@Watts Up With That?: Examples of How the Use of Temper­ature ANOMALY Data Instead of Temper­ature Data Can Result in WRONG Answers

This post comes a couple of weeks after the post EXAMPLES OF HOW AND WHY THE USE OF A “CLIMATE MODEL MEAN” AND THE USE OF ANOMALIES CAN BE MISLE­ADING (The WattsUpW­ithThat cross post is here.) INTRO I was preparing a post using Berkeley Earth Near-​Surface Land Air Temper­ature data that included the highest-​annual TMAX…

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@Climate Depot: ‘Santa Morano’ delivers lumps of coal to ‘naughty’ Green­peace activists in Poland

https://­www.ther­ebel.med­ia/santa-​morano-​delivers-​lumps-​of-​coal-​to-​naughty-​green­peace-​activists-​in-​poland By SHEILA GUNN REID REBEL HOST | THE GUNN SHOW we’ve met the real deal: Santa Claus. To be more precise; we came across Marc Morano from Climate Depot dressed as Santa. Morano and a couple of helper elves made a surprise visit to all the naughty little boys and girls at the Greenp­eace…

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@Climate Conversation - NZ: Sheep and cows on methane roundabout

Letter the Herald declined to publish Jamie Morton’s recent Herald article How NZ could cut agricu­lture emissions by [sic] to …

2018-12-13 23:14

@American Elephants: Here’s the Backg­round of the Zero-​Tolerance Policy at the Border

Andrew Arthur is a Resident Fellow in Law and Policy at the Center for Immigr­ation Studies (cis.­org), an American think tank that studies immigr­ation. They identify thems­elves as pro-​legal immigr­ation and anti-​illegal immigr­ation. It is an excellent source of depen­dable inform­ation. You can sign up for regular e-​mails conce­rning their latest studies, or just list […]

2018-12-13 22:43

@Warren Meyer: I Am Pretty Sure I Am Not Going to Like What's Going On In This Room

2018-12-13 22:30

@Watts Up With That?: Prote­sting carbon taxes with the Gilets Jaunes

Reflec­tions on CFACT’s Katowice deleg­ation coverage of Yellow Vests protest in Marse­illes Craig Rucker The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) represent a broad cross section of French rural, working and middle classes. They are butchers, bakers and autom­obile makers. They are the folks who grow the food, drive the trucks, build the buildings and fix what…

2018-12-13 22:00

@Watts Up With That?: Another Mannt­astic law footnote: the process is the punishment

Mark Steyn recently wrote: In a couple of months, Michael E Mann’s defam­ation suit against me will enter its sixth year in the consti­pated bowels of DC justice. Given the procedu­ralist swamp in which the case is now mired, it is not unreas­onable to assume that its ultimate dispos­ition will consume most of my remaining time on…

2018-12-13 21:49

@Warwick Hughes: ScoMo about to throw $Bns @ Adelaide desali­nation so more fresh water can waste to sea

Is there no limit to Common­wealth $Bn’s that get thrown into South Austr­alia? Water ministers on cusp of ‘momen­tous’ Murray-​Darling Basin Plan decision

2018-12-13 21:47

@Junkscience: The Never-​ending Case of Michael Mann v. Free Speech: Good News, Bad News

A new ruling from the DC Court of Appeals in today. What you need to know. To cut to the chase, two points the Court decided: The bogus Climat­egate investi­gations by Penn State et al. are enough to get Mann to a jury trial on whether he was defamed by National Review et al. Mann …

2018-12-13 21:08

@Watts Up With That?: Note to the Grauniad: “The East Antar­ctica glacial strong­hold” is NOT melting!

Guest rebuttal by David Middleton East Antar­ctica glacial stron­ghold melting as seas warm Nasa detects ice retreat probably linked to ocean changes in region once thought stable Damian Carri­ngton Enviro­nment editor Tue 11 Dec 2018 A group of glaciers spanning an eighth of the East Antar­ctica coastline are being melted by the warming seas, scien­tists have discov­ered.…

2018-12-13 21:03

@Climate Depot: Morano: UN IPCC report ‘a load of bollocks’ – Warmist dubs Morano ‘quite a celebrity in climate denying circles’

https:/­/www.pv-​magazine.c­om/2018/12­/13/cop24-​live-​blog-​4/ A bit of a letdown By Max Hall It turns out the ‘journ­alist’ in question, Marc Morano, is quite a celebrity in climate denying circles, at least according to the camera crew filming him before I took my turn. Disappoi­ntingly though, he dialled down the rhetoric when talking to pv magazine, and called only for

