@Watts Up With That?: IAEA Nuclear Advocates Pushing Climates Messages

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The Interna­tional Atomic Energy Agency has decided to push harder to promote climate change as a reason to embrace nuclear power. What Can Nuclear Techn­ology Offer to Address Climate Change: Conclu­sions of the Scien­tific Forum Ismini Dimidis, IAEA Office of Public Inform­ation and Communi­cation Sep 21 2018 Mitig­ating green­house gas…

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September 21, 2018: "The Heartland Institute , the world's leading think tank pushing back at climate alarmism with scien­tific data, live-​streamed two panel discus­sions of scien­tists and climate policy experts as "counter progra­mming" of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Franc­isco. Heartland streamed here on Thursday, September 13, 2018 and here on Friday, September 14, 2018 from the…

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@Climate Depot: Climato­logist debunks the NY Times’ fake temper­ature claims for cities in U.S.

https://f­abiusmaxi­mus.com/2­018/09/19­/alabama-​debunks-​a-​nyt-​climate-​story/ By Larry Kummer, Editor Science Nature 19 September 2018 Summary: The NY Times gives a story with bold numbers, confid­ently stated. Too bad their fact-​checkers did not notice that their numbers are grossly mislea­ding. Propa­ganda prete­nding to be science. This does not help, even if well-​intended. The State…

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@Climate Depot: Democrats struggle to make voters care about climate – UN Clexit still not given climate more urgency in the midterms

https://ww­w.politico­.com/amp/s­tory/2018/­09/14/demo­crats-​climate-​change-​midterms-​824745 By DAVID SIDERS 09/14­/2018 01:32 PM EDT Calif­ornia Gov. Jerry Brown signed 16 new laws aimed at easing global warming Thursday in San Francisco at the Global Action Climate Summit. | AP Photo­/Rich Pedron­celli SAN FRANCISCO — As leading Democrats rallied around efforts to address climate change at a major…

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@Watts Up With That?: New lithium battery design eats up carbon dioxide while charging

Lithium-​based battery could make use of green­house gas before it ever gets into the atmos­phere CAMBR­IDGE, Mass. — A new type of battery developed by resear­chers at MIT could be made partly from carbon dioxide captured from power plants. Rather than attem­pting to convert carbon dioxide to specia­lized chemicals using metal catal­ysts, which is currently…

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@Paul Homewood: Tidal Lagoon Left High Dry In CVA

By Paul Homewood This is from The Times today: As I pointed out previo­usly, Shorrock won’t be the ones who loses out. As Private Eye has reported this week, Shorrock paid just £70 for 25% of the project. Meanwhile he has raked in millions in “service fees”. The rest of the […]

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@Jo Nova: Hungry children wander among ruins, 30,000 people homeless in Florida after Cat 4 Hurricane (in 1926)

This Week In 1926

Tony Heller at RealClima­teScience found a photo of what happened when “an actual category four hurricane hit Miami” — as opposed to an almost Cat 6.

What Category Four destru­ction can look like.

At one point Florence was “Becoming The Strongest Storm to Ever Make Landfall North of Florida” and the “cost­liest ever to hit The US.”

Hundreds of Hungry Children walk amid City…

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@Watts Up With That?: Trump Burns Natural Gas Bridge… Film at 11.

Guest batting practice by David Middleton Liberal arts types spouting nonsense about energy and climate science are like batting practice pitchers. From the High Country News, and the author is clearly high on somet­hing. Trump’s methane rule rollback burns the natural gas bridge Without emissions regula­tions, the ‘clean’ fossil fuel is as dirty as coal. Jonathan…

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@Watts Up With That?: Uh, oh. More car manufac­turers caught cheating on emissions tests

Just like Volksw­agen’s scandal, diesel cars perform to standards in lab testing, but not on the road. Real-​word driving produces up to 16 times more emissions according to MIT study. In September 2015, the German automaker Volks­wagen was found to have illegally cheated federal emissions tests in the United States, by intenti­onally progra­mming emissions control devices…

