@Watts Up With That?: Grauniad: “Water divining is bunk. So why do myths continue to trump science?”

Guest lampo­oning by David Middleton Hopef­ully, this post won’t have as many typos as my last post. I just love ridic­uling The Grauniad… The news that many ­water companies use dowsi­ng to locate underg­round water has prompted outraged demands from scien­tists that they desist at once from wasting time and money on “medieval witchc­raft”. They are right…

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@Real Science: Lenti­cular Clouds

Lenti­cular clouds form when strong westerly winds are forced up over the mount­ains. The downslope winds compress as the atmosp­heric pressure increases at lower altit­udes, causing warm Chinook winds. UN climate expert and high school dropout Leonardo DiCaprio believes Chinook …

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@Real Science: Depth Of Field

Every one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which …

Today: 14:36

@Watts Up With That?: 10.02 °C of Warming Human Extin­ction by 2026!!! Film at 11.

Guest ridicule by David Middleton “Film at 11” is a US idiom from telev­ision news broadca­sting, where the viewers are informed that footage of a breaking news story will be screened later that day. –Wiki­pedia Eric Worrall’s brilliant ridicule of a Toronto Now article about imminent human extin­ction due to climate change e­licited an even more…

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@Climate Depot: Claim: ‘Gender justice­:’ ‘To combat climate change, increase women′s partici­pation’

http://w­ww.dw.co­m/en/to-​combat-​climate-​change-​increase-​womens-​particip­ation/a-​41427366 …  Although the United Nations climate change secret­ariat (UNFCCC) is led by a woman for the second time in a row — current Executive Secretary­ Patricia Espinosa, who followed Chris­tiana Figueres — women are still vastly absent from climate change decision-​making. And largely ­ignored by climate policies.…

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@Watts Up With That?: Thinking of buying a weather station for Chris­tmas? Read this first.

Many readers of WUWT have an interest in weather, and specif­ically temper­ature. This being “Black Friday”, I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about some of the home weather stations that are available and being promoted as “deals” this year. I’m going to provide you with some details that might help you avoid purcha­sing…

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@Watts Up With That?: Friday Funny – ‘Flat Earth resear­cher’ likely to win a Darwin Award

You’ve all surely heard of the Darwin Awards, where some people remove thems­elves from the gene pool for the benefit of mankind by taunting natural selec­tion: Natural selection deems that some individua­ls serve as a warning to others.   Who are we to disagre­e? The next genera­tion, ever and anon, is descended from the survi­vors. This fellow, one Mike…

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@Real Science: US Reducing CO2 Emissions – Due To Fracking

According to prominent Democrat, the US is evil, fracking is evil, and China is good – because they signed on to the fake Paris accord. China’s CO2 emissions are skyrock­eting, and will continue to do so indefin­itely. Meanw­hile, US CO2 …

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@Real Science: New Video : BC Green Party Leader Predicts 16 Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Today: 07:29

@Die Kalte Sonne: Das PIK und die nachla­ssende Wirkung des Zauber­tranks

Sonnenm­obbing im Nature-​Ableger Scien­tific Reports. Ein Autorenko­nsortium um D. A. Smirnov unter Beteil­igung von gleich drei PIK-​Leuten versucht das Klima der Vergang­enheit mit Vulkanau­sbrüchen zu erklären. Der Sonne traut man nichts zu, denn wenn sie in der Vergang­enheit das Klima kontro­lliert hätte, müsste man ihr ja auch in der heutigen Zeit eine Wirkung zubill­igen. So

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@Real Science: My Thanks­giving Miracle

Three months ago I was suffering an acute medical condition which had me hours away from death at one point. Thanks to God’s grace and your prayers – my health is largely restored. I am back on my bicycle and …

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@Real Science: BC Green Party Leader Predicts Sixteen Feet Of Sea Level Rise

Andrew Weaver, the head of the British Columbia Green Party and lead IPCC author, predicts sixteen feet of sea level rise. 22 Mar 2009, Page 18 – The Times at Newspap­ers.com There has been no change in sea level at …

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@Climate Scam (Swedish): Vetensk­apsevan­gelist på hal is

Blogg­aren, vetensk­apsskri­benten (Svenska Dagbla­det), ”Sveriges roligaste tjej” m.m. Emma Frans tar allt större plats på den mediala scenen. Hon interv­juades i Studio Ett den 9 november och introd­uceras då som ”årets röst, vetenskap­saktivist och tongi­vande debattör i faktaresi­stensens och den anekdo­tiska bevisfö­ringens tid” (29 minuter in i program­met).…

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@Watts Up With That?: Claim: Deep Fat Friers Are Cooling the Planet

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to British resear­chers, droplets of oil from deep fat friers are measu­rably contri­buting to a vast, cooling cloud over big cities, helping to mitigate the damaged caused by global warming; though more research is required to confirm this effect. Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds By Matt…

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@Climate Depot: Claim: ‘Climate Change Could Increase Volcano Eruptions’

http://www­.enn.com/c­limate/art­icle/53257­Published ­November 23, 2017 12:21 PM Climate Change Could Increase Volcano Eruptions RELATED ARTICLES FUTURE VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS COULD CAUSE MORE CLIMATE DISRU­PTION October 31, 2017 10:13 AM Large Volcanic Eruptions in Tropics Can Trigger El Niño Events October 4, 2017 08:21 AM Ice cores show volcanic eruptions and cold climate strongly linked August 4,…

