 21st century (even if you believe the climate models).” “It seems rather futile to make token emissions reduct­ions…

2017-03-27 21:53

@Real Science: Global Warming Inverts The Climate

2017-03-28 12:42

@Watts Up With That?: Trump to sign “energy indepen­dence” executive order today, killing Obama climate regs

President Donald Trump will issue a sweeping “energy indepen­dence” executive order today to dismantle signature global warming policies put in place by the Obama administ­ration. Environ­mental Prote­ction Agency (EPA) Adminis­trator Scott Pruitt told ABC News Trump would issue the order tomorrow to make “sure that we have a pro-​growth and pro-​enviro­nment approach to how we…

2017-03-28 15:31

@Real Science: Celebr­ating Six Years Of Fake Berkeley Earth Temper­atures

By Richard Muller on Dec­ember 17, 2003 Let me be clear. My own reading of the liter­ature and study of paleoc­limate suggests strongly that c­arbon dioxid­e from burning of fossil fuels­ will prove to be the greatest pollutant of human history. It is likely …

2017-03-28 12:12

@Watts Up With That?: Recent Sea-​Level Change at Major Cities

Guest essay by Rich Taylor Abstract Human popul­ation is becoming increa­singly urban, and most of the world’s largest and fastest-​growing cities border tidew­ater. This note presents charts of annual-​value (AV) tide-​gauge records in or near major coastal cities to illus­trate the sea-​level change these cities have observed recently, and fits linear trends to the records.…

Today: 09:40

@Watts Up With That?: Scien­tific Breakth­rough: Malaria Could be a Thing of the Past

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Scien­tists working at Queens­land’s Griffith Unive­rsity have developed what they claim is the world’s first long term effective Malaria vaccine. If this new, cheap vaccine lives up to its promise, it will save millions of poor people who cannot afford Malaria drugs. Queen­sland resear­chers develop world first malaria vaccine Kara…

2017-03-27 11:00

@Scottish Sceptic: Initial Results of Survey

If you haven’t done the survey you still can here. First, thanks for those who completed the survey – whilst the the numbers are low with about 10 people having answered the survey, as I have to process them by …

2017-03-27 13:02

@Jo Nova: Watching Debbie — Cat 4 hits the coast

From the BOM animated satellite viewer. (Click to enlarge, or  click here for the animation — if you have the bandwi­dth).

This image was taken a few hours ago as darkness started to sweep across the nation. (It is all dark now).

Tropical Cyclone Debbie: Queensl­anders preparing for worst cyclone since Yasi 256km Radar at Mackay (for a cat-​4 the rain is very underwh­elming) The fantastic…

2017-03-27 12:03

@Real Science: What Part Of This Doesn’t Paul Ryan Unders­tand?

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

2017-03-27 14:50

@Climate Depot: EU’s Roger Helmer’s Speech to Heartland Skeptics Summit in Washington

Good evening Ladies and Gentl­emen, Friends and Collea­gues, and greetings from the European parlia­ment. You’ve just seen a speech I gave a couple of weeks back in the plenary session in Strasb­ourg. If you’re wondering why there were so few members in the chamber — that’s because it was about 10:30 at night. Source: Speech

2017-03-27 19:01

@Climate Depot: The Science Is Settled! Now Shut Up!

A few “scien­tific” examples of instances where liberals demand confo­rmity without putting forth evidence. Source: The Science Is Settled! Now Shut Up!

2017-03-27 19:41

@Climate Depot: The Time Has Come! Trump to roll back EPA Climate Regs tomorrow

http://ww­w.eenews.­net/clima­tewire/20­17/03/27/­stories/1­060052111 Trump to roll back Clean Power Plan tomorrow Niina Heikk­inen, E&E News reporter Publi­shed: Monday, March 27, 2017 Vice President Mike Pence visited Foster Supply Inc. on Saturday in Scott Depot, W.Va., where he declared the Obama-​era “war on coal” to be over. Photo by Sholten Singe­r/The Herald-​Dispatch, courtesy of AP Images. The…

2017-03-27 19:50

@Paul Homewood: Miami Beach Turning Into Modern Day Atlanti­s–Fake News BBC

By Paul Homewood   h/t QV       http://w­ww.bbc.c­o.uk/pro­grammes/­b08k19mn   The fake news BBC World at One today took the chance to add a bit of Project Climate Fear to their unasha­medly anti Trump agenda, with a a piece on how rising seas are turning Miami Beach into a modern day Atlantis.   It

2017-03-27 20:02

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Sun’s impact on climate change quant­ified for first time

Solar variation influe­ncing climate is suddenly plaus­ible, say resear­chers. Who knew? Well, nearly everyone except climate model­lers. Although they still mutter about human influ­ence, the reality of the solar slowdown is starting to bite it seems. If as they suggest ‘A weaker sun could reduce temper­atures by half a degree’ what might they expect from

