@Warren Meyer: Reversing Cause and Effect?

I hate to quibble about a paper that supports my precon­ceived notions, but I am bothered by this as linked by Tyler Cowen We quantify the amount of spatial misallo­cation of labor across US cities and its aggregate costs. Misallo­cation arises because high produc­tivity cities like New York and the San Francisco Bay Area have adopted

Today: 15:59

@Warren Meyer: Arnold Kling on the Evolving State of US Politics

I loved Kling's book on the three languages of politics.  While I find this a bit depres­sing, I mostly agree I think that I would have preferred that the elite stay “on top” as long as they acquired a higher regard for markets and lower regard for techno­cratic policies. What has been trans­pired is closer

Today: 15:46

@Warren Meyer: Creating the Gover­nment Monster Truck

A reader sends me this (I never can remember which folks say its OK to use names if you want me to credit you, please say its OK in your email). "The polit­ician creates a powerful, huge, heavy, and unstop­pable Monster Truck of a govern­ment," P.J. O'Rourke writes in his new book, How the Hell

Today: 15:38

@Real Science: Which Way Is Up?

Which picture is upside down? Which season is it?

Today: 15:20

@Watts Up With That?: China Claims Methane Hydrates Breakt­hrough May Lead To Global Energy Revolution

Via CNN Money h/t to GWPF China is talking up its achiev­ement of mining flammable ice for the first time from under­neath the South China Sea. Methane Hydrates: China’s Real South China Sea Goal? Estimates of the South China Sea’s methane hydrate potential now range as high as 150 billion cubic meters of natural gas…

Today: 14:52

@American Elephants: History, Revisited.

Today: 14:39

@American Elephants: Aaargh! I overdid it. But the sun came out!

The weather gods decided to allow the sun to come out for the weekend, and undoub­tedly I’m not the only one suffering from trying to do all the things in the yard that didn’t get done because it was raining all winter long. I overdid it, and my back is reminding me every time I

Today: 14:21

@Paul Homewood: China Claims Methane Hydrates Breakt­hrough May Lead To Global Energy Revolution

By Paul Homewood   China is talking up its achiev­ement of mining flammable ice for the first time from under­neath the South China Sea. The fuel-​hungry country has been pursuing the energy source, located at the bottom of oceans and in polar regions, for nearly two decades. China’s minister of land and resou­rces, Jiang Daming,

Today: 13:54

@Real Science: 1969 : New York Times Predicted An Ice Free Arctic And An Ice Age Three Days Apart

In 1969, the fake news New York Times predicted an ice-​free Arctic by 1989, and three days later predicted a new ice age. Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea – Catast­rophic Shifts in Climate Feared Science …

Today: 12:51

@Real Science: New York Times – Recycling The Same Fake News For 70 Years

Seventy years ago this week, the New York Times said Greenland was melting and we were all going to drown. In fact, the situation was so serious that we needed to send money to an interna­tional agency of scien­tists to …

Today: 12:31

@Real Science: Arctic Fake News Update

As recently as 20 minutes ago, fake news s­tories continue to appear that the Arctic is hot and sea ice is at a record low. Actual data shows that Arctic temper­atures are far below normal, sea ice is normal, and extent …

Today: 11:33

@Paul Homewood: Another Telegraph Advert For Offshore Wind

By Paul Homewood     Jillian Ambrose writes up another glowing advert­ising piece for the offshore wind industry:   The sound made by 100 tonnes of steel and carbon fibre rotating 400 feet overhead is surpri­singly unders­tated. Each whoosh of the 260 foot blades spans an area the size of the London Eye and generates

Today: 11:10

@Watts Up With That?: Oxfam’s Climate Warriors Declare War on Poor People

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Oxfam have written a report which claims coal power will create more poverty. In my opinion this claim is a disgu­sting direct attack on the coal fired industria­lisation, jobs and opportu­nities currently lifting a growing number of people out of chronic poverty in Asia and Africa. More coal equals more…

Today: 09:30

@Climatism: Carbon Taxes Pound Canada Economy

Origi­nally posted on Science Matters : ? https://s-​media-​cache-​ak0.pinimg­.com/736x/­75/58/69/7­55869282f6­0721d92146­ddeabffca1­2.jpg Canadian Inflation Jumps As Carbon Taxes Come Into Force Globe and Mail: Canadian inflation spiked to its highest rate in more than two years in January, as new carbon taxes in Alberta and Ontario fuelled a surge in gasoline prices. Stati­stics Canada reported that the…

Today: 08:22

@Master Resource: Energy Environ­mental Newsle­tter: May 22, 2017

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of indivi­duals and organiz­ations inter­ested in improving national, state, and local energy and environ­mental policies. Our premise is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science (please consult WiseEne­rgy.org for more informa­tion).

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public educat­ion.…

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Rasante Abkühlung der Antarkt­ischen Halbinsel lässt Gletscher wachsen

Dramat­ische Schlag­zeile im März 2015 in der Welt: Antar­ktis: „Ground Zero des globalen Klimawa­ndels“ Nach dem schlim­msten Szenario könnte die Schmelze die Meeress­piegel weltweit in einem oder zwei Jahrhun­derten um drei Meter anheben. Damit würden die Linien dicht bevölk­erter Küstenr­egionen neu gezogen. Teile Antark­tikas schmelzen so rapide, dass Harvard-​Geophy­siker Jerry Mitrovica vom…

Today: 06:30

@Climatism: Does The FBI Have Anything At All On President Trump?

