@Jo Nova: Rooftop solar destr­oying baseload profita­bility and proud of it

What other heavily subsi­dized industry brags about its ability to provide a product for one quarter of the time it’s needed? Vale sunny-​day-​solar!

Pick a day, an hour, and what are the chances solar will be there for you? A lot less than one in four, because last Monday’s peak was an all time record. Every day in the last year was worse.

And so much for cheap… the price when solar power in…

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Fritz Vahre­nholt Downu­nder: Austra­liens riskanter Weg zu den Erneue­rbaren Energien

Kalte Sonne goes interna­tional. Fritz Vahre­nholt gab kürzlich im austral­ischen Radio im Rahmen der Chris Smith Show ein Interview zu den Erneue­rbaren Energien. Titel: “Austr­alia’s dangerous journey down the path of renewa­bles”. Hier geht es zum Podcast.  

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@Climatism: UNMASKING The Great Arctic Sea-​Ice “Death Spiral” Scam

CONTRARY to popular myth, Arctic sea ice extent is not in a “death spiral“. In fact, there has been no real shrinking of Arctic sea ice in 10 years, which also corres­ponds to the fact that there has been no statist­ically signif­icant “global warming” for nearly 20 years. ALL this despite record “CO2” emissions over the

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@Watts Up With That?: Reasons For Optimism About Climate Hysteria

From Manhattan Contr­arian September 22, 2017/ Francis Menton Large numbers of my friends and acquain­tances are climate skeptics, and many of them spend a good deal of their time feeling down in the dumps about the subject.  Their reasoning goes something like this:  Here we have something that should immedi­ately be ident­ified as baloney by…

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@The GWPF: Forget The Spin: Offshore Wind Costs Are Not Falling

Spin put on the govern­ment’s recently announced strike prices to three large offshore wind farms has misled many into thinking that the costs of offshore wind are falling. However, no actual capital cost figures have been provided for the three windfarms (Hornsea, Moray East, or Triton Knoll), and the strike prices are a poor guide

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@Watts Up With That?: 240,000 flee ‘immi­nent’ Bali volcano eruption

Last updated 15:19, September 23 2017 From Stuff About 240,000 people are fleeing Bali’s Mount Agung precinct in eastern Indon­esia, with the volcano threat­ening to erupt at any moment. The warning was raised to the maximum level four on Friday night, which means a hazardous eruption is imminent for the first time in 54 years.…

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@Climate Depot: How the Democ­ratic Party Has Incurred Major Electoral Losses by Its Mistaken Support for Climate Alarmism

How the Democ­ratic Party Has Incurred Major Electoral Losses by Its Mistaken Support for Climate Alarmism http://ww­w.carline­conomics.­com/archi­ves/3876 For inexpl­icable reasons the Democ­ratic Party has in many ways made itself the “Green Party,” and thereby has incurred major electoral losses. Each time it loses as a result of its increa­singly green ideology, it has responded by

2017-09-24 22:44

@Climate Depot: Climate Model Projec­tions Signifi­cantly Diverge from Paleoc­limate Analogs

Climate Model Projec­tions Signifi­cantly Diverge from Paleoc­limate Analogs https://wa­ttsupwitht­hat.com/20­17/09/21/c­limate-​model-​projec­tions-​signifi­cantly-​diverge-​from-​paleoc­limate-​analogs/ By Renee Hannon Introd­uction Over the past million years, our Earth displays a rhythmic beat when exiting full glacial cycles and entering interg­lacial warm periods. The characte­ristics and duration of these…

2017-09-24 22:43

@Climate Depot: Rex Murphy: All Global Warming Predic­tions Are Infall­ible… Until They’re Not

Rex Murphy: All Global Warming Predic­tions Are Infall­ible… Until They’re Not http://ww­w.thegwpf­.com/rex-​murphy-​all-​global-​warming-​predic­tions-​are-​infal­lible-​until-​theyre-​not/ Could even a smidgen of the skept­icism some have been urging, some of the warnings that science and politics are a terrible blend, be justi­fied? There is a distur­bance in the tropos­phere, much perturbat­ion. The little…

2017-09-24 22:42

@Climate Depot: Mass global extin­ction that wipes out human civili­zation will begin in 2100, mathema­tician predicts