2018-12-13 20:51

@Carlin Economics and Science: The Chinese “Leade­rship” in Renew­ables Is Crumbling

Much ink has been spilled painting China as the leader of the UN climate alarmist nations. They are painted as aband­oning fossil fuels and building “renew­able” energy sources such as wind and solar. They have built some, but Patricia Adams argues in a new report that the primary emphasis in recent years has shifted to […]

2018-12-13 20:43

@DeSmogBlog: Permit Hearing for Taiwanese Plastic Plant in Louisiana Turns into a Refer­endum on Environ­mental Racism

Read time: 9 mins

“You don’t give a shit about brown and black people,” Louisiana activist Cherri Foytlin told gover­nment officials during a heated public permit hearing for a proposed plastics plant in St. James Parish. The parish is a predomi­nately African-​American community on the banks of the Missis­sippi River and has undergone rapid industria­lization in recent years.

“This is a…

2018-12-13 20:43

@Watts Up With That?: NOAA: El Niño is expected to form and continue through the Northern Hemis­phere winter 2018-​19

EL NIÑO/SO­UTHERN OSCILL­ATION (ENSO) DIAGN­OSTIC DISCU­SSION issued by CLIMATE PREDI­CTION CENTER/N­CEP/NWS and the Interna­tional Research Institute for Climate and Society 13 December 2018 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Synopsis: El Niño is expected to form and continue through the Northern Hemis­phere winter 201819 (~90% chance) and through spring (~60% chance). ENSO-​neutral continued…

2018-12-13 20:38

@Climate Depot: Watch: Morano on TV from Poland: Paris climate tax riots cast ‘dark­ness’ on UN Climate Summit

https://­www.ther­ebel.med­ia/paris-​fuel-​tax-​riots-​cast-​darkness-​on-​un-​s-​climate-​change-​confe­rence-​in-​poland By SHEILA GUNN REID Our friends from CFACT and Marc Morano from Climate Depot hosted a panel discu­ssion in the nearby city of Gliwice, Wednesday night. Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunni­ngham was beamed in on Skype to rebut the so-​called settled science of climate change, and Polish academics…

2018-12-13 20:35

@Climatism: ARCTIC SEA-​ICE EXPLOSION : Largest Increase In November Sea Ice Volume On Record

“I am a skeptic­…Global warming has become a new relig­ion.” – Nobel Prize Winner for Physics, Ivar Giaever. Warming fears are the “worst scien­tific scandal in the histor­y…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scient­ists.” – UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-​winning PhD environ­mental physical chemist. “The whole […]

2018-12-13 20:22

@Climate Depot: Around the World, Climate Goals Clash With Reality

Around the World, Climate Goals Clash With Reality http://www­.thegwpf.c­om/around-​the-​world-​climate-​goals-​clash-​with-​reality/ As negoti­ators at United Nations climate talks in Poland this week hammer out a rulebook to curb green­house-​gas emiss­ions, some of the biggest boosters of the 2015 Paris accord are underm­ining efforts back home to curb global warming. China is ramping up coal-​fired…

2018-12-13 20:08

@Climate Depot: 5 Lessons From The French Carbon Tax Revolt – ‘Ordinary people loathe carbon taxes – might bring down your governme­nt. Prio­ritizing clima­te…is political suicide’

5 Lessons From The French Carbon Tax Revolt http://w­ww.thegw­pf.com/5-​lessons-​from-​the-​french-​carbon-​tax-​protests/ Ordinary people loathe carbon taxes – and might bring down your govern­ment. Priori­tizing climate change above the welfare of the public is political suicide. A month of sustained protest has brought the gover­nment of France to its knees. Here are five key insights: UN: This is a…

2018-12-13 20:06

@Climate Depot: World’s nations increase CO2 emissions in defiance of climate alarmist driven UN Paris agreement schemes

World’s nations increase CO2 emissions in defiance of climate alarmist driven “Paris agree­ment” schemes https://w­attsupwit­hthat.com­/2018/12/­10/worlds-​nations-​increase-​co2-​emissions-​in-​defiance-​of-​climate-​alarmist-​driven-​paris-​agreement-​schemes/ Guest essay by Larry Hamlin The L. A. Times published a story regarding estimates by the Global Carbon Project showing that CO2 emissions would reach…

2018-12-13 20:04

@Climate Depot: COP24 In Large Part An Expensive Taxpayer Funded Junket For Third World Delegates

COP24 In Large Part An Expensive Taxpayer Funded Junket For Third World Delegates http://n­otricksz­one.com/­2018/12/­11/cop24-​in-​large-​part-​an-​expensive-​taxpayer-​funded-​junket-​for-​third-​world-​deleg­ates/ by P Gosselin / Dec 11, 2018 406 Guinea Delegates Make Junket To Katowice Climate Confe­rence By Prof. Fritz Vahre­nholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning (German text translate­d/edited by P. Gosselin) The…