Origi­nally posted on PA Pundits Interna­tional : By Andrew Bolt ~ Even the Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi­, who blames Fox News for the end of US civilis­ation, ­smells a rat: What exactly is the FBI investi­gating? Why was it kept secret from other intell­igence chiefs, if that’s what happened? That matters, if we’re trying to gauge what…

Today: 05:30

@Jo Nova: Another glorious solar scheme fails ignomin­iously, “fast clouds”, “rusty pipes”, dumb decisions

Another award winning solar project colla­pses: it was a $105 million dollar scheme. One company, Areva, lost about $50m and so did the taxpayer. Every­thing went wrong, manage­ment, planning, cheap poor quality steel from China, indus­trial dispute that left 80% of the pipes rusting on a dock. Three thousand solar refle­ctors are sitting unused in what was a potato paddock in Dalby. Nobody wants…

Today: 03:59

@Real Science: More Pictures From This Afternoon

All taken in the South Boulder Wetlands, which the progre­ssive Unive­rsity of Colorado and City of Boulder want to destroy.

Today: 03:52

@Real Science: Boulder Snow Season Getting Much Longer

Climate scientis­ts love to start graphs in 1979, so in compl­iance with their standard bad pract­ices, I generated this graph. The last spring snow in Boulder falls about a month later now than it did in 1979. This means that springs …

Today: 02:32

@The Cosmic Tusk: Hancock on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypot­hesis since 2007

Entire essay on grahamhan­cock.com

I just disco­vered a very welcome recent essay from Graham Hancock summing up the drama and siginif­icance of the Younger Dryas Impact Hypot­hesis since 2007. Hancock doesn’t note his good timing, but 2017 is the 10th annive­rsary of the Comet Research Group’s Acapulco AGU present­ations introd­ucing the YDIH, and this type

The post Hancock on the Younger Dryas…

Today: 02:25

@Watts Up With That?: Climate scientist Josh Willis shows you how to deal with your climate change denying uncle – but fails

Guest essay by Dave Burton Josh Willis, of NASA JPL, has a new video out entitled, “Straw Men of the Apoca­lypse – How to deal with your climate change denying uncle.” Notice that “catast­rophic” is appar­ently not scary enough, these days. Global warming is now “the Apocal­ypse.” The video starts out with two guys crawling…

Today: 02:12

@Real Science: Permanent Drought At The National Center For Atmosp­heric Research

Climate scienti­sts at NCAR have to suffer through these real life climate horrors, as they ride  up the hill in fossil fuel powered vehicles on their way to save the planet through obtaining grants to build worthless­ climate models. Like these distr­essed …

Today: 00:44

@Global Warming Skeptics: Stop a Douchebag movement

From here: http://w­ww.youtu­be.com/s­topadouc­hebag... This one of many videos made by a group,who simply ask drivers to stay off the side walks and stop blocking the traffic. Some people go crazy with anger at them despite that they are caught guilty red handed. It starts at the 2.35 mark This is in Russia. The woman is extremely obnoxious and self centered jerk,r­eally doesn't care that her…

Today: 00:27

@Watts Up With That?: Examining the Carbon Dioxide Cycle

Guest essay by Ronald R. Cooke Introd­uction In high school and college I did reaso­nably well in the physical sciences: chemi­stry, physics and geology. From these studies one can learn that carbon (C) is an element, is widely available throu­ghout our universe, is chemi­cally active (which means many inorganic and organic compounds include carbon), is…

2017-05-21 23:51

@Junkscience: Claim: Air pollution may disrupt sleep

If true, this could never happen. A single cigarette provides a smoker with about 80+ days of the worst air Calif­ornia has to offer. The media release is below. ### Air pollution may disrupt sleep AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY ATS 2017, WASHIN­GTON, DC–High levels of air pollution over time may get in the way of a …

2017-05-21 21:45

@Real Science: Snow Is Gone – Green Is Back

2017-05-21 20:11

@Real Science: New Video : Climate Religion Part 1 : Heat And Hell Fire

I will be making a series of these showing how climate change is a religion, not a science.

2017-05-21 18:12

@Paul Homewood: Guard­ian’s Seed Nonsense

By Paul Homewood   Latest doommon­gering from the Guardian:   It was designed as an impreg­nable deep-​freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from any global disaster and ensure human­ity’s food supply forever. But the Global Seed Vault, buried in a mountain deep inside the Arctic circle, has been breached after global warming produced

2017-05-21 18:10

@James Annan: [jules' pics] Pond

Hornby Castle belongs to someone who I was at primary school with for a few years before he went to Eeeeton. I probably only remember this because his grandm­other joked about having to take out a second mortgage on the castle in order to afford the uniform. Oliver won't remember me, of course, espec­ially as he is a few years younger, but he sometimes opens his castle gardens up to visitors.…

2017-05-21 17:59