2017-03-27 21:25

@Paul Homewood: GWPF Calls On Gover­nment To Come Clean On Cost Of Renewable Energy

By Paul Homewood   http://ww­w.thegwpf­.com/is-​the-​uk-​gover­nment-​conce­aling-​very-​high-​renew­ables-​system-​cost-​estim­ates/   The GWPF have issued this press release:     The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) is calling on the Gover­nment to release the uncen­sored report on the total system costs of renewable energy which was published last Friday in a version that deleted all quant­itive cost…

2017-03-28 10:47

@Real Science: Early Spring Update

One month ago the fake news Washi­ngton Post and the fake news US gover­nment announced the fake global warming induced early spring. The U.S. Geolo­gical Survey hails an early spring — and ties it to climate change – The Washi­ngton …

2017-03-28 12:53

@Real Science: Boulder Permanent Drought Update

Last week homeless people started a fire west of Boulder, which was immedi­ately blamed by the locals on climate change.  This letter was publishe­d three days ago. Pretty soon we will be faced with a year-​round firefi­ghting season. Nick Kerwin: Sunshine fire a …

2017-03-28 14:28

@Paul Homewood: Follow The EPA Money

By Paul Homewood   http://da­ilycaller­.com/2017­/03/21/no­nprofits-​angry-​about-​trumps-​budget-​cuts-​hid-​the-​179-​million-​they-​took-​from-​the-​epa/   From the Daily Caller:   Six nonprofit groups that criti­cized President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts failed to mention the nearly $179 million in Environ­mental Prote­ction Agency (EPA) grants they’ve received since 2009, according to a Daily…

2017-03-28 12:34

@Watts Up With That?: New climate skeptic book will set the record straight

CLIMATE CHANGE: THE FACTS 2017 is to be published in June 2017. I’m happy to say that I’m an author of a chapter. This work is dedicated to the late Professor Bob Carter, who dedicated his life to truth and openness in the climate debate. This is the second volume of this book, the first…

2017-03-28 17:31

@Watts Up With That?: Breaking Hockey Sticks: Antarctic Ice Core Edition

Guest post by David Middleton Graphic: The relen­tless rise of carbon dioxide Ancient air bubbles trapped in ice enable us to step back in time and see what Earth’s atmosp­here, and climate, were like in the distant past. They tell us that levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmos­phere are higher than they have been…

2017-03-28 21:13

@Climatism: Sun’s impact on climate change quant­ified for first time

Origi­nally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop : Quiet sun [image credit: NASA] Solar variation influe­ncing climate is suddenly plaus­ible, say resear­chers. Who knew? Well, nearly everyone except climate model­lers. Although they still mutter about human influ­ence, the reality of the solar slowdown is starting to bite it seems. If as they suggest ‘A weaker sun could…

Today: 07:05

@Climate Depot: Hiccup! Former Obama EPA Chief admits she has turned to the bottle to cope as Trump guts climate regs

http://ww­w.politic­o.com/sto­ry/2017/0­3/trump-​obama-​climate-​regula­tions-​236611 Ex-​Obama team distr­essed as Trump guts climate regs By ERIC WOLFF, ALEX GUILLÉN and ANNIE SNIDER 03/28/17 07:31 PM EDT Hundreds of people in the Obama adminis­tration spent years building the climate change regula­tions that the president hoped would mark a lasting turning point in the nation’s response to global…

Today: 04:36

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Trump Exec. Order On Climate Change

Trump has signed an Executive Order resci­nding much of the Obama Climate Change energy killing E.O.

2017-03-28 20:02

@Real Science: Hot New Public­ation

Includes a chapter by Jennifer Marohasy and myself. new-​climate-​skeptic-​book-​will-​set-​the-​record-​straight/

2017-03-28 22:38

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: White House, Trump, Briefing Room, Undoing Regs, and Roku

Little covered, President Trump has repealed 4 more regul­ation bundles under the Congres­sional Review Act. Found easily on the ROKU channel "Briefing Room", unedited and without arguing talking heads or sneering news anchors. That, alone, makes the ROKU a positive value for me.

Today: 06:48

@Scottish Sceptic: Happy #Brexitday

There can be few times in modern history where the political classes and most of the media were so united in a view that was so contrary to the popular will. In many countries that clash between the political “elite” …

Today: 10:43

@Paul Homewood: Caroline Lucas’ Carbon Spewing Trip

By Paul Homewood   https:/­/order-​order.co­m/2017/0­3/28/bad-​atmos­phere-​caroline-​lucas-​flies-​washin­gton/   Guido exposes the latest green hypoc­risy:   Green Party leader Caroline Lucas flew in business class to Washi­ngton yesterday on a gasoline guzzling, CO2 spurting aeroplane which dumped almost a tonne of carbon into the atmosp­here. A spokesman for Lucas confirmed to Guido that she flew on…

Today: 11:03