@Watts Up With That?: IRS Will Stop Handing Out Subsidies To Tesla Buyers In 2020

From The Daily Caller 3:20 PM 12/14­/2018 | Energy Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor The Treasury Depar­tment announced it would phase out electric vehicle subsidies for Tesla buyers at the beginning of 2019, and by 2020, those tax subsidies would compl­etely disap­pear. It’s an announ­cement the Treasury Depart­ment’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will be making…

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Did you know that the U.S. is the world’s largest oil producer?

Origi­nally posted on American Elephants : Do most people recognize that the United States has recently become the world’s largest oil producer? We have passed both Saudi Arabia and Russia as U.S. crude produ­ction has surged 20% in a year – and nearly tripled in the past decade. For nearly sixty years, OPEC has dominated the…

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@Master Resource: Energy Environ­mental Newsle­tter: December 17, 2018

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of indivi­duals and organiz­ations inter­ested in improving national, state, and local energy and environ­mental policies. Our premise is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science (please consult WiseEne­rgy.org for more informa­tion).

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public educa­tion. Towards…

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@American Elephants: The United States Was the Sole ‘No’ Vote!

“The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migra­tion” was approved when represen­tatives from 180 UN member states met in Morocco, a Muslim majority country in North Africa on December 10, just a week ago. The United States was not a partic­ipant. President Donald Trump wisely pulled the United States out of this “global compact.” […]

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Reduktion der CO2-​Emiss­ionen möglich­erweise ohne Wirkung auf Klima der kommenden 20 Jahre

Jochem Marotzke machte sich Gedanken, ob die CO2-​Einspa­rungen wirklich in nähere Zukunft einen Einfluss auf den Temperatu­rverlauf haben können. In einem neuen Paper (Marotzke 2018) simuliert der Hamburger Klimafo­rscher den durch Klimam­odelle prognost­izierten Temperatu­rverlauf der 2030er Jahre und verwendet einmal einen konventi­onellen Emission­sverlauf (Szenario RCP 4.5), und einmal ein…

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@Watts Up With That?: A Christmas mercury miracle

From the IEA Clean Coal Centre – when the data fit the model, and mercury emissions come for free Mercury is a menace. It is an environ­mental liability and global emissions of this toxic metal continue to increase. (Several reports on mercury have been produced by the IEA Clean Coal Centre and all are available…

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@Real Science: Visualize Whirled Peas

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@Real Science: New Video : Fraud In The National Climate Asses­sment (Part 2)

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@American Elephants: Sometimes It Really Helps If You Know What You Are Talking About

Oh ha, ha, ha. Here is one of the best examples you will find of a conver­sation between a clueless Democrat member of the press and someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Democrats are all about feeeel­ings. CBS’s Margaret Brennan was sure she had an advisor to President Trump in a humili­ating […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Doctors cite climate change for rise in animal bites, U.S. health care costs

From NBC News (Resea­rchers also note that poorer families are at higher risk of animal bites.) Dec. 12, 2018 / 3:37 PM ‎EST By Shamard Charles, M.D. Stanford resear­chers warn that the number of animal bites is likely to rise amid climate change and develop­mental press­ures. Rising temper­atures are already exposing people in temperate climates…

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@The Cosmic Tusk: Brothers of the Serpent

From my new friends, Brothers of the Serpent Episode #078: George Howard We have a very special episode for all you snake sibs out there, we interv­iewed Mr. George Howard, who has been involved with the Comet Research Group from the very beginning in the work on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypoth­esis, which we have spoken […]

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@The Cosmic Tusk: Tusk on the Carolina Bays

In the weeks following the Hiawatha Crater disco­very, a took the opport­unity to post a personal note conce­rning the Younger Dryas Impact Hypot­hesis on my Facebook page. Deeper in the thread as a result of some comments I took the opport­unity to give my “2018 take” on the Carolina bays. Here is my comment, excerpted […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Josh says COP24 is a “huge success”

As many of you know, the past two weeks have seen the 24th “Confe­rence of Parties” aka COP24 where a bunch of folks get together to “save” the climate of planet Earth. Appare­ntly, they have some sort of agreement as outlined in the press release here, but I’ll be darned if I can figure out…

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@DeSmogBlog: What America Still Stands to Lose as Zinke Leaves Interior and Ex-​Oil Lobbyist David Bernhardt Stands by

Read time: 7 mins

With the resign­ation of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke , environ­mental and public lands advocates are asking: Will the new leader be any better for the enviro­nment than the previous one? And from their perspe­ctive, the answer is a resoun­ding, “No.”

David Bernh­ardt, the current Deputy Interior Secre­tary, a former oil industry lobbyist, is likely to become Acting Secretary when…

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@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Pocket PiHole

Building a portable pocket PiHole ad blocker. Step one, basic PiHole

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@Skeptical Science: 2018 SkS Weekly Climate Change Global Warming Digest #50

Story of the Week... Editorial of the Week... Toon of the Week... SkS in the News... Coming Soon on SkS... Poster of the Week... SkS Week in Review...

