The site has had a few changes:

0.0 2013-12-21
The internal structure of the website has been completely changed with many changes & updates to the database (UTF-8).
From a user view, the significant changes are:
  • Addition of Sceptic and convinced pages
  • Links now splits between Lukewarmer, Sceptic and Convinced giving number of posts in last month
  • Pages have titles
  • Improved navigation icons
  • Posts tidied up to remove spurious text like "read more ..." links.
  • Contact form added
  • Now tracks clicks (for future feature)
1.0 2014-01-07 As requested by TinyCO2 in a comment on Scottish Sceptic the facility to comment has been added as a trial.
1.01 2014-01-13 Menu has been changed to include "most clicked" listing the articles clicked most in the last two days. The menu has a tag: "Bazinga" (experimental would not fit) has been added. This provides access to prototype pages. Links on main page now open in new window.
1.10 2014-02-1 Site pages
Each site now has their own page with a list of recent articles. "Links" now provides a list of all sites (including non-active), and a sub-menu item "stats" shows the ranking of sites by number of posting.
Menu changes
    main items added
  • "popular" (was "most clicked") listing the articles clicked most in the last two days.
  • Books ... a list of climate books
To cater for this "Bazinga" (experimental things) and "contact" have been moved under "about us"
1.11 2014-02-2 Added "popular" under sceptic and warmist.
1.12 2014-02-3 Changed site wide so that sceptic reads "skeptic" for browser with US & Canadanian locales.
1.13 2014-02-3 Added weekly and monthly pages showing most popular sites in the last week or month.
2.0 2015-11-30 Large scale changes to display:
  • Layout changed to dual column on normal display
  • Commenting on articles removed and tweet article added
  • Changes to clicks to speed loading of sites
  • Mobile format Added for mobile devices
  • Display of tweets and facebook apps

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