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@Watts Up With That?: Claim: Climate Driven Human Extin­ction “in the coming decades or sooner”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Toronto Now reporter Zach Ruiter has called the imminent extin­ction of mankind based on all the different climate scare stories he has read. Are we headed for near-​term human extinc­tion? Recent studies suggest it is irrespo­nsible to rule out the possib­ility after last week’s “warning to humanity” from more than…

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@Warwick Hughes: Austr­alian electr­icity bills portrait of another National disaster

Chart by St Vincent de Paul from ALVISS Consulting

Today: 00:55

@Science of Doom: Cimate Sensit­ivity – Stevens et al 2016

I was re-​reading Missing iris effect as a possible cause of muted hydrol­ogical change and high climate sensit­ivity in models, Thorsten Mauritsen and Bjorn Stevens from 2015 (because I refer­enced it in a recent comment) and then looked up other recent papers citing it. One intere­sting review paper is by Stevens et al from 2016.

2017-11-23 23:48

@Watts Up With That?: Besting the BEST surface temper­ature record

Guest essay by Patrick J. Michaels and Ryan Maue, ­Center for the Study of Science, Cato Institute JRA-​55—BETTER THAN THE BEST GLOBAL SURFACE TEMPER­ATURE HISTORY, AND COOLER THAN THE REST. Let’s face it, global surface temper­ature histories measured by thermo­meters are a mess. Recording stations come on-​and offline seemingly at random. The time of day when…

2017-11-23 22:00

@Watts Up With That?: Playing the Cognitive Game – The Climate Skeptic’s Guide to Cognitive Biases

Guest essay by John Ridgway I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty fed up with psychol­ogists procla­iming the irratio­nality of climate change scepti­cism. Eagerly, they waste no opport­unity in hurling accusa­tions of cognitive bias which, strangely enough, only seems to afflict those who find issue with the consensus view. Well, I think…

2017-11-23 20:21

@Paul Homewood: BBC Liked It Better When India Was In The Dark

By Paul Homewood   h/t mothca­tcher   The BBC have been showing their usual bias again on news progr­ammes today. The report below includes a brief video that has been shown on TV:   A study of pictures of Earth by night has revealed that artif­icial light is growing brighter and more extensive every year.

2017-11-23 19:10

@Watts Up With That?: Claim: Electric cars could ‘power our lives’

Energy from electric cars could power our lives — but only if we improve the system Two appar­ently contrad­ictory studies come together with recommen­dations Oxford, November 22, 2017 – Power stored in electric cars could be sent back to the grid – thereby suppo­rting the grid and acting as a potential storage for clean energy…

2017-11-23 18:02

@Jo Nova: Climate change will make Bearded Dragons dumber

Young Bearded Dragon worried about falling SAT scores.

Omino­usly, cute Austr­alian Bearded Dragons (Pogona vitti­ceps) may grow up to be more stupid if their eggs are incubated in a hotter world.

Bearded Dragons Are Dumber Because of Climate Change

–National Geographic

This has all kinds of implica­tions.

Obvio­usly, it follows that Victorian Bearded Dragons must be smarter than their Queens­land…

2017-11-23 17:26

@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Happy Turkey Day!

Thursday. Turkey Day. Day of Thanks Giving (in the USA, other countries pick other days).

2017-11-23 16:06

@Paul Homewood: No subsidies for green power projects before 2025, says UK Treasury

By Paul Homewood   And now for the good news from the Budget:   Renewable energy project devel­opers have been dealt a huge blow as the gover­nment said there will be no new subsidies until 2025. The budget for support schemes, such as Contracts for Diffe­rence (CfDs), has so far been set through the Levy

2017-11-23 15:12

@No Tricks Zone: 2 New Papers: Tempera­tures, Sea Levels, Climate Dynamics ‘Have No Apparent Relati­onship To Atmosp­heric CO2’

More Scien­tific Evidence For CO2’s Dubious Climate­ Impact Emerges Image Source: R­obertson and Chili­ngar, 2017 According to the most basic precepts of anthrop­ogenic global warming (AGW), varia­tions in CO2 concent­rations exert signif­icant control on sea surface tempera­tures, glaciers, sea levels, and genera­lized climate dynamics (i.e., precipi­tation patte­rns). In partic­ular, high CO2…

2017-11-23 15:11

@Real Science: More Animal Problems At The Greenland Country Club

The weather is fine at-​54 degrees, but course is closed for Thanksg­iving.

2017-11-23 14:39

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Thunder­storms create radioac­tivity, scien­tists discover

They say ‘these results are important as they demons­trate a previ­ously unknown source of isotopes in the Earth’s atmosp­here. These include carbon-​13, carbon-​14 and nitrogen-​15…The findings also have implic­ations for astron­omers and planetary scient­ists.’ Thunder and lightning have sparked awe and fear in humans since time immemo­rial, says Phys.org. In both modern and ancient cultures,…

2017-11-23 14:37

@Real Science: Thanks­giving : Time To End The Alaska Climate Change Denial

Giant rats in the streets of Fairb­anks, Alaska this morning. Beautiful Thanks­giving sunrise here in Boulder!

2017-11-23 14:14

@Paul Homewood: Climate Policies To Cost £66bn In Next Five Years

By Paul Homewood     The Office for Budget Respons­ibility has just published the latest fiscal supplem­entary tables following the Budget. It confirms the rising cost of the Climate Change Act, which will reach £14.4bn in 2022/23. The total cost over the next five years will be £66bn, equiv­alent to about £2500 per house­hold.  

2017-11-23 14:12