Story of the Week... UN climate accord 'inade­quate' and lacks urgency, experts warn

Agreement will fail to halt devast­ating rise in global temper­ature, say scientists

The two-​week-​long confe­rence left questions about reducing green­house gas…

2018-12-16 22:39

@Watts Up With That?: Wasting days and wasting nights

I wonder what the actual energy and resource cost is to put this recycled plastic solar powered exped­ition together? Thank goodness they are saving the planet. The hobbies of rich people­.~ctm Here is their exped­ition website. Let’s not wish any misfo­rtune upon them. HT/RoyMC

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@The Carbon Brief: COP24 video: Three need-​to-​knows from the UN climate talks in Katowice

The latest round of interna­tional climate negoti­ations concluded late on Saturday evening in Katowice, Poland....

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: At a Flat Earth Confer­ence, Parallels with Climate Denial? You Decide.

NASA lies. Check. They’re in it for the money. Check. Do your own research. Check. God’s word is true, and He’s still up there. Check, and Check. Adverti­sements

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@American Elephants: Did You Know That the U.S. Is the World’s Largest Oil Producer?

Do most people recognize that the United States has recently become the world’s largest oil producer? We have passed both Saudi Arabia and Russia as U.S. crude produ­ction has surged 20% in a year – and nearly tripled in the past decade. For nearly sixty years, OPEC has dominated the world’s oil markets by setting […]

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@American Elephants: So Much for a Produ­ctive Weekend!

Sorry about the light blogging. We had a winds­torm, The street sweeper came by yeste­rday, and we were delighted with the pristine streets. Today they are covered with leaves, needles, branches, cones, everyb­ody’s grass clipp­ings, and anything else that was loose and movable by a brisk wind. You have to feel a little sorry for […]

2018-12-16 20:34

@The Carbon Brief: COP24: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Katowice

This year’s annual UN climate confe­rence concluded late on Saturday evening in Katowice, Poland, after...

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2018-12-16 19:38

@Watts Up With That?: Ten years ago, @AlGore predicted the North polar ice cap would be gone. Inconven­iently, it’s still there

On December 14, 2008, former presid­ential candidate Al Gore predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be compl­etely ice free in five years. As reported on WUWT, Gore made the predi­ction to a German TV audience at the COP15 Climate Confer­ence: Al warned them that “the entire North ‘polar­ized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.” Watch…

2018-12-16 18:59

@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Carbon Crossr­oads: Can Germany revive its stalled energy transi­tion?

Germany – where you can drive at twice the UK legal speed limit on the autob­ahns, burning fuel at a furious rate, but they still claim to be worried about ’emiss­ions’. Why would a major indus­trial country want to trans­ition to interm­ittent and largely unpredi­ctable power sources? No-​one can make the sun shine or the […]

2018-12-16 18:56

@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Trump Admin Draws Laughter, Jeers, for Climate Denial

The Arctic Report card, an annual review of northern polar changes by NOAA scient­ists, comes out at the AGU Fall Meeting each year. This year, as the increa­singly dire observ­ations were being outlined, the Administ­ration’s represen­tatives were at the COP meeting in Poland descr­ibing how they plan to make it worse. As the US joined […]

2018-12-16 18:51

@Watts Up With That?: There is hope amidst environ­mental anxiety, says a scholar of ecothe­ology

From Eurek­alert Unive­rsity of Helsinki Eco-​anxiety encomp­asses difficult emotions experi­enced to a signif­icant degree due to environ­mental issues. Environ­mental resea­rcher Panu Pihkala says that related symptoms can be posit­ioned between two extremes: “At one extreme are the serious symptoms, such as shock and fear, which often have psychop­hysical manifest­ations, including sleep disorders and…

2018-12-16 18:00

@Warwick Hughes: Failure @ Katowice UN COP24 to complete their warmista agenda

Even the GreenLeft ABC reports [To the frustr­ation of environ­mental activists and some countries who were urging more ambitious climate goals, negoti­ators delayed decisions on two key issues until next year in an effort to get a deal on the table. That included a decision on the mechanics of an emissions trading system and the …

2018-12-16 16:37

@Real Science: Brutal Winter Weather In The Sonoran Desert

We had a few clouds yeste­rday, and barely made it above 70 degrees.

2018-12-16 16:27

@And then there's physics: Decarbo­nising the electric power sector

Since I’ve been trying to better under­stand some other aspects of the climate change topic, I recently read a paper by Jesse Jenkins, Max Luke, and Samuel Therns­trom. It’s about Getting to Zero Carbon Emissions in the Electric Power Sector, …

2018-12-16 15:43

@No Tricks Zone: Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Accused Of Issuing Fake Weather News, Alarmism

German climate skeptic Snowfan here reports that Germany’s DWD National Weather Service has been caught delibe­rately spreading climate alarmism ahead of the COP24 using “fake news” in its press release of December 3, 2018, where it annou­nced: 2018 could be the warmest and driest year since 1881.“ Snowfan replied on December 9th that 2018could not […]

2018-12-16 14:44