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@Watts Up With That?: Friday Funny: UN enviro­nment chief gets flagged for over-​the-​top air travel

UN enviro­nment chief criti­cised by UN over frequent flying Erik Solheim’s huge travel bill is a ‘reput­ation risk’ and he has ‘no regard’ for rules, says draft internal audit by Damian Carri­ngton Enviro­nment editor The globe-​trotting travels of the UN’s enviro­nment chief have been sharply criti­cised in a draft internal audit as “contrary to the…

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Florence Waters, and Fears, Still Rising,

Washi­ngton Post: Floodw­aters breached a dam near a Duke Energy power plant on Friday, the company said, raising fears that toxic coal ash could reach the nearby Cape Fear River. The rising waters also swamped a 625-​megawatt natural gas plant near the site, forcing it to shut down, the company said. Fears about the situation […]

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: More Evidence: East Antar­ctica a Sleeping Giant

Nature: Underst­anding ice sheet behaviour in the geolo­gical past is essential for evalu­ating the role of the cryos­phere in the climate system and for proje­cting rates and magni­tudes of sea level rise in future warming scena­rios. Although both geolo­gical data and ice sheet models indicate that marine-​based sectors of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet were […]

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: PBS Newshour – Media Catching up with Science of Climate/­Cyclones

The tracks of Cyclones in temperate regions may be affected by changes in arctic sea ice. But those watching these videos heard from the key players in this emerging science in 2012. When Jennifer Francis started finding tele-​connec­tions between the arctic ice, jet stream flow, and temperate zone weather systems, she was consi­dered to be […]

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@Climate Depot: ‘A reput­ation risk’: UN enviro­nment chief criti­cized by UN internal audit for ‘exten­sive’ frequent flying

The top UN environ­mental chief who has champ­ioned “climate action,” has come under fire by an internal UN audit which harshly criti­cizes the chief for his “exte­nsive travel patterns” that “presents a reput­ation risk to the organiz­ation.” “Erik Solheim, executive director of UN Enviro­nment, was traveling for 529 out of the 668 days audited, spending $488,518

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@Climate Denial Crock of the Week: In China, Agricu­lture, Forests, and Solar Power Pushing Back Deserts

Model for pushing back deserts in China. Just to be clear, China is engaged in pillaging and raping enviro­nments around the world, – but credit where it’s due – this appears to be promising sustai­nable techn­ology – and points the way for serious, but still conser­vative – geo-​engine­ering. Note at 3:34 – solar plus agricu­lture.

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: End of the road for solar panels on roadways?

For several obvious reasons cited below, the concl­usion should be that solar panels on road surfaces perform extremely poorly and are essent­ially an irrel­evant waste of money. If the money has to be spent, putting the same amount of panels somewhere more suitable would be an easy improv­ement to make. H/T Phys.org Four years ago […]

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@Real Science: Arizona Climate Repairman

Christian Komor is a Pensa­cola, Florida clinical psycho­logist who suffers Obsessive Compu­lsive Disorder, and is running for Arizona governor on a platform that he will repair the climate. Barack Obama is going to be angry, since he healed the planet …

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@Paul Homewood: Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Records

By Paul Homewood Meteoro­logist and hurricane expert, Philip Klotzbach has put together this map for tropical cyclone rainfall records by state: https://t­witter.co­m/philklo­tzbach/st­atus/1013­803032914­505728 It seems a bit of a mixed bag, with little to support claims that TC rainfall is incre­asing nowadays. We can home in on the east coast: The […]

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@Real Science: Forest Fire Burn Acreage Down 86% Since 1930

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, “1984” US Forest fire burn acreage so far this year is 40th highest on record, and down 86% since 1930. Spread­sheet Actual …

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Astrophy­sicists measure precise rotation pattern of sun-​like stars for the first time

…and don’t get the answers their models led them to expect. Could the close proximity to their star of most exopl­anets so far observed be a factor? Sun-​like stars rotate up to two and a half times faster at the equator than at higher latit­udes, a finding by resear­chers at NYU Abu Dhabi that chall­enges […]

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@DeSmogBlog: Relaxed Environ­mental Regula­tions Heighten Risk During Natural Disasters

Read time: 6 minsBy Brian J. Gerber and Melanie Gall , Arizona State University

Heavy rains following Hurricane Florence have raised concerns over the release of toxic materials . Ash from coal-​fired power plants stored at a landfill has spilled out and the state of North Carolina has said dozens of sites have released hog waste or are at risk of doing so .