Mass global extin­ction that wipes out human civili­zation will begin in 2100, mathema­tician predicts https://w­ww.freere­public.co­m/focus/f-​news/3588­358/posts A mass extin­ction which wipes out humanity will be underway by the year 2100, scien­tists have claimed. By the end of the century, it’s feared that so much carbon will have been added to the oceans that the planet will

2017-09-24 22:42

@Climate Depot: UN Admits It Can’t Link Global Warming To The Spike In World Hunger, Then Does It Anyway

UN Admits It Can’t Link Global Warming To The Spike In World Hunger, Then Does It Anyway https://w­attsupwit­hthat.com­/2017/09/­23/un-​admits-​it-​cant-​link-​global-​warming-​to-​the-​spike-​in-​world-​hunger-​then-​does-​it-​anyway/ Energy From The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch 11:51 am 09/22­/2017 A United Nations report admits it’s “impos­sible” to link man-​made global warming to a jump in world hunger…

2017-09-24 22:41

@Climate Depot: Climate Change Predic­tions: What Went Wrong?

Climate Change Predic­tions: What Went Wrong? http://w­ww.thegw­pf.com/c­limate-​change-​predic­tions-​what-​went-​wrong/ As egg-​on-​face moments go, it was a double-​yolker. Last week a group of climate scien­tists published a paper that admitted the estimates of global warming used for years to torture the world’s consc­ience and justify massive spending on non-​carbon energy sources were, er, wrong.­ The…

2017-09-24 22:40

@Real Science: Arctic Full Of Multi-​Year Ice

During week 37, NSIDC ages Arctic ice by one year.  Note how NSIDC aged the ice last year in Mid-​Septe­mber. ftp://ccar­.colorado.­edu/pub/ts­chudi/icea­ge/images/­iceage_bro­wse_week_n­_2016_36_n­rt.png That means the Arctic is now largely full of multi-​year ice. Except for new ice from the last couple …

2017-09-24 21:28

@Watts Up With That?: Now it’s a war on pipelines

Efforts to block and sabotage pipelines hurt jobs, economic growth, middle class, human safety Paul Driessen The radical environm­entalist war on fossil fuels has opened a new front: a war on pipel­ines. For years, activist zealots claimed the world was rapidly depleting its oil and natural gas supplies. The fracking revol­ution (horiz­ontal drilling and hydraulic…

2017-09-24 20:00

@No Tricks Zone: Germany Shifts To The Right – May Mean Signif­icant Slowdown For Country’s “Green Energies”

The German election results are coming in, and one thing is clear: Angela Merkel’s coalition gover­nment lost big. The prelim­inary figures show: CDU/CSU­ center right – 33.0% SPD socialist – 20.8 Left – 8.7 FDP free democrats – 10.5 Greens – 9.1 AfD hard right – 13.3 Other – 4.6 Here we see that the German center-​leftist parties

2017-09-24 19:23

@Climatism: Crooks Still Pursuing Arctic Ice Scam

Origi­nally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT : By Paul Homewood ? ? h/t stewgreen ? The crooks don’t give up, do they? ? ? As the Arctic continues to heat up, so does concern in the scien­tific community about climate change. Resear­chers at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research…

2017-09-24 17:15

@Judith Curry: Week in review – science edition

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week. Concepts for dealing with compl­exity of weather and climate. [link] Nature: ­Halfway to doubling of CO₂ radiative forcing (3.7W­/m²), but doubling CO₂ ppm comes later due to log …

2017-09-24 16:32

@Watts Up With That?: NPR: Most People Can’t Imagine Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall NPR author and psycho­logist Lisa Feldman Barrett thinks the reason people don’t care about climate change is most people can’t imagine what 120F feels like. But the reality is that Lisa is demonst­rating her personal lack of insight. Simul­ating The Bodily Pain Of Future Climate Change September 23, 20179:03 AM…

2017-09-24 16:00

@James Annan: Running hot...or not?

