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@Yale Climate Media Forum: Growing lettuce on world’s largest rooftop farm

When you think of farming, you may picture vast fields of corn or wheat. But comme­rcial farming is now happening in cities, too. For example, Gotham Greens – a New York-​based company – recently opened a two-​acre green­house on the

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@Paul Homewood: Prince Charles’ Deluded Obsession With Global Warming

By Paul Homewood   http://www­.dailymail­­s/article-​41435­92/We-​act-​late-​says-​PRINCE-​WALES­.html   Someone at the Mail must be after a gong! Not only do they devote a whole page for Prince Charles’ article on global warming, but they also tack on a slavishly sycoph­antic piece by their political editor, which fails to question any of his conten­tious assert­ions.   Charles’ piece…

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@Watts Up With That?: December 2016 Global Surface (Land+­Ocean) and Lower Tropos­phere Temper­ature Anomaly Update – With a Look at the Year-​End Annual Results

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale This post provides updates of the values for the three primary suppliers of global land+­ocean surface temper­ature reconst­ruction­s—GISS, HADCRUT4 and NOAA NCEI (formerly NOAA NCDC)—and of the two suppliers of satellite-​based lower tropos­phere temper­ature composi­tes—RSS and UAH—all through December 2016. It also includes a few model-​data compar­isons. Also…

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Tidal lagoons are unecon­omic 

That’s the view of the GWPF, as explained below. Whether the UK gover­nment will be put off by the huge cost of the subsidies remains to be seen. Mr Hendry’s report impli­citly recomm­ending that the UK gover­nment support the £1.3 billion Swansea Tidal Lagoon project presu­mably moves the scheme one step closer to realis­ation. However,

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@No Tricks Zone: New Paper: 14 Scien­tists Affirm Solar Forcing, Not CO2, Is ‘Dominant Control’ For Modern Climate Change

One of the oft-​stated “truths” for advocates of the position that humans are predomi­nantly respon­sible for climate changes is that the Sun could not have played more than a negli­gible role in the global warming of the last few centu­ries. Indeed, the latest Intergove­rnmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) report theorizes that the long-​term solar

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@Watts Up With That?: LA Times: Calif­ornia Cap and Trade Might be Unconsti­tutional

Guest essay by Eric Worrall LA Times suggests the centre­piece of Califo­rnia’s green policies might be about to collapse in the face of an ongoing legal chall­enge. The immediate threat to Califo­rnia’s climate-​change fight isn’t Trump, it’s this With President Trump in the Oval Office, Calif­ornia officials are bracing for the possib­ility that the new…

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@Google: Psychol­ogical 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change Phys.Org

Yahoo News Psychol­ogical'va­ccine' could help immunize public against'fake news' on climate change Phys.Org To find the most compe­lling climate change falsehood currently influe­ncing public opinion, van der Linden and colle­agues tested popular state­ments from corners of the internet on a natio­nally represe­ntative sample of US citizens, with each one rated ... How to immunise yourself against fake…

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@Google: Adapting to climate change means adapting to Trump – here's how The Guardian

The Guardian Adapting to climate change means adapting to Trump – here's how The Guardian Donald Trump's inaugu­ration as US president poses a grave threat to the major progress made in the battle against climate change over the past decade. The top 20 things that Trump has pledged to “get rid of” include US commi­tment to the Paris climate ... What can China do to counter Trump's move to axe…

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@The Carbon Brief: The Carbon Brief Inter­view: Barry Gardiner

Barry Gardiner has been the Labour MP for Brent North since 1997. He is curren­tly...

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@Master Resource: ‘America First Energy Plan’ (‘climate-​change’ histri­onics demoted)

As observed by the anti-​fossil-​fuel Left, minutes after becoming President Trump, the White House’s climate webpage was deleted and a new page inserted. As it turned out, Obama’s White House (per John Holdren) did not have an energy page .

ThinkPr­ogress (Center for American Prospe­rity) ominously reported the above substit­ution:

On January 20, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of…

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@Die Kalte Sonne: Schweize­risches Institut für Hydrogr­aphie, Geoöko­logie und Klimawisse­nschaften gibt zweiten Band seiner Schrift­enreihe zur Klimaw­irkung von Ozeanz­yklen heraus

Das Institut für Hydrogr­aphie, Geoöko­logie und Klimawi­ssensch­aften, behei­matet in der Schweiz, hat nun bereits den zweiten Band seiner Schrift­enreihe herausg­egeben. Der sehr intere­ssante Artikel über den „Einfluss ozeani­scher Zyklen auf Tempe­ratur und Meeress­piegel-​Trends in Europa“ ist aufrufbar unter www.ifh­ bzw. www.ifhgk.­org/schrif­tenreihe oder im Buchh­andel erhäl­tlich (ISBN…

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@Google: What mackerel and a volcano can tell us about climate change The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times What mackerel and a volcano can tell us about climate change The Seattle Times A cooled climate led to deaths of livestock and changed fish patterns in New England, leaving many people dependent on the mackerel, an edible fish that was less affected than many animals. The resear­chers assert that bit of history gives clues about ... and more »

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@Google: What Mackerel and a Volcano Can Tell Us About Climate Change ABC News

What Mackerel and a Volcano Can Tell Us About Climate Change ABC News A group of resear­chers say an Indon­esian volcano eruption, a centuries-​old weather disaster and a surge in the consum­ption of mackerel could inform present-​day scien­tists about today's era of climate change. Scien­tists with the Unive­rsity of ... and more »

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@Google: 9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change Forbes

Forbes 9 Things You Can Do About Climate Change Forbes In the wake of the 2016 election, what was always true should be abund­antly clear: gover­nment won't solve the problem of climate change. That leaves us. Fortun­ately, there are lots of things we can do ourse­lves. I've listed nine of them below. They ...