2018-12-13 20:03

@Climate Depot: Green No More: EU Fails To Set New CO2 Targets For Cars

Green No More: EU Fails To Set New CO2 Targets For Cars http://www­.thegwpf.c­om/green-​no-​more-​eu-​fails-​to-​set-​new-​co2-​targets-​for-​cars/ BRUSSELS (REUTERS) – The European Union failed on Tuesday (Dec 11) to reach a compr­omise over how sharply to curb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cars and vans as car-​producing countries and more environm­entally conscious lawmakers could not find a…

2018-12-13 19:38

@Climate Depot: Awesome! GORE: US, Saudi, Russia ‘insu­lted’ key global warming report

US, Saudi, Russia ‘insu­lted’ key global warming report: Al Gore https://w­ww.freere­public.co­m/focus/f-​news/3712­187/posts Former US vice president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore on Tuesday slammed the world’s top oil producers — his own country, Saudi Arabia and Russia — for “insul­ting” a key and alarming report on climate change. A bloc of 44 small island

2018-12-13 19:38

@Tamino's Open Mind: Arctic Hockey

I’ve been studying how temper­ature has changed over the years in the Arctic. The longest record I’ve got is for land areas only, from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temper­ature project, which starts way back in 1750: Admitt­edly, the earlier data …

2018-12-13 19:18

@Climate Depot: China Was The Climate Champion Of Paris. Now It’s Doing A Complete U-​turn – ‘pursuing every means at its disposal except green energy’

China Was The Climate Champion Of Paris. Now It’s Doing A Complete U-​turn http://www­.thegwpf.c­om/china-​was-​the-​climate-​champion-​of-​paris-​now-​its-​doing-​a-​complete-​u-​turn/ by bennyp­eiser To meet its energy needs, China is aggres­sively pursuing every means at its disposal except green energy In 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping were lauded as world saviours for…

2018-12-13 19:13

@Paul Homewood: Tip Jar

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@Climate Depot: UN Climate Summit only attracts four leaders

Winning: Huge UN Climate junket only attracts four leaders http://j­oannenov­a.com.au­/2018/12­/winning-​huge-​un-​climate-​junket-​only-​attracts-​four-​leaders/ by Jo Nova 2018, Poland: When it comes to national leaders, nobody turned up The second week of the UNFCCC confer­ences was always the one where the politi­cians swarm. But this time the only leaders are the ones from tiny pacific atolls who come…

2018-12-13 18:37

@Climate Depot: Climate change talks result in renewed pledge to cut emissions

Climate change talks result in renewed pledge to cut emissions https://w­ww.freere­public.co­m/focus/f-​news/3712­436/posts The EU and scores of devel­oping countries have pledged to toughen their existing commit­ments to reduce green­house gas emissions to enable the world to stay within a 1.5C rise in global warming. The promise, which follows increa­singly dire scien­tific warnings, was the most…

2018-12-13 18:35

@Climate Depot: Political Chaos Under­mines EU Climate Policy At COP24 – France mired in the “Yellow Vest” revolt

Political Chaos Under­mines EU Climate Policy At COP24 http://w­ww.thegw­pf.com/p­olitical-​chaos-​under­mines-​eu-​climate-​policy-​at-​cop24/ With the UK entangled in Brexit, France mired in the “Yellow Vest” movement, and Germany stuck in political quagmire, Europe is not ready to lead global climate talks as the decisive political phase of the UN climate confe­rence opens on Tuesday (11 Decem­ber). The…

2018-12-13 18:34

@Climate Depot: Tucker Carlson Points Out Elitist Hypocrisy On Climate Change And Private Jets

Tucker Carlson Points Out Elitist Hypocrisy On Climate Change And Private Jets https://d­ailycalle­r.com/201­8/12/13/t­ucker-​carlson-​climate-​private-​jets/ ‘Al Gore, who by the way, flies private all the time’

2018-12-13 18:23

@Climate Depot: ‘Climate Leader’ China Plans 200 New Airports

‘Climate Leader’ China Plans 200 New Airports http://w­ww.thegw­pf.com/c­limate-​leader-​china-​plans-​200-​new-​airports/ by bennyp­eiser / Today, 11:41 China is planning to build over 200 new airports by the year 2035, almost doubling its current number. Here in the UK we’ve been debating whether to build another runway at Heathrow for about 20 years. But China is planning to build

2018-12-13 18:23