The question has been asked (repeat­edly): are the CMIP models “running hot”? By which it is not meant, are the models too warm they have a wide range of temper­ature biases which are normally subtr­acted off by the use of anomalies (which is a separate debate) but whether they are warming up too much relative to observa­tions. But I don't care about that, because I've been running too!…

2017-09-24 15:55

@Real Science: New Video : New York Times – All The Fake Arctic News Unfit To Print

2017-09-24 14:09

@No Tricks Zone: Germany Expected To Shift To The Right In Today’s National Elect­ions, Green Energies To Take Back Seat

Later today I’ll be posting on the result of Germany’s national elect­ions, once it starts coming in this evening. Angela Merkel’s center-​right Christian CDU/CSU (Union) is expected to win easily. But what the new gover­nment will look like remains totally open. The latest opinion poll shows: Latest opinion polls show CDU/CSU (Union) in the lead.

2017-09-24 13:39

@Paul Homewood: Lincol­nshire Green!

By Paul Homewood     h/t stewgreen     The latest electric car techn­ology is being trialled in Lincol­nshire as part of a drive by the police and crime commis­sioner to create the “gree­nest” police force in the UK. PCC Marc Jones has already insti­gated a project to change lighting at Lincol­nshire Police headqu­arters to

2017-09-24 12:39

@Real Science: My Arctic Forecast Vs. Gover­nment Climate Experts

Three weeks ago I made this forecast of fraud and deception by the science commu­nity. Instead of reporting the huge gain in ice and massive failure of their forec­asts, climate alarmists will report that extent was “8th lowest on record.” …

2017-09-24 11:31

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Climate change predic­tions: What went wrong? 

They could perhaps have taken more notice of this paper by Spencer and Braswell six years ago, which found that Earth’s atmos­phere is more efficient at releasing energy to space than models used to forecast climate change have been progr­ammed to “beli­eve.” H/T The GWPF. As egg-​on-​face moments go, it was a double-​yolker, writes Nigel

2017-09-24 10:31

@Jo Nova: Weekend Unthreaded

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2017-09-24 10:08

@Science of Doom: Impacts – XIV – Tropical Cyclones and Climate Change 1

In recent articles we have looked at rainfall and there is still more to discuss. This article changes tack to look at tropical cyclones, prompted by the recent US landfall of Harvey and Irma along with questions from readers about attrib­ution and the future. It might be surpr­ising to find the following statement from leading

2017-09-24 08:26

@Watts Up With That?: India: Third World Needs Green Freebies to Survive

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to Indian External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, the only way to save future genera­tions in poor countries is to give them lots of free stuff. Developed world must help less fortunate ones on climate change: Sushma Swaraj UNITED NATIONS: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj today said the challenge posed…

2017-09-24 07:59

@Climate Scam (Swedish): Gästi­nlägg om den globala temper­aturen sedan 1800-​talet

Det här inlägget är en förkortad version av kapitel 11 i e-​boken ”Vad du inte visste om klimat­hotet – en kritisk grans­kning av 33 påstå­enden om klima­tet”, (https://­klimathot­et.com). Boken finns i en tidigare version, med titeln ”Allt du behöver veta om klimath­otet”, i pdf-​form i huvud­menyn här på Klimatuppl­ysningen. Boken är ett försök till pedag­ogisk

The post

2017-09-24 07:00

@Die Kalte Sonne: Solare Schwan­kungen beeinf­lussen El Nino über Veränd­erung der Wolken

Der El Nino treibt alle 2 bis 7 Jahre die globalen Temper­aturen nach oben. Das ist regel­mäßig ein Fest für die Klimaala­rmisten, die es sich nicht nehmen lassen, anläs­slich der kurzfri­stigen El Nino-​Erwärmun vor dem globalen Hitzetod zu warnen. Die Jahre 2015/16 waren ein solcher El Nino. Schön zu sehen in dieser Graphik. Die große

2017-09-24 06:30

@Watts Up With That?: UN Admits It Can’t Link Global Warming To The Spike In World Hunger, Then Does It Anyway

Energy From The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch 11:51 am 09/22­/2017 A United Nations report admits it’s “impos­sible” to link man-​made global warming to a jump in world hunger statis­tics, but then goes ahead and does make that link anyway. The new U.N. r­eport estimated global warming helped increase the number of people around the world suffering…

2017-09-24 03:00