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@Climate Scam (Swedish): Kreativ bokföring av Fortum – och inte anad ”klimatp­åverkan” i Arktis

Jodu – jag fick läsa denna bilaga till min elräkning två gånger för att snappa andemen­ingen. Elon Musk – kasta Dig i väggen – här behövs inga banker av litium-​jonbat­terier eller  annat krångel. Det räcker med Din egen existe­rande varmvatten­beredare! Sen associ­erade jag till för mig något förvir­rande formalism jag stött på i ekonomi­adminis­trativa samma­nhang

The post Kreativ…

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@Google: The Atomic Origins of Climate Science The New Yorker

The New Yorker The Atomic Origins of Climate Science The New Yorker Bipar­tisan agreement about the future of the planet falls apart not over the bomb but over the climate . Histori­cally, though, they're insepa­rable: the weapons and the weather are twisted together, a wire across time, the long fuse to an ongoing debate ... and more »

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@Google: Wisconsin disaster agency plans for climate change Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wisconsin disaster agency plans for climate change Milwaukee Journal Sentinel In a shift from the practice of two other state agencies, Wisconsin emergency manag­ement officials have released new inform­ation on climate change and its implic­ations for the state. In a report that it posted online last week, the state Division of ... and more »

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@Vvatts Up With That:           ­          ­          ­    AND  JUST  LIKE  THAT,  ­        ­       THEY WAS NO MORE CLIMATE…

A SILENT MAJORITY OF ONE SHOUTS HER SCIEN­TIFIC CONSENSUS : #Trum­p2020 January 22, 2017 at 4:22 am And just like that “Global Warming Vanished” No mention of it on the white page. Praise God. This is the biggest leftist agenda being shoved down the American peoples throats and they try to make it belie­vable or threaten us deniers. But that it the LIE, there is nothing to deny…

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@American Elephants: A Word From William F. Buckley Jr.

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@American Elephants: Visual­izing the Growth of Federal Regula­tions: Food for Thought.

This Mercatus Center video is from 2014, and doesn’t include the generous contrib­utions of the Obama adminis­tration in the last two years, or espec­ially in the days since the election. Knowing that he would be succeeded by Donald Trump instead of Hillary, who could be counted on to continue his policies he was sure, Obama

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@Climate Progress : Trump faces lawsuit for violating Consti­tution two days after taking oath

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@American Elephants: “It’s a Republic If You Can Keep It”

Over at Power­line, Steven Hayward wrote that he stumbled across a speech that President Reagan gave in 1977 that describes our modern predic­ament very well: But how much are we to blame for what has happened? Beginning with the traumatic exper­ience of the Great Depres­sion, we the people have turned more and more to gover­nment

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@Google: MIT physicist warns against 'alar­mism' over climate change Worcester Telegram

Worcester Telegram MIT physicist warns against'al­armism' over climate change Worcester Telegram Atmosp­heric physicist Richard S. Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor Emeritus of Meteor­ology at Massach­usetts Institute of Techn­ology and an eminent dissenter from the popular consensus that climate change poses a signif­icant threat to the planet ...

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@Climate Depot: Inconv­enient Question: Gore asked about failed ’10-​year tipping’ point – Refuses to answer, enters SUV in snow

Exclusive Video PARK CITY — In January 2006, former Vice President Al Gore predi­cted, when his first film “An Inconv­enient Truth” was first premie­red at the Sundance Film Festival, that earth would be in “a true planetary emerg­ency” within the next ten years. According to CBS News, Gore warned in January 2006 that “unless drastic measures

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@Google: Psychol­ogical 'vaccine' could help immunize public against 'fake news' on climate change Eurek­Alert (press release)

Yahoo News Psychol­ogical'va­ccine' could help immunize public against'fake news' on climate change Eurek­Alert (press release) Social psychol­ogists believe that a similar logic can be applied to help"in­oculate" the public against misinfor­mation, including the damaging influence of'fake news' websites propag­ating myths about climate change. A new study compared reactions to a ... How to immunise…

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@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: Grab Bag – January 2017

The current Grab Bag of minor topics, or minor conte­nt...

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@Junkscience: Report: Skeptic climate petition validated as effective tool in battle against climate alarmism

31,000-​skeptic-​strong Oregon petition was deemed by warmists to be the most compel­ling’ message against climate bedwet­ting. CT = Persu­asive effect of bed climate wetting message CM = Persu­asive effect of Oregon Petition Project CT|CM = Net effect of hearing both messages The media release is below. Note highli­ghted section. ### Psychol­ogical ‘vaccine’ could help immunize ……

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@The Chiefio - E.M. Smith: I Must Read More Mencken

Some H.L. Mencken quotes of interest

2017-01-22 22:37


BRIEFING BASED ON UNREAD REPORTS FOUND IN BLAIR HOUSE CHIMNEY Reports from Britain that Doctor Tyndall is about to demons­trate the absor­btion of warmth by gases released by steam engines Franklin stoves at a Bakerian Lecture of the Royal Society have drawn an angry denial from President James Buchanan. As the first President from Pennsyl­vania, he is intim­ately familiar with the vital role…

2017-01-22 22:02

@Google: Climate change section appar­ently removed from White House website AOL News

AOL News Climate change section appar­ently removed from White House website AOL News Donald Trump's team appears to have made some immediate changes to the White House website. According to Mother­board, the gover­nment site had featured a page on climate change, but as soon as Trump became presi­dent, it was removed. The media ... WH website doesn't have climate change or LGBT rights Daily Mail With…

2017-01-22 21:46