These types of events not only…

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@Real Science: Failed Climate Prophets

Arctic sea ice volume bottomed out on September 9, and melt was fourth lowest on record this year. Spread­sheet Data Ten years ago, the world’s leading climate prophet predicted the Arctic would be ice-​free no later than 2018. The Argus-​Press – …

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@Paul Homewood: Hurricane Brings Record Flooding To N Caroli­na–(In 1945)

By Paul Homewood http://mi­amiarchiv­es.blogsp­ot.com/20­10/09/hur­ricane-​hits-​homestead-​sept-​1945.html When I checked out the N Carolina floods from Florence, I noticed that time and again the record levels of flooding had occurred in 1945. In fact, those earlier floods were the result of the infamous Homestead Hurri­cane, which had made landfall a few days earlier on Key Largo. […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Destr­oying the careers of those who defy the climate diktat

By Gregory Fegel Profess­ionals and academics who disagree with the theory of Anthrop­ogenic Global Warming (AGW) have been ostra­cized for their contrary views, resulting in termin­ation of their employ­ment, or in forced retire­ment. A similar fate has happened to many profess­ionals and academics who have defied the diktat of the AGW “conse­nsus”. The punish­ments meted…

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@Yale Climate Media Forum: Loss of tropical forests makes climate change worse

Forests are among nature’s best defenders against climate change – if we could just leave them alone long enough that they can fulfill their destiny as avid carbon consu­mers. Trees naturally suck carbon dioxide out of the air, a function […]

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@Watts Up With That?: Claim: Busin­esses Losing Interest in Climate Reporting

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The Austr­alian corporate regulator has warned of a substa­ntial decline in the number of busin­esses including climate impact state­ments in their company reports. ‘Worry­ing’: Compa­nies’ reporting of climate risks goes ‘backw­ards’ By Ruth Williams 20 September 2018 — 4:11pm The number of companies providing inform­ation about climate change and its…

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@No Frakking Consensus: Harvard’s Social Justice Infection

'Social justice' is an extre­mist, left wing political analysis many consider repellent and infan­tile. It’s as though academics have no idea the rest of us think they’ve gone insane.

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@Yale Climate Media Forum: Brooklyn resta­urant aims for carbon neutrality

In Brooklyn, a neighb­orhood resta­urant called Mettā opened last year. Diners come for meats cooked over a wood fire, pickled vegeta­bles, and cocktails with ingred­ients like spiced cherry brine and black pepper. But co-​owner Henry Moynahan Rich is devoted not […]

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@No Tricks Zone: NOAA: “No Compe­lling Evidence” Behind Claims Of More Hurricane Landfalls!

Despite all the signals being sent from every direction sugge­sting global warming is leading to more frequent and intense hurric­anes, even the warmist NOAA is forced to confess that this has not been the long-​term case. About the claims of more hurric­anes? Well, the NOAA says: wait another 30 to 50 years! Sorry alarm­ists, but […]

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@Tallbloke's Talkshop: Hurricane Floren­ce–The Myths and The Facts

Origi­nally posted on NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT : By Paul Homewood ? ?https://­abcnews.g­o.com/US/­million-​people-​evacuated-​coast-​hurricane-​florence-​bears/st­ory?id=5­7740845 https://w­ww.reuter­s.com/art­icle/us-​storm-​florenc­e/mass-​evacua­tions-​ordered-​as-​hurricane-​florence-​heads-​toward-​carolinas-​idUSKCN­1LR0J6 https://­www.bbc.­co.uk/ne­ws/world-​us-​canada-